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  1. Pirate

    S1 | Metagaming | Svetlojarsk | 10/22/2017

    I were not apart of the Situation so my POV will be irrelevant as i have nothing to do with the situation
  2. Pirate

    Connectivity problems

    I wondered if The hosts are aware of this problem because no way in hell there can be a whole week -1 day With DDos Attacks
  3. Richard Rose grew up in a Orphanage it was like a living in hell getting beaten because of small details and getting bullied by the other children at the orphanage there was no discipline it was nothing but power hungry traitors of modern society it was like this till his teens where richard decided it was enough and escaped making the streets his home and committed crimes apon crimes for survival he didnt care who he hurted it was about survival or the reaper would take him this went on for years till adulthood small petty crimes was not enough for Richard he wanted bigger and better 1982 - 4 - 26 Richard began dealing and smuggling weapons to the IRA and gang members in Ireland, England, France, and Scotland, this went for 3 years til he got caught and Police raided his home in Ashington Richard got arrested and gone to prison til 1993 and kept his Criminal behaviour in 2006 he saw potentional Job opportunitys in Easteren europe Mostly in Chernarus and moved to chernarus in 2008 and gone to work for a local mafia where his duty was smuggling drugs and human trafficking this was a very sucessfull time for Richard he grew and grew there were money in his pockets, Food on the table everyday, water, A Car and loyalty he found love in his crime family but that was cut short for as the Corrupted Pigs of Chernarus The Pigs that the family paid to keep their mouth shut betrayed Richard and his family Richard got arrested and never heard from his family he believed they were killed but there is no evidence to keep the imagination he served until the outbreak became an issue and People evacuated Richard escaped as the towns were in panic and he could fit with the riots and large human groups running on the streets
  4. Abroon grew up in a tribe that was located in Nigeria when times were rough and survival skills were a requirement his father Lobo Kwamaka were a voodoo priest and his mother were his dads assistent to put in modern terms Abroon grew learning all the things he require to defend the village and to bring food on the table for the family he never fell in love he wasnt much for love and friends other than his family Abroon were never a fan of gun powder and Metal bars with springs he trusted him self in what Nature could bring him he built his own weapons and tools for survival he was not afraid of being alone actually he prefered to be alone then he only have himself to worry about
  5. Pirate

    S1 Killed without reason - 17/05/17 20:30pm

    Ive got 2 friends @Aberration @Markonus that was in this aswell anyway my POV So basically me and my friends was running after this guy from West of Vybor Through lopatino up to Toploniki and as he said he was running away from us the whole time but the thing is before we even fired we already chased him for like 15 minutes without any dialouge so half way out of lopatino one of us shot up in the air not threatning his life and he just keeps running away again i feel like this is Avoiding RP he didnt know us and he keept an eye on us the entire time looking over his left and right shoulder after we were done chasing him we hold him up in toploniki near the grocery store and i initiated i told him to comply and he will survive and we told him not to talk shit or he gets the bullet he complys first and goes to the grocery store and being commanded into a corner which he did from there we got bad RP as well as maybe abit OOC since he kept asking whats your reason for this but that can be discussed he acted like a clown and thought he was dumb smart and after he calling Aberration retarded i put a bullet in him killing him on the spot as he didnt follow instruction plus we were abit pissed aswell that he avoided RP we wouldnt hurt him at first but since he ran we thought he was a solo enemy on the wrong spot at the wrong time but we really didnt get to that information yet as we shot him because of his comment and i would like to point out that i gave him the command to sit in the corner and also not talking shit that is the reason i shot him because he failed that instruction P.S. We dont have any Video evidence
  6. Pirate

    S1: Killing Complaint Hostage + possible BadRP Between Novy and Guglovo

    Arkadys POV. So i ran with a group of people and splitted of later on then i met the doctor on Novy - Guglovo road and talked with them for abit and i decided that i will Initiate on the two fellars mentioned in the report above the reason why i initiated is that i heard the doctor wanted to "Experiment" on people and i didnt really know what it was about but my character Arkady Veniamin is not a fan of fiddling around with mother nature and its reasons and after the initiation i toke the guys up a hill northish direction of the Guglovo road and i asked them to jug later on i see that begin to split abit away from eachother and ordered them to stop and get in a single line and as i saw on my screen i believe it is pavel was not stopping after asking him to stop 2-3 times and after shot him i did talk with staff on ts after i died and asked if that was okay and take it as Hostage didnt follow instructions they say it wasnt so i accepted that and went on finding him on TS to talk this out and said that if he want to he can report me and after that we agreed that i could log off
  7. Pirate

    S1: Killing Complaint Hostage + possible BadRP Between Novy and Guglovo

    I already want to pledge guilty and side note it dosent matter how long youve been in the community you can still make mistakes and bad decisions but if i have to post a PoV it will wait till i get home and again My apologies
  8. Pirate

    Staff/Lore Faction interest?

    Council inbound - CTC threats detected activating somalian domination
  9. Pirate

    The Division: Giveaway On March 3rd - Winners Drawn

    73 for me plz
  10. Pirate

    [GAME] Do you know the person above you?

    Yep The lazy peasent <3
  11. Pirate

    [Super Secret, Passworded Frequency] 122.5Hz To Trusted People Of Zbor

    I sound like fucking cartman at the end
  12. Pirate

    Pirates Stream Boat.

    CSGO Time with Pirate. Disclaimer: Noob alert. http://www.twitch.tv/gimanjispirate
  13. Pirate

    BlindMans / Pirates Noob stream.

    I just started streaming Today so its not gonna be as great as Other streamers but its just a "Fun" stream i suppose anyway you can watch the stream down below I will play Mount and blade PW and Some other shit today because why the fuck not http://www.twitch.tv/gimanjispirate
  14. Pirate

    No Value For Life S1 Kabanino

    False. i didnt say i was Direct NEO-Nazi i said i followed the Nazi agenda in the Nationalist way i didnt say anything that could offend, Jews, Blacks, or Other races There by its fine to RP as a Nazi aslong you dont do the "One and only Race" thing.
  15. Pirate

    The Banter Brigade Are Leaving