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  1. Had a pretty cool encounter with Simeon Tvetsanev/Tvetsanov (can't remember exactly), but hey if you're reading this, I am Josef Soukup.
  2. Question

    Question's been answered, I found out how to do it. Thanks for your help.
  3. Question

    Thanks so much! I'll try that!
  4. Question

    Hiya, This might be a stupid question but how does one change names or usernames for your DayZ profile so I play with a legit RP name? Thanks.
  5. There's a new kid in town

    Just noticed that I got whitelisted, can't wait to play!
  6. There's a new kid in town

    Thanks guys
  7. Hi DayZRP community, Waiting for my application to be reviewed, hope it's any good cause I'm stoked to play on this server