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  1. Vytis

    Looking for help

    I'll help as much as I can when I'm actually in game. Been too busy lately to get the time to log on ?
  2. Vytis

    Well hello there

    Welcome back @Species, good to see you again.
  3. Vytis

    Remove Plate Carriers

    I'll vote for removing them until improvements can be made. Realistically, you should be able to take multiple chest shots to the plate without having to worry about penetration, especially if they are steel plates. But, it should only be a small area encompassing the vital organs of the chest, not your entire torso. If there's a way to limit it to direct chest or back shots in a small area, I see no problem in having the plate carriers as-is. The problem is when it provides protection to the sides and your entire body. Attached is a photo of an actual plate carrier which is designed to basically be the same size as a SAPI plate. As you can see, there's still plenty of exposed area... but, if you hit that plate, you can pretty much guarantee there will not be penetration with any of the weapons currently available in game, including the SVD with API ammunition. Keep in mind, SAPI plates are only a certain size. Although the plate carrier in game covers most of your torso, realistically there's only a small bit of protection. Of course, there's armor you can put in the cummerbund, but, that would only be soft armor and not able to stop a full on rifle round.
  4. Vytis

    Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

    What's the problem with that? There are plenty of other groups available to be a part of. If you do not want to be a part of any of those groups, you have the opportunity to write some lore and create your own. Everyone likes to complain that these groups are currently "too big" or "too powerful", when in reality, not enough people are just banding together to do something about it.
  5. Vytis

    Post your gats

    Thanks. What I meant was, I want to finish an 80% then send it off to be anodized. I don't want raw aluminum exposed as anodizing significantly increases the durability of the aluminum. I might have found an FFL 07 though that can do what I want, with his BATFE required engravings in a discreet location.
  6. Vytis

    Post your gats

    Nice. Been throwing around the idea myself so I can get a complete custom engraving but I also want type 3 hardcoat anodizing. Nobody I know does it to 80%s that have been completed.
  7. Vytis

    Post your gats

    Do I spy with my little eye a ghost gun? How many rounds through your PSAK-47 GB2? I had one for a short period of time, only had 100 rounds through it before I sold it. Saw a few others have issues but a lot of others with no issues at all. Something something, rear trunnion breaking.
  8. Vytis


  9. Vytis

    What do you listen to ?

  10. Vytis

    Is killing someone who steals from you while knocked out rule play

    Easy. You check your inventory for anything missing. If something specific is missing (such as your weapon) and you see someone who, previously did not have that weapon, it's pretty safe to say they stole it from you. Or, they'll brag they stole it. Example:
  11. Vytis

    Is killing someone who steals from you while knocked out rule play

    I agree. It's still a robbery, even though you're knocked out. The only difference being is they are not verbally initiating on you, so you do not have the chance to defend yourself. I'd like to see a bit more of an official statement or some sort of guidelines so we can take out the guessing game when it involves being robbed while unconscious. Since most initiations now are robberies, it should be treated as such, since it allows people to perform hostile actions on others without repercussions.
  12. Vytis

    New fire station and train stop

    True. They have a team dedicated to certain aspects of the game. I just wish I'd see more of those mechanics put in sooner than later. I think they are doing a great job trying to actually improve the game. It just sucks it's been taking this long. Once it's done though I think there'll be nothing like it.
  13. Vytis

    New fire station and train stop

    Happy to see that they are revamping certain buildings. Some structures just were too plain and simple. However, from a survival/RP aspect, I wish they would finish with some of the mechanics of the game first before making things prettier, as I always thought the game looked just fine. I'd like to see sickness re-implemented, along with emotes/animations and fixing keybinds. Make it playable, then worry about the looks.
  14. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    I'll agree that if it is used poorly and just to be funny or meme, that it is BadRP. I think the biggest problem is that people are failing to separate Roleplay and OOC. I know I kind of repeat myself at times regarding these sorts of situations, but I'm trying to just take a bit more of a realistic approach towards the ROLEPLAY aspect. Of course, people should not be attacked OOC'ly due to being a certain race, religion, gender, etc. That should not be tolerated and I think most people would agree. But from a logical stand point, just based on lore as well as real life geographical locations, a lot of "isms" are prevalent in the location that Chernarus is set in. To me, treating South Zagoria as a multi-cultural utopia is considered BadRP. Most of the Westerners/foreigners and those who aren't natives would have more than likely been killed a long time ago.
  15. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Other than excess to obviously bait a reaction, especially from those playing foreigners/Westerners, how is using racial epithets considered bad roleplay? What baffles me is that people expect a war-torn, poverty stricken Eastern European region to be somehow tolerant of foreigners, homosexuality, or those who promote ways of life that are different than their own. I'm pretty sure you would not be treated with kid gloves if you went to one of these countries and tried to change their culture or way of life. Maybe in the future there'll be a DayZ map set in another country, a Western one, where this kind of behavior is frowned upon, but we are not there.
  16. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    If someone believes another person's RP is not up to par, there is a report section of the forums that you can utilize to initiate an investigation by the staff team. At this point, I do not know why the moderators don't just lock this thread. Opinions regarding the matter have been expressed by the community owner, and it has turned into an argument of feelings vs logical thought.
  17. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    No. Just because you aren't enjoying how some RP is going does not give you the right to stop it. There are already enough situations that require consent such as permanent scaring, damage or rape. Just because you are having vulgarity thrown at you doesn't mean that your aggressors should stop their RP because someone is getting upset. Otherwise, whenever someone is initiated on by a hostile RPer, they'll immediately say "//I'm not comfortable please stop". You are playing a mature game, based around a zombie apocalypse and hardcore survival. We all knew this when we bought the game. We all know this being PC gamers. There is an inherit risk of having your feelings hurt because certain things don't go your way. This is life. BadRP should be met with a report or punishment, when it's called for. Chernarus is set in a very xenophobic region, and a region where racism is very much alive. It is not a "Western" society.
  18. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    We shouldn't have to change rules or watch what we say just because someone is streaming. It's their choice to stream, just like it's their choice to play on this specific server. I've been around people here who have streamed and they like to say "hey guys I'm streaming now, so watch what you say", and to be frank, I don't care. People are starting to treat streamers like the Yelp! reviewer at the expense of everyone else.
  19. Vytis

