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  1. Anouk

    This is what's my night consisted of. :P 


    1. Buddy


      Hmmmm.... shame that Jeremy beat everyone to it :D

  2. Had a lotta fun with @Roach , @Dank Mems , @trent_rouls , @Joules , and everyone else who tagged along for the ride. I know I tuned in late but still had a blast. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!
  3. @Buddy - Always a blast with you! Loved it.
  4. Anouk

    For anyone who would like my profile song AND character song, here ya go. :D

    Character Song:


    Profile Song: 


  5. Had a lotta fun! I joined in late, but it was hilarious. Great RP with some great people.
  6. This pic was from yesterday and I forgot to upload it, but here you go @Roach . Btw, ignore my horrible graphics.
  7. Always a blast down at Kovar's Market! Too many people to mention, but you know who you are!
  8. Always a pleasure to RP with you @Roach ! Looking forward to see what comes in the future.
  9. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  10. Anouk

    Saw this and died, thought you all would like this beautiful image. ;) 


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    2. Chewy


      Colman, you can't do that. You are the bread, remember? That's cannibalism!

    3. Colman




    4. Anouk


      @JimRP - chaotic neutral, mother hates it. :P 

  11. Anouk

    If anyone has some nice, happy, positive music.. please send it my way. Much love. 

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    2. Anouk


      @Ender - I love you <3 thank you!

    3. Ender


      One more I think you'd enjoy. When i was going through a bad breakup i use to listen to this tune on repeat. It really helped with relaxing and ignoring the worlds existence xD 


      This'll always be my favorite song ever simply because of how peaceful and relaxing it is.

      <3 @Anouk If you want anymore i'd be happy to send you my 83 video long music playlist. however some are not wuite as up beat.

    4. Anouk


      Thank you again Ender! I'll listen to them and give you my feedback. Means a lot! :D

      I'll take that playlist. Defiantly gonna check that out as well! 

  12. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Mang ?
  13. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Had beautiful eyes.
  14. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Marry AND bang <3
  15. Anouk


    1. warmr



    2. Anouk


      @warmr - The scene reminded me of an old friend :P