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  1. Legna_Etum

    Permadeath Permissions: What would have you give em someone?

    If it's justified? I'll perma. My first character, Vincenzo Gambini, never really had a situation where he deserved to die (I don't count deaths in firefights). My second character, Amon, was hardly around for a day before he was offed in a hostage situation courtesy of some folk that now run with the Black Fangs. Third character Willow Mann got boring so I kinda wrote him off. Now on my fourth character, Lysanderoth (and the first since the lore wipe). Honestly, I enjoy rping him a great deal, but if he was to die, and the situation merited it (hostage, execution, good RP followed), I'm down.
  2. Lysanderoth is an eccentric Englishman hailing from London. Born to rich nobility, he quickly rose through the ranks and used the power his position gave him to indulge in a most dangerous game indeed; human trafficking. Becoming the sole inheritor of the McGuinness estate, Lysanderoth would use his funds to discreetly buy dozens of human trafficking victims..and then set them out in his private garden, where he would then hunt them with gun and animal. A psychopath by nature, Lysanderoth followed the path of destruction to Chernarus, where he claimed some of the best game originated from; and now, he's stuck in a wasteland with zombies, enemies, and more. But for a man like him? This is the very hunting ground he wanted.
  3. Legna_Etum

    Meeting both sides. Perma/Dynamic

    At this point, I really do feel a perma-death rule must be implemented.
  4. An esteemed sounding voice comes on over the radio. "Hello, gents." The voice says. "I've found a bus just west of Cherno, next to the military checkpoint and abandoned gas station. It seems to be in working order, but it's missing a jerry can to fuel it. If anyone is interested, I'll be waiting there for quite a while. Just let me know on the radio if you're heading there." With that, the transmission ends.
  5. Legna_Etum

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: Vincenzo Gambini/ Willow Mann. I want to learn more about Hostile RP, with a focus on the psychological aspect of it rather than the usual torture stuff. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: UTC -05:00. I usually play on the weekends, but once HS is out, I can play a lot more frequently (and plan on). How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Came myself! If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on?: Again, I want to improve my hostile rp, but make it different from what is the norm.
  6. I just go with a simple "Evenin', gentlemen." Or "What do we have here?" or a variation thereof. It's easy enough, not hostile, and opens up opportunities to discuss and roleplay.
  7. Legna_Etum

    Vehm Media Thread

    Am I cool yet
  8. Vinny hears the transmission of Moody's death; the only thing that graces his lips is the leaving of his low chuckle, as he presses down on the PTT. "Good riddance." Is his only reply, before he lets go.
  9. Legna_Etum

    For the "Court" (Open frequency)

