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  1. TyRotten

    Chernarus National Transportation [CNT] [Idea]

    Last year it existed in the mod version just fine. Sometimes the bus would get robbed, sometimes the people who were on the bus were the wrong people to rob and you'd end up with a whole group after you. It was fun.
  2. I've already just set it to maximum 9999999 and the server just doesn't show when searching using filter. The only way I can get it to show is by entering in server ip's directly which is kind of annoying to copy/paste every single time... And yes, favouriting works for any other servers I've tried except the DayZRP servers.
  3. Nope. Typing dayzrp or dayzrp.com does not show any servers for me sadly.
  4. I'm having an issue with saving the DayZRP SA servers where I can't save them to my favorites in the SA lobby and I also can't find the servers when I type "DayZrp" into the search filter. The only way I can find the servers is by entering in the server IP directly to get it to show. Anyone able to help?
  5. Thank you. Do I need to submit my DayZ SA GUID anywhere? EDIT: Never mind I found it on my own! I appreciate the help!
  6. I was whitelisted for the mod a long while back and wondered if that allows me to be able to jump into the SA servers to check and see if I like it? I know I'd probably have to enter in GUID for DayZ SA but do I have to get reapproved for SA?
  7. Are you kidding? The zombies in BP arma 3, are really bad.. If you stand next to one, it walks in the other direction. It hits you, without any animation, so there is no warning when it will hit you (It can hit you with his back turned towards you) Only reason I see that they might be better is because they only walk, so you can easily run around town and loot, they are no threat (You can easily outrun them). I don't see them as no threat I just like the slow horde of zombies that actually seem brain-dead rather than acting like a starving animal that can hear you walking half way across town some how. Looks awesome with a literal horde of them walking down the street. I've never had that issue with them hitting me with it's back turned, but yeah. The DayZ mod zombies are pretty good. Much better than StandAlone zombies somehow. To be honest it's probably more of a personal preference what zombies people think are better.
  8. Dang. +1 That's actually something that I really really liked from Breaking Point; The zombies. The zombies in Breaking Point are so much higher quality than DayZ mod/SA in my opinion.
  9. Trust me Arma 3 is worth it. I've had a bit of fun in King of The Hill A3 recently for when you feel the need for some fast/medium paced arma.
  10. I haven't really seen much of Arma 3 epoch except the hype videos. When does it come out?
  11. Holy **** you responded fast. I see your point, but I would hope turning it RP would calm that down a bit. Replacing the class spawning system with something else too maybe to curb encouragement on strictly PvP.
  12. With ARMA 3 breaking point starting to actually look decent since the changes of map among other things do you guys ever think rolle should make an Arma 3 BreakingPointRP mod? I feel like it would be pretty decent.
  13. At around 11 minutes in. Frankie's with a group of European guys he runs into (I don't want to take a shot at which countries, I'll probably fail.) EP 3 right? I'm 15 minutes in now but all he has done is shoot people with his sniper. Title says "WATERWORLD! - DayZ Standalone - Ep.4" for the episode I'm referring to.
  14. At around 11 minutes in. Frankie's with a group of European guys he runs into (I don't want to take a shot at which countries, I'll probably fail.)