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  1. Soo rigth now its completely empty, does that mean it got denied? Or is it normal?
  2. If i get whitelisted, how will i know? I dont expect them to be that quick, just it would be nice to know what to look for.
  3. Go in fresh, get picked up by a car, and find out whos "ingame" just regular unfriendly and whos nice
  4. Erh sorry i think i migth have made a double application, didnt think it made it through so i clicked again to make sure.
  5. Hey decided to share my bg story, incase it would inspire some new people, I havent been accepted yet, as i havent even uploaded it . Having hard time finding the rule phrase But here it is, its not the best but its what i managed to do in 15 minutes and with a flu duringa constant headache Lasse grew up in Denmark, was alitle bit different than others "infact alot". He didnt care about parties or how many chicks he could score on a nigth. He wanted to change the world. Help mankind, and hopefully brigthne up the future. When he turned 22 he went with redcross to africa to help building wells, and getting food to the poor. after two years he returned, he didnt really care for the money he had earned down there, he wanted another adventure, in the name of all good! He did some research, and he found hes adventure. He wanted to help establish schools in chernorussia, help a poor eastern nation florish. maybe not while he lives but atleast it will turn to something good, who knows maybe he'll get a medal or something for being a "true hero". two months in, everything went fine, one school almost established in electrozavodsk "still dont know if the office/school is a school will be cool to have something to share" He had a few friends, but thats all he needed. As the plague began to spread, and men turned mad, he voulentered with hes friend Laura to help take care of the hurt in the medical camp in Chernogorsk "if you guys didnt remove it from the map". When the camp got overrunned Laura and Lasse escaped in a car, they drove east towards electrozavodsk wanted to pick up more of the people, but it was already ahead of them. They decided to go north following the main road. They drove for some minutes, sudenly Laura passed out, maybe she was exhausted. He didnt pay much attention, theres was plenty of people on the road walking the same direction as us. Sudenly Laura raised her head trying to take a chunk of hes arm. He lost control of the car and crahed it into the pines. When he woke up theres was no car nor zombies, not even survivors. He was alone, alone and on the coast.
  6. Hi everyone, name's Lasse. I Will hopefully join the great rå community as soon as i get a actual background story up and running. And they open for applications. I am extremely excited to begin, I have heard lots of good things about dayzrp. I have two years of experience of Dayz, although it will be of no use here that theres no need to worry about kos bandits. Normally trying to play Hero, although i have decided to go "fuck it no one cares anymore in dayz" the massive inflation of bandits kinda killed ,y experience of dayz. Dont get me wrong not saying that theres no good people in Dayz nor that theres no bandits in DayzRP. Just that theyre atleast giving a show, and your death a reason. Compared to the "you just spawned?too bad youre still going to die faggot!" kinda type bandit. I used to do rp in other games and RL aswell, got plenty of experience on roleplaying, but always have a hard time getting used to new types of rp. I hope that i get whitelisted soon, hopefully I'll find it as good as i expect it to be.