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  1. Hey, Just got whitelisted again and looking forward to some RP fun.
  2. After hanging out at Novodmitrovsk for a few day I decided to make an attempt to walk to Dolina. After a little while I reached Dolina hoping to make contact as I had not had any human contact for days. During my journey I became sick after eating a rotten pumpkin and I am currently in Dolina. I did not go near Green mountain as I walked directly from Novo to Dolina.I am sorry you were killed this way I hope you find an answer.I did not shoot you.
  3. I validated my game file and it says something about missing one file and will acquire but it doesn't do it. You lie Arma 2... Update my multyplayer screen in Arma 2 won't cause CTD but I opened DayzRP launcher and its downloading again even though it did that already. Take tha last post back Arma 2 you did not lie. My RP now works I run MSCONFIG and stopped a service called MSICTL_CC not sure what this is but it looked sus. also stopped Qualcomm Atheros Killer some cyberlink stuff and a nVidia stereoscopic 3D driver shit. Anyway works now thanks all who helped
  4. I got onto the server tonight and played for a little while but it lasted for about 15 minutes before my ping reached 1500 and I lost connection. I get a yellow chain when joining server through launcher and its just luck that I can connect. I cant join a server as my OA crashes when I open the multiplayer screen.
  5. Hi Ho, I am having problems with Arma 2 OA crashing to desktop when the game is on the multiplayer start screen. And also when I attempt to join the server through launcher I get a really hi ping and it kicks me. I have re installed the game several times and even when no Dayz mod installed I still get the crash to desktop when I go into server browser of OA. Yes my BE is up to date also I have deleted all files in my document related to Arma 2 and the appdata files. I have check my registry paths and even deleted the registry paths before re installing game. I have tried installing mods manually, Six player, Dayz commander and Dayz launcher all have been without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated I have not been able to play consistently for months. Cheers.
  6. Baldrick

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Could I also get my GUID reset as it still tells me I am not whitelisted when I join. Thanks really appreciate it. //Terra: GUID reset. Re-enter
  7. Baldrick

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Can I please have Guid and PID reset //Alyd: I have reset your PID, re-enter it on the Donation Exchange.
  8. This is now solved, The reinstall fixed the problem. Thanks gain for your help.
  9. I tried but I could not get past step 10 as the edit option did not appear. I only had this trouble on server 2 after I killed some cows it kicked me. So far I re installed the game and the mod.
  10. Thanks Mush I will try this after my game downloads and installs. You are a legend for giving your time to help.
  11. woops I validated game files now it tells me bad serial given on setup. I think that means complete reinstall...Again Before that I tried deleting the pbo and having the launcher update but that didn't work.