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  1. Since university started again I've been unable to be active enough for the last 2 weeks. That is why I'm going to bid my farewell here. I thoroughly loved the community and appreciated all of it's friendly members. From the time I played here I've never really been disappointed, instead I am glad to say I'm very impressed with all that you guys have achieved. I wish the thank the Admin team for their fair judgement, I want to thank all the friends I've made on the road and I also want to thank all the players in general for making this experience come true. You all made my story in Chernarus and I thank you for that!!
  2. Same as Terra. The "Wehrmacht" is directly connected to the Nazism, just use another name. The wehrmacht is in no way affiliated to Nazism, it was simply the German army. They fought and died for Germany, and certainly not for the political convictions of National Socialism.In fact, most German generals frowned upon the radical ideology. People often get them mixed up with political organs such as the SS (Schütz Staffel), Gestapo (Geheime StaatsPolizei) and the Brownshirts(Stormtroopers).
  3. If I remember correctly, this story was about an absurd request from the European Union to standardize SI-scales. A British fruit vendor stubbornly refused to sell his bananas in kilograms (SI-scale), and theretofore got sued by the European union. The vendor fought in court and won against the charges. Meaning that he afterwards was still allowed to sell his bananas in pounds. Up to today he's still seen as a hero by anti-European elements. (Although he told to the papers that he just wanted to sell his bananas in pounds, and that he had no interest in politics whatsoever.)
  4. I found 2 cars today, gave one away and used the other for transport.
  5. You underestimate the might of our family. We will continue to push you from our territory until you stop distrubution. The Krinkovs are dedicated to our cuase, they too are a powerful force who will support us every step of the way. If you don't stop harassing the Free Medics I will personally use the stock of my rifle to hit your privates so hard even your zombified Mexican mother will be crying.
  6. Really? I'm even beginning not to agree with myself. How dare you question my holy support? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  7. I cant help but feel irony at the moment... The amount of facepalm is breaking my face.
  8. Ice

    My god, I don't even know any more!

    That's why you don't smoke weed in a hazmat suit.
  9. Ice

    Define Trolling

    Trolling in my book is acting too inappropriate for the given situation.
  10. I'd give anything for an MP40 with a decent amount of ammo, but that's just my personal preference!
  12. Welcome! Lets eat some beans in Elektro some time!
  13. Today I was at Raven's Nest with some friends. We role-played that we were high on weed and schrooms, after which we soon started singing the lion king. I.R.A. was present as well and soon started playing their own (magnificent) Irish songs. A lot of fun basically. Anyway man, in my personal opinion I sort of dislike Psisyndicate for his constant robberies and dick moves. He's a bad source of information, as all he does is rob people for the sake of his 13 year old viewers. Get white-listed and join us. It will be a far more different experience than you've gotten from Psy. I can vouch for this! Remember, you will have YOUR story and YOUR experience.