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  1. Having been born on a farm in central Wisconsin, Carter Greene has been a hunter his entire life. Not only was it for recreation, but it was a way of life for his family. His father was a hunter, his grandfather was a hunter, and so was his great grandfather. Never having much money, his family relied on the hunt and harvest to survive; only making trips to town for bare essentials. His first kill was when he was 8 years old when his grandfather was showing him how to shoot beer cans with his .22. Rather than shooting the beer cans, he took it upon himself to shoot a nearby squirrel which was fattening himself up for the winter. It was also here that he skinned his first kill and was taught to appreciate the life of the animal which had now provided him with food to survive. As the years had passed, he accompanied his father and grandfather on various hunts around the Midwest. Deer, bears, elk, coyotes, hogs, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits… you name it, they hunted it and brought all the meat back for the family. As he grew older, he made several trips to Canada for hunting, where he befriended a man by the name of Liam Reddington, a millwright out of Ontario. They would frequently travel around the United States and Canada, hunting and partying. One year, Carter had heard of a hunting expedition in a country in the caucuses called “Chernarus”. Carter was looking for something more exciting to hunt and had heard of the wild wolves in a region called South Zagoria. Rather than him and Liam doing their usual hunting trip in Canada, they had agreed to travel to South Zagoria to do some wolf hunting. Everything was going great. They had found many wolves, deer and wild hogs. But one night everything went “strange”. As they were staying in the northern area of the region, soldiers started attacking locals. But these soldiers did not appear to be acting upon orders but their own psychotic rage. Having seeing more and more of them coming from the military base in the north and attacking more civilians, Liam and Carter agreed to grab their rifles and head south into the woods until things died down, using their hunting and survival skills to wait it out.
  2. Vytis

    Item shop descriptions

    Police Cap: Papers, Please! Firefighters Jacket: Flame Suit, On!
  3. Vytis

    Item shop descriptions

    Tracksuit Jacket/Pants: Squat like a pro and survive the apocalypse in style. Stay Cheeki Breeki my friends.
  4. Vytis

    Item Shop Discussion

    Please no
  5. Vytis

    Item Shop Discussion

    I wouldn't pay 10€ for aviators but you can be damn sure I'll snag one of those green tracksuit jackets eventually. Value is about perspective as well. Is it worth it for you to spend the money, or would you rather spend the time? Is it an RP item tied to your characters story or not? I dont think the price for some items is too bad
  6. Pretty much still F2. Technically your hands are still up in the air and most people say "put your hands up". Your hostage takers may ask you to switch to F1 though later in the situation. But nobody should shoot you if you start waving. To be on the safe side, I usually VOIP "Ok ok, don't shoot I'm putting my hands up" while doing so.
  7. Vytis

    This event was literally cancer...

    The event itself I believe was well planned but I do have a few gripes. Honestly, the entire event felt like a race to the finishing line, and the advertisement of military grade rewards exacerbated this. There was minimal RP, even when there was many attempts in doing so. 90% of the event was just a few people screaming at the pilot to keep moving, even when she begged to stop to tend to wounds, eat, and re-hydrate. The well being of the VIP was not taken into consideration the majority of the time. It was just a constant run. I feel as though at times there were excessive hordes and wolves, although, I will completely waive this complaint if it was done as punishment for not actually doing any RP during the entire situation and treating it as a race. For future events, it would be nice to see the staff team omit the mention of any sort of reward, or at very least, the type of reward given to participants of the event. This will force people who actually want to do the event to participate, and not just do it for the gear at the end (and then disappear). As this is an RP server, people should be rewarded for the RP they provide and participate in, not just because they were the fastest. And before people saying I'm just butthurt over gear, I seriously had no intention on receiving anything at the end. I had already all the gear I wanted PRIOR to the event (I event gave some of it away). Nearly all of my gear was the same gear I had started the event with, the only exception being an M4 I hobo'd off a dead guy. I merely was there for the ride. I'm looking forward to participating in more events in the future.
  8. Vytis

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Vytis Puzikas
  9. I'm a new man, Jim. I only wanna have a good time and start anew.