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  1. Dude gonna miss you man Been a blast playing with you and let this forever ring out in our hearts! [video=youtube] Hopefully speak to you on TS or something
  2. I think it really depends on how you like playing. I've played in clans for a long time now but I'm thinking of taking a small break for a while. When you are in a clan you need to stick to the rules of the clan so you may get more RP experiences but you will need to RP in a way that suits the clan. As a civ you can RP anyway you want and change the way you RP. The main thing about a clan though is you meet people in the community. Through clans you are forced to talk to other DayzRP members on a daily basis getting you to know them. What I would say is if you are new to the community its a great help to join a clan, it lets you meet veterans who have been playing for years and you learn a lot of things about the game you may otherwise not know.
  3. I love the L85 but I really dont want to see any more western weapons in the game. Maybe if you took some other western weapons out then it would be ok.
  4. Mr Bobby

    DayZRP News [August Edition]

    Already looking forward to next months!
  5. Mr Bobby

    Recruiting: Media Team

    Good luck to everyone who applied! I'm sure whoever gets it will be a great addition to the media team!
  6. Mr Bobby

    Rate the Clan above you!

    Not really met you guys in game so can't really make a fair judgement Saying that though I like the clan idea and the thread has been really thought out and looks really professional!
  7. I think perhaps having a really rare spawn for a plane could be a good idea but I really dont like the fact people can sit on the wings and for that reason its a no from me.
  8. As Terra said people seem not to know about it. Maybe putting the Thread where more people can easily access it will help. Also I think the main problem is new people who come to the community have no idea what it is because it only gets properly announced once a month in the news. Perhaps getting newer members involved will increase the voters again?
  9. Love this idea! This dude knows it!
  10. Good to hear! Can't wait to see what they come up with!
  11. I like the idea. I'm not one for finding the best gun and showing off and getting into firefights. I'm very happy with a simple AK with a couple of mags in case things get serious but mainly I just use a hatchet or something. I think many people put too much emphasis on getting the best loot rather than RP.
  12. Full on noob. Trust me if theres a firefight you want me on the other side. But in a seriousness I like to play the relaxed and friendly type, not really one to raise my voice and shout at people.
  13. Hahahahaha I think you just might be right with that.
  14. Love this little addition and I agree with Grives really helps when PMing!