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  1. i assumed due to it being within the two hour initiation time and i was in the same group that i had rights but if not then i was in the wrong my judgement may of been poor due to me being intoxicated to some extend at the time i do realise this is no excuse and will not play drunk in the future
  2. im not 100% sure on this accusation but arnt there couple signs of meta game in that video?
  3. My POV @LadyInBlue informed me that she had been tortured and 2 men walking towards the bar took part in it and because i am queens guard and also in a group with quin i decided to kill the two fellows that had just taken part in robbing and torturing her, so as you can see i shot both of them, about 5-10 mins later tom kelsy appears the brother of the man i just killed he clearly knows what just happened it cant be a mistake that he appears mins after i kill his brother and i have met tommy multiple times before on my current character and he never really changes clothes so i knew it was him straight away, i decided to kill him also due to me knowing that the second i spoke i would of been gunned down and to protect the queen and others in my group, also @LadyInBlue informed me that tommy was present at the torturing and took part in it.
  4. Dean Davis POV: Well is started with this guy wearing all white rolling into town for some reason an argument happens, someone gets called a coon and then it kind of disperses i notice people leaving the ares 1 by 1 so i knew something was going down, I attempt to talk to the man who was called a coon asking him to calm down he just starts screaming in my face asking if i want a fight, I exclaim to him that if these arguments continue as per theirs gonna be a big gun fight and a load of innocent people will end up dying as they always do. About 5 mins after this he gets shot and goes uncon and then a big gunfight ensues i attempt to hide behind a tent with a few others who names i do not know i get shot at along with everyone next to me. Im pretty sure i tried to signal to the shooter were not involved but he decided to keep spraying at us so i pull out my Winchester scope him in and shoot him. After i killed him a friend of mine was killed when he was unarmed standing in the road @Buster so i proceed to take cover in the bar with @Rory and @SkinVest until it came to a close. I witnessed maybe 5 people who were not involved at all get gunned down and more than half of them were either unarmed or didn't have a gun out only ones that were was due to double carry.
  5. as i said you they head already robbed me just before that incident and just got some gear back and was prepared to do anything to try and get out of it. i was not prepared to further RP if MR eagle had no intention of displaying good RP in the first place.
  6. i was trying to communicate with you it wasn't bad RP i was just showing that i was deaf, You chose to get all angry about it you acted like a child for half an hour.
  7. I totally agree aggressive rp is a good form of character development but this was very petty and it got to a very personal level instead of RP walking round calling everyone at the bar cunts and stuff is just being rude. I have met his character after this incident and he wasn't being toxic or aggressive and he actually made for a good conversation so he can't really just say that's the way his character is. Back to the point this guy had already robbed me once prior that night about an hour or so before what happpend at the bridge and I was prepared (IC) to do whatever it took to not let that happen again.
  8. Telling us you were drunk further supports the idea of you just being rude and toxic and generally having badRP
  9. My POV (Jeremy noivac) aka the deaf guy this group had robbed me about and hour prior to this event could tell by one or two of them had not changed clothes or put on an accent so i changed my clothes after they robbed me and masked up and pretended to be deaf so they would not know it was me, In servagrad one was them was arguing with another group and it was very petty calling each other "niggers" and "cunts" very toxic. me pretending to be deaf placed a couple books infront of one of the men who robbed me kinda being nice making some good rp and because he was still in his little mood from when he was spouting words at other people earlier he just called me a fat cunt and stuff and tells me to fuck off, But me being deaf i (pretending) i obviously wouldnt hear this and continued waving at him and putting my thumb up. Then he put his middle finger up at me so i did it back multiple times he goes on to call me disabled cunt and stuff like that. i did reveal myself to him not to be deaf just before the incident at the bridge so he knew i could hear him. Then him and his 2 other mates initiate i kill one before being killed myself. I personally think my actions prior to my death made for some good RP interacting with people who i proclaimed i couldnt hear so it made for good scenarios trying to communicate with them but for some reason the guy who killed me decided just to be toxic spouting insults for no reason really so i will not be character killing due to the lack of decent RP coming from him and the pure toxic behaviour he displayed. If you feel i failRP,d by not having value for my life i only could see one of you with a gun out and i had a gun out i attempted to kill both of you if possible as you can see me in the video for a split second deciding who to shoot at its really his fault for trying to rob me when i have a gun in my hand.
  10. @Chewy i did indeed it still makes me crease when i think about that encounter.
  11. That does not mean u can avoid it because it was bedtime u should of thought about this before hand, this meaning it was still ur fault
  12. read the rules @Nugnar because u clearly havnt u did not initiate which means it was RDM
  13. Ok so his reason was that i snitched on his mate there was no initiation or anything he just shot me. Nugnar can u please send ur reason for killing me in this chat. Never mind i got a screen shot of our chat here @Nugnar https://gyazo.com/d2f17db571e09519bb37b40d02804358
  14. Thats still combat logging none the less @benbongole
  15. I accompanied the 2 bar owners to find the kid who went missing, then they said he was injured and we took him to the hospital or CDF HQ idk , they were asked to leave by CDF... they didnt. then we heard some disturbing noises coming from the room so a firefighter bashed in the door so we could see if the kids were ok (we were accompanied by 2 strangers) mid convo CDF rushed in and we were forced to leave, They dealt with the situation and told us to stay away from them about 1 min after that i was shot in the head and killed for no reason by @Nugnar.
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