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  1. Pirate

    Broadcast to a certain 'Peter West'.

    *Icas thumbles with his radio trying to figure out how it works, He then rotates through the frequencys and hears the broadcast. He pushes the PTT* *You will hear a unsettling quiet and raspy voice come through* Greetings Peter, I am the one who tries to contact you. I am Icas. Im contacting you Peter cus i believe you and i should get to know eachother. I heard alot about you on the Island, The guards says you and i look alike. I wanted to speak to someone that might know the feeling of unacceptance from others. Not to mention the already built up hatred towards us creatures who look and act different, than the others in the Animal kingdom. I believe you and i should talk and see if there could be a potential Light created within the Dark. I can assure you this is not a trick, I will leave you with all the advantages i can think of. Besides im not exactly a fighter in that regard, If you want to meet i'll let you choose the place and i will come alone. You have my word from a "Creature" to another. Stay safe Peter. *Icas lets out a loud dying sounding breath and releases the PTT*
  2. Pirate

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    This debate has turned into a Opinion based matter, A character is trolly if you here by say its trolly. Whether you RP as a Asian with a stutter, or speaking third person and what not. Now a actual trolling avatar would be Roleplaying as a sasquatch or a brick. otherwise everything else i really dont care about we've had super soldiers and gun obessed hillbillys for god sake, If they are not qualified as trolly then nothing should be. Immersion isnt based on serious behaviour but is based on what you find immersive. If you cant handle people havin a laugh or be stupid or trying to make the game entertaining. then i will say this Community aint for you.
  4. God Created me in March the 12th 1990. I was born with the Sign of Water, Gods second Creation of the earth, I was a Child of great Curiosity. I dont remember much at my birth, I remember my childhood growing up with no parents. My only father was God and my Mother was the earth and its nature. The childhood of mine was a Rough time, God tested me from the beginning. I was raised at a orphanage. The lady of the Orphanage didnt treat us kindly. For supper we were given one Slice of bread, and unsalted meat. We were alone most of us, We didnt make friends we sat in agony. My friends was my interest, The story of Religion and its of Jesus, Noah, and the Words of God. We learned to write and read in the Orphanage, It helped me read the interest and understand the words given. Nothing really happend at the Orphanage, But as i got older i had more of the interest. I decided to request living at a Monastery nearby. And luckily i got allowance, Even the lady gave me a smile when i said it. I remember her telling me "God needs people like you, You'll be a great angel to hes home". I shed a tear and thanked the Lady of the orphanage. A week later, I got out of the Orphanage and began my adventure, I chose to learn about being a better man. And with Gods and hes son's Help, I will finally be smiled apon by God himself. I Arrived at the Cluster, Brother Nicholas greeted me and showed me around. They still lived in a Medieval Era fashion, No technology, Robes and hoods of Fine cloth, The jewelery and values. It was magnificent, Brother Nicholas would cut my hair, I asked him politely to make me bold, and so he did. After a few days of being in the Monastery, I began learning on how to be real servant of god. The flowers needed to be cared for, The food needed to be handled. The building needed repair, And the Prayers would be held. I lived my fantasy, I was happier than ever. God gave me this life and i am ever so grateful. Years and Years went by, I was still happy. But i decided that i need to give some to god back. I decided to leave the Monastery and Travel. I would spread the word of God and hes love for his Creations, so i did. I travelled around all of Europe, But it wasnt as i hoped for. Society poisoned its own People, They only cared about Objects and Currency. There were no god in their mind, There were only sin. A small minority accepted Gods word, and became a follower of Christ and a Servant of god. Even as a Catholic i still believed in Medicine Science, I went around and asked for donations to churches Medical Researchs, And people in need. It worked, I gathered alot of currency and gave it away. Alot of folks liked me in their villages. and Hoped to see me again in the future. It made me happy. But it went dark quickly, In the next year or so. People began panicking. A "Disease" was spreaded amongst people, A disease that turned Living Creatures dead. But alive at the same time. I was on my way East of europe and thought i should continue my Travel, Sadly it became worse and worse. Military began putting up checkpoints Qurantine Zones were Established, and the Horror of the Undead are giving humanity its wrath. I thought god had enough of the Sins created by the humans, And God wanted to punish them. I cant change hes will, Though i can help people by Believing in god and convert them to hes Grace. (More will be written just need time to think about it )
