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  1. 👀

    1. DrMax




    "But barely, plagued by teenage popularity
    It's a terrible feeling being the ghost on the wall
    That's always disappearing

    'Cause I wanna be somebody to someone"

  3. I swear to god the people that roam the suburbs of Chiraq are a different breed of people smh.


  4. "I'll be the one that stays 'til the end
    And I'll be the one that needs you again
    And I'll be the one that proposes in a garden of roses
    And truly loves you long after our curtain closes
    But will you still love me when nobody wants me around
    When I turn eighty-one and forget things will you still be proud?"

  5. @MouseWB - Was nice seeing you IC again! Been a while!! @ImNovaaa - Always a pleasure. @devstatnglydank - Nice running around with you again!
  6. Stop changing your name I am getting confused.

    1. Hellboy


      pado is as free and fluid as water, not even his own name can hold him down

    2. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin


  7. Crazy to think this only happened a couple months ago. Even crazier part is this happened down the street from me. RIP AJ 😞 




    1. coolman23


      thats sad....

  8. Illinois residents = Fentanyl muppets

  9. Thank you so much! Excited to RP with y'all.
  10. madmacdad.PNG

    When you expect RP but it is just gear smh.

    1. Zero


      Gear is best RP. 

  11. I just got -


    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      - the clap?

    2. Anouk


      Yes 😞

  12. Anouk


    Thank you so much for the help! I'll try both and see if it helps my situation at all. Thank you again, @Ducky !
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