    Vinny fiddles with his radio before turning it on. "I find it funny," His voice rasps and crackles; clearly, the radio is old and busted up. "That the ones who lost are the ones that are still bragging." He takes a moment to scratch his chin before continuing. "We attacked the Angel compound and lit the place up. Ten to fifteen people, I dunno, I wasn't keeping count, fell- all Angels. You guys got four of us, sure, but if you can do simple math, we got off better." Another pause. "Unless you define victory some other way." "In any case," He continues. "You were chosen by the Court for a reason. We have no regrets. Your threats fall on deaf ears, as those of the people who wish to harm you. You have no idea who we are. You have no idea of our numbers. You don't even know if we have a base. If you spit against the wind, you'll only make a mess of yourself." "Court is in session." And with that, the radio dies.
  10. Hey, everyone; there are several things which I, as a still relatively new member of the community, have noticed about the sub; several negative things. My two main gripes are with bandits and forum warriors. These days, it seems that most bandit rp is exactly the same, and perpetuated by the same people; members of major bandit factions. This rp is hardly enjoyable, as it follows the same formula; someone will come up to you and ask you what are you doing and why are you there. Then, several of his friends will surround you and a casual sort of hostile roleplay continues; with the guy telling you he likes your weapon and he wants it, etc. This usually spirals into half-baked reasons for interrogation and torture rp which hardly works. It seems these days that everyone is doing this; the bandit rp is the same. Once you've been robbed by one person, you've been robbed by all. There's hardly any substance anymore. Moreover, hostile roleplay seems to be soured by metagaming nearly all the time. On one occasion, my friend and I wished to ask someone in Stary about some gunshots from the location. He didn't reply but merely started at us; I realized he was likely talking to his friends, and lo and behold, three were running down the main street towards us. Needless to say, we booked it. Another time, a seperate group and I wished to talk to a group of four. They stared at us and were silent for extensive periods of time, and once we saw a fifth staring at us through a window, we realised they were likely communicating to initiate on us. We left again. The Green Mountain Trading Company was first shot up under dubious circumstances, when a random person walked into the camp and repeatedly asked for bleach, refusing all attempts to roleplay. When he was given bleach, he went straight to the food barrel and attempted to pour it in. When he was shot by security, the entire camp was lit up by snipers who had taken positions. I was told this was Vista. Obviously, everyone OOC can tell that whoever was the attacker here had deliberately planned this- by sending someone in, they unfairly gained KOS rights and used these to shoot up the camp, in what was nothing short of a premeditated assault; this was later almost confirmed by one person claiming they did it as the GMTC took roleplay away from The Triangle, where banditry is common. Frankly, I found this fucking bullshit. Moreover, the attacks on Gorka seem to be happening in the exact same fashion; someone is sent in to be an arse, and once they're initiated on, the rest of the faction swoops in. Apparently, I'm told that Akrasia operates mainly on this, but I cannot say if this is the truth, as I've no proof of this myself. Gorka is now being attacked and accosted by bandit factions, and it's horrid, because yet again, a friendly hub for roleplay and a place to meet people is being attacked again. Moreover, we've all heard horror stories of Akrasia, Pagans, Vista, etc. contacting their friends to log on once one of them is initiated on. Personally, I believe these are true, but that's mainly because my interactions with these guys have been largely negative and not enjoyable; I consider this a shame, as there are some wonderful roleplayers there. Secondly, I wish to talk about forum rp, and how..pathetic it seems. Many people big-dick when they're on forums, and I've found this laughable. There's no good rp on the forums at all. People contradict each other all the time ("We killed all your men" "Really? It looked like I was the one doing the killing"), no victim rp is done, and it's just..ugh. I'll give an example; in one group I'm associated with, we've killed one person nearly a dozen times between three members of our group. Yet, that person constantly denies this, refutes it, and continues to act like a big dog and hostile over radio. Moreover, the grammar and spelling of these posts are fucking horrendous. It gives the impression of an angry 12 year old trying to act like a typical tough guy on roleplay. /rant over In all seriousness, what do you guys think? Do you agree, disagree? You're welcome to share your opinion and let your voice be heard.
  11. Legna_Etum

    We're alright. [Private Freq]

    A familiar voice crackles on the radio. "Cait? Rechtub?" Vinny sounds like he hasn't had anything to drink in a while. "You guys okay? Jesus Christ, I could hear the shots from Kabanino all the way here..I'm down at the Lumber Mill." He pauses as he sees a fountain; thirstily drinks from it. "We need to meet up," He says, with a grunt. "But where?"
  12. Legna_Etum

    Server 2 change

    The only potential issue I see with this is ping- I get a far higher ping on S1 then I do on S2, but I can definitely see why this would be a good idea for the server.
  13. *Vincenzo listens to the man, sighs and continues.* "A'ight, tough guy, just try not to bleed out by the time we'll get there. We're in Novo right now, shouldn't be too long. Try choppin' up something ta use as rags, ay?" *Vinny takes his finger off the PTT.*
  14. *Another voice crackles on the radio.* "Jesus, Cait, hurry up, would you...?" *Vinny sighs as he hears the other man's plea, his Boston accent noticeable.* "A'ight, tough guy. Just sit tight, yeah? Me and Cait are on the way. Name's Vincenzo, call me Vinny- try and bandage up wherever those things bit ya, get some food and water in your system, we'll be there and we'll clear the place in no time. We've dealt with wolves before, you're in good hands. *Vinny takes his finger off the PTT.*
  15. Legna_Etum

    Traffic (IC/RP Event)

    I'd love to join! My character's name is Vincenzo Gambini, and I'd like to be another hero!