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    There should be no restrictions for ANYTHING said in character, plain and simple. This server is not anyone's "safe space". If you have a problem with it and wish to act it out in character, then use it towards a hostile situation.
  20. Vytis

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Top notch RP today thanks to the one and only @Zanaan. I guess decent RP from @Morytania and pretty good RP from @Blazish. Thanks for the fun! @JoffreyRP you were amazing today, as always ?
  21. Vytis

    favorite initiation lines?

    @Jewell had the best initiations.
  22. Vytis

    Amnesty Grace

    Same, to be honest. I believe you and I were in a report last year that kind of made me gun-shy on initiating and participating. However, it teaches you to be 100% certain. I'm half and half with a bit more lenience on Amnesty players. Although some returning players may be a little bit rusty with the rules, you have to ask yourself... are they really? I'm sure a lot of them keep up-to-date with what's going on here and haven't just completely abandoned DayZRP and RP in general. That being said, honest mistakes do happen in game. There are situations that you have to rely heavily on information given to you by someone you trust, and that information isn't always accurate. And since you place your trust in this person, it can end up that you get a full punishment for your actions. The use of warnings and cautions, as well as extenuating circumstances need to be looked at more rather than seeking for a full on punishment for honest mistakes. Although, a lot of people have trouble saying "I'm sorry, I made a mistake".
  23. Vytis

    What is everyone's favourite football team?

    Daaaaaa Bears
  24. Vytis

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    tl,dr - Keep Discord for a chat room and announcements/updates, Teamspeak for the official "Radio". Rambling Below: I say we should keep both. Discord is great as a chat room, which I feel is important in keeping a community alive. It's easy to chit-chat in when being on mic is not accessible, and it's easier to check on the while mobile for updates/announcements than having to go to the website. It's also great for reaching out to other members on the fly via DMs or even sharing links/memes/pictures etc. The social aspect of Discord is much superior to Teamspeak, except when you wanna hang out on VOIP or while in game. For a server full of people, Teamspeak is just better organized. I find that my keybinds for muting/unmuting work better as well, and the responsiveness of the push to talk. A benefit of Teamspeak is you are not restricted to the mercy of Discord's servers when it comes to connectivity or quality. That being said, it's not often I have issues with audio quality, or connectivity with Discord, but i can confidently say I have more issues with Discord than I have with TeamSpeak, and I've been using TS since the early 2000s. The capabilities of TeamSpeak vastly outweigh those of Discord. It's easier to get someone's attention (via a poke) or even make server wide announcements that everyone is gonna see. While I know making announcements in Discord is also possible, I feel like most people would be more responsive to reacting in TS to these announcements/pokes/or whatever than Discord. Another way to look at it is usage. How many people are actually using Discord for VOIP currently rather than using Teamspeak? Not many. It's mostly used as a chat room. Of course if TS is taken away, it'll force people over to Discord, but I know a lot of people here already have their own Teamspeaks. A lot of people have multiple Discord servers too and they all still prefer using TS. It would just separate the community. One group would go to one TS and other groups would go to others. Teamspeak is keeping the community as a "whole" in that regard.
  25. Having been born on a farm in central Wisconsin, Carter Greene has been a hunter his entire life. Not only was it for recreation, but it was a way of life for his family. His father was a hunter, his grandfather was a hunter, and so was his great grandfather. Never having much money, his family relied on the hunt and harvest to survive; only making trips to town for bare essentials. His first kill was when he was 8 years old when his grandfather was showing him how to shoot beer cans with his .22. Rather than shooting the beer cans, he took it upon himself to shoot a nearby squirrel which was fattening himself up for the winter. It was also here that he skinned his first kill and was taught to appreciate the life of the animal which had now provided him with food to survive. As the years had passed, he accompanied his father and grandfather on various hunts around the Midwest. Deer, bears, elk, coyotes, hogs, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits… you name it, they hunted it and brought all the meat back for the family. As he grew older, he made several trips to Canada for hunting, where he befriended a man by the name of Liam Reddington, a millwright out of Ontario. They would frequently travel around the United States and Canada, hunting and partying. One year, Carter had heard of a hunting expedition in a country in the caucuses called “Chernarus”. Carter was looking for something more exciting to hunt and had heard of the wild wolves in a region called South Zagoria. Rather than him and Liam doing their usual hunting trip in Canada, they had agreed to travel to South Zagoria to do some wolf hunting. Everything was going great. They had found many wolves, deer and wild hogs. But one night everything went “strange”. As they were staying in the northern area of the region, soldiers started attacking locals. But these soldiers did not appear to be acting upon orders but their own psychotic rage. Having seeing more and more of them coming from the military base in the north and attacking more civilians, Liam and Carter agreed to grab their rifles and head south into the woods until things died down, using their hunting and survival skills to wait it out.
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