  5. I was Un-desired, I had no one nobody wanted to be my friend. My family abandoned me i never knew what love was, i never knew what comfort was. I Dont remember them, I remember how my life was in the streets of london. People screaming at me to be gone, Nobody wanted to accept that there were creatures like me. There was no one to help me i was weird, I didnt belong in this society and they tried to get rid of me. People tried to Murder me, To hurt me. People couldnt be trusted The only thing that fed me was the trash of these people, the only thing that gave me water was nature. I always wondered why my deformities didnt fit into society, back then i was a Human not a Monster. But society can change a person, Society is poison to its Population. People are nothing but Arrogant and Ignorant towards their own. I wish i was like the others, I too wanted friends and family. God made me this way, God created this Monster to suffer. Since Society Found me undesireable, I didnt want to be there. I usually stuck around the bricks of the underground, and only went to the Surface at night For food. I had a friend in this place, a lil rat i called Miracle she was special to me. I painted portraits of Mircale every now and then, As the only thing i could do to kill time was paint. It was painted with blood, mud, and other natural thick liquids. My mentality has always been the face of the Paintings, I dont know what was wrong with me. I only felt hatred, Sadness, and couldnt wait till i was gone for good. I wanted a better life, a life i could be accepted by the people above, I just want friends. I want people to talk to i want my species to accept me, But now is not the time neither is the life thats been choosen for me. I Remember the day it happen, The day of the pain and endless suffering. I was painting a Portrait of Miracle when suddenly, Miracle collapsed infront of me. I panicked and i remember my hand accidently hit a candle, I dont know how but when i reached Miracle. Everything was burning i was trapped, it consumed Miracle and my furnitures. My friend was perfectly healthy why could she die first, And not me?. As the flames got closer i once again panicked, I sprinted through the flames into the door knocking it down. And that was my transition, I was no longer a human neither a Monster of the same Species. I was changed My skin feels nothing but pain, The thoughts said i should have stayed. My death wont be a meaningless one, Ill make sure i can do something that i will be proud of. After The fire, I couldnt get help. I wandered off into the woods to recover. After being in the woods and going around stealing money from people, I've made a nice sum of money to go. I wanted a place where i could be alone, And where i can meet others like myself. Or atleast be accepted by the same Species, Where people accept any Breathing living creature. I met this guy at a Harbor, He understood my life though he was scared aswell. He told me That a place like Chernarus could be a place for me, I said how is it a place for me. Well, There is alot of forest and abandoned houses in that region. People buy more expensive stuff and leaves their houses behind, sometimes with things in it. And they have abit more acceptance towards people, Atleast more than here. I said, Here take the money and lets departure in the morning. I will sleep on the boat. Next morning came and we headed off, I was scared i never been in a boat before. The Waves made me dizzy, He gave me a pill and it helped. But i could still feel the dizzyness Days and weeks went by, We only stopped when we needed water and food to go with us. But finally we reached Istanbul, The guy told me we couldnt sail any further. If so we had to get the boat on land, I refused and said Go home. Be with your family and friends, Soon i shall find some too. Istanbul was a Pretty place, But i couldnt stay there for long. Lucky no one paid alot of attention to me, I had to get out of there quick. I walked out into the wilderness of istanbul, And found a way out to the isolated parts of turkey. I walked till i reached Trabzon, I still have abit of money left to bribe the sailors to take me to chernarus. One of the many finally agreed, He didnt seem to be from Turkey either. But it was none of my concern, My concern is to make it to chernarus. He asked me if i had a passport, I didnt so he said aah. Illegal refuge eh?. I guess so i responded You still willing to do it?, He laughed and gave me a smile, Of course! money can get men to do anything. But We will land at the shore at night, Or we might be seen. I said okay and we went to sleep, at night however I finally reached it. We finally hit the shore of Bay Tikhara, He told me to run as fast i could. It was a short farewell and he sat off to the sea once again, I ran into the forest and admired its beauty, The Fungi seems perfect. The Trees are Beautiful, the colors are magnificent. I began building my home Under the dirt of the forest, I had sticks ontop aswell as leaves and moss. I finally came to Chernarus, and hopefully soon i can have friends. I believe a year went by maybe only a few months, but There was changes. I saw something un natural I saw a Cannibalistic Creature, Stumbling its way through the forest. It had blood coming out of its mouth, And looked Grey and rotten. I didnt say anything i stood still and observed, I never saw a creature like this. I was shocked when i found out it has deformitites aswell, I finally stood up and waved. It saw me and it stood still for a moment before running towards me, It screamed and grunted like a animal. I tried running but i couldnt breath right, so i stood my ground with a knife and waited, It jumped and flew towards me and i somehow got the knife through its head, I became more shocked. The dead creature was face to face with me i could see it, It was a human a dead one though. Something wasnt right, I toke my knife out of its skull and began walking. I saw the streets from a far, I heard screams and fire consume the living. I saw the Creatures terrorizing the Population, I walked back to the forest. And caved down in my home waiting for the day to seek out others, If there was any left when i show myself.
  6. Pirate

    Platform Switch Discussion

    This have never been Orginally a Standalone Community it was a ArmA 2 DayZ Mod Community just for your Information And No there is no harm in it If you dont like a thread on the community Dont reply or pay attention to it simple as that
  7. Pirate

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I wont say its all Standalones fault Though i will say this why are people waiting for 63? I think its because its new there is new things in it a Start on base