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  1. DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    yo i looked for the server and it seems to be called ( Safe as milk) ? and the password dayzrp doesn't seem to work is this the same for everyone ?
  2. Im Back !!

    yo yo bro
  3. Im Back !!

    thanks guys xx
  4. Im Back !!

    hey guys im back some may or may not remember me but im back woot cya ingame
  5. New Harddrive and cant join the server

    last attempt im going to try the launcher The launcher fixed it for me thanks everyone for helping please mark this as solved thanks everyone
  6. New Harddrive and cant join the server

    can someone screenshot there expansions so i can see which i need enabled and which i dont (im thinking this mayby it)
  7. New Harddrive and cant join the server

    thanks guys reinstalling as we speak and yeah pandi im using commander for DayZ ill try that after this attempt sin
  8. So i got a new hard drive on Friday and installed all my games including dayzRP plus the patch and the dayz mod ive done everything correct (to my knowledge) but its telling me i have the incorrect dayz version, ive re installed about 4 times and its taking the piss, this is what i keep getting (images horribly oversized below) please help Dan
  9. i prefer the mod as i get around 50 fps wereas standalone i get 20 and under at lowest settings and my pc is pretty good. until SA is optimized i will not be re installing it
  10. My pc Specs arnt exactly low end and i get a measly 20/30 fps when playing but 180 when looking at the ground or sea, i uninstalled it due to its poor performance atm DayZRP especially Epoch is a tone better in my experience specs: AMD 6300 6-core @3.8ghz AMD 7850 1Gb 4 Gb DDR3 1600 mhz
  11. Transmission event series

    this sounds mega --....---.--
  12. Epoch ¨Snapping¨

    looks sweet but only works for flooring
  13. Hey!

    Welcome Sam hope to see you in the servers soon bud
  14. The dishonored rap always gives me shivers, i find it amazing how he even raps about the most intricate part of games and shows how much research he does into his raps, also check out boyinaband hes similar and best mates with dan [video=youtube]
  15. DayZ Standalone Update

    1.You NEVER had to pay to enter the server, that was your choice because you wanted to be whitlisted faster 2.Rocket doesn't develop the DayZRP Mod he develops the DayZ Mod and Standalone DayZ is what you make it even more so DayZRP is what you make it, join a clan play with people RP abit im sure you looked into what DayZRP was about before you decided to donate to it.