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  1. Sloan Kozlov is the bastered brother of the Kozlov brothers from Cherno. Split up after the breakout i found myself driving a car and a hoard a zombies hobbled out on the road. Which in turn made me crash and then i woke a few hours latter with a broken leg and little will to live. I looked for selter inside a local store and laid in the back corner. My brothers left me for dead but they're the last thing i have left? I will find my brothers and be reunited but i will always remember the past. When i was able to stand i walked myself down a road until my feet couldn't handle it anymore so i ran into a ran down bus station and hopped on the bus to rest. About 30 minutes later a person wacked me on the head it stunned me but i wasn't out yet. With him being over me i grabbed his ankles and pulled him off his feet. The next thing i knew i was surrounded four or so people all armed. I thought about what a Kozlov would do but i just coward down. The next day of my life was awful they beat me until it didn't hurt anymore and i just pasted out. When i woke up i was in a very dark room with my hands tied up. Through the next year i grew to hate life but one day it got a little better. I was waiting for this opportunity they opened the door and with all my strength i pinned the guy to the wall pulled his gun out and shot him in the mouth. It was super easy. I ran down the hallway and was shot from the end. It didn' t even phase me. I returned fire. People kept shooting back it didn't matter i was going to get out or die trying. I rushed the hallway pulled the guy to me at the end of it. Put the gun to his chest then took his life. Swiftly moving i jumped behind the couch. Two people down three to go. They had bigger guns coming so i had to think fast i saw an ak hanging on the wall. The next thing i knew i was hit in the back with a base ball bat. Weasing i ran to the ak pulled the trigger but the mag was empty. I then grabbed the ak like he was holding the bat. I was about to hit a homerun. I put all my weight into the hit. He was dead. I then looked around for ammunition. Inside a door i found a box. Quickly i loaded the ak. Looking around it was silent. I held the door way for what felt like hours waiting. Then peaked around a shotgunner i was struck. Simultaneously i put a shot in his brain. I then bolted down the road and didn't look back. It was time for a family reunion. Those fucks tasted the KOZLOV NINE INCH
  2. I bought G mod on my dads laptop and played it a little here and there back in June. so my dad bought me a PC so it wouldn't mess up his laptop or anything..... I would just like to play dayzRP, please???
  3. Its my only steam account I'm just new to playing on PC because i got one for Christmas So what should I do?
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): NA Why the verdict is not fair: I have no idea why i was blacklisted Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: All i did was put in my application then i got blacklisted What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unblacklisted so i can play dayzRP What could you have done better?: I don't even know
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