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  1. That can work somewhat. But u cant just say that all memebers of a certain clan well were red berets and a gas mask becouse then u are macking it confusing for the civilains that wanted to use that beret and gas mask. If major clans were allowed to get hats or masks that normall players can not get then I can see that working. An example of this would be: the RSM have a special hat that show that they are apart of the RSM, the NRF have there special red beret that show that they are apart of the NRF. The pig dogs can have a mask of a big or a dog that shows that they are pig dogs. It's a good idea and can make some money in donations if major clan leaders have to pay a certain amount to get the hats for there groups but I personally do t see this happening.
  2. All I'm going to say is firefight zones are good and forced clan skins are bad. I personally like the skin I payed fore and I do not want to be forced to pay for another one to stay in my clan. This is just a restriction that would ruin the rp aspect of the game it is a horrible idea.
  3. I personally do not agree with forcing clans to one skin it takes away frome the rp aspect. You are going to need to tell the difference from your leader and doctor.
  4. IcyZ you make a great point. I would also like to add that having these firefight zones will make the fears of being band for accidental KOS gone. It is very annoying when you are in a firefight and you see a player coming toward the action and not knowing if its alright to kill them. It is also annoying to accidentally shoot at someone that shouldn't have been In the area to begin with. If you are not carful you can end up being banned, on the other hand if you are too carful you will end up being dead.
  5. I beleave that having firefight zones is a most. I can see how confusing it can be when someone just walks into a firefight with a gun in their hands looting the body's you just killed. I also beleave that a firefight should have a number requirement like 2v2 and up. I know that the firefight zone idea has some flaws for example: Bob and Eric attempt to rob 3 clan members, the clan refuses and kills Bob. Eric hits the dip and goes into a store where Dave was looting, the clan comes in and kills Eric and Dave. Dave was not hostile but he had a weapon and he was in the firefight zone. I personally see no problem with this as long as Dave is allowed to defend hemself against anyone in the firefight zone. In reality civilians get in the cross fire all the time it is a sad and horrible truth. Having firefight zones add another level of realism. It also encourages firefights that are not near safe settlements.
  6. ownermantank

    Week 35 News.

    Man I can not wait to become apart of this community.(fingers crossed)
  7. LOL I saw that psisyndicate video you where in you made me laugh pretty hard.