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  2. Nah man, you're being a bit over dramatic. Anyway... great RP today @JimRP @ExoticRP @DustyRP @BorisRP @SkinVestRP @KyleRP @NateRP @Keira @JoffreyRP @Exio @i am Bambi @LouieRP @WesternRP top notch stuff. Amazing RPers. If I missed anyone, my bad. Wish I could add more to the list but it's hard finding people who constantly run and hide
  3. took me forever to get all those teddy bears.... and by took me forever, I meant puling them off someone else's dead body.
  4. Character Pages

    I looked at the rules page and I did not see anything requiring it to be updated. The only thing I see is that you need to comply with lore: 5.2 Your characters backstory must be compatible with our official lore. Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. I don't believe it would be a good thing to require people to update their character pages with IC information as it can be used for metagaming and OOC. All in character interactions should only be known to those who have had IC interactions.
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  5. I never run when the shit pops off. I left 30 minutes prior for dinner lol
  6. No tag? Mkay. I really enjoyed the RP last night with everyone except @Keira
  7. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Kill just to put you out of your misery lol
  8. Hey everyone!!

    Welcome to DayZRP! If you need any help getting adjusted to the community just hollar
  9. Real life picture Thread

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      It's the way to anyones heart.

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  10. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *picks up his radio and presses the PTT* No, I will need all of the chocolate bars. Or at least 3. This is my blood we are talking about here. It could be the cure for this infection, and only ONE chocolate bar? I will remember this... *he releases the PTT*
  11. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *Vytis is sitting in his cabin, cleaning his SKS. The radio lays on the table as he hears the broadcast and subsequent responses. As he pours oil into the action of his rifle, he hears of the chocolate bar. He rushes to his radio, pressing down on the PTT* Chocolate? Did you say chocolate?! CHOCOLATE!? CHOCOLLLAAAAATE!? HAHAHA! FINALLY! I've been trying to find chocolate since all of this shit started going downhill. Now that I have you, I would like all of your chocolate. How much blood do you need Miss Doctor? And where is this Headquarters? *he releases the PTT and goes back to cleaning his SKS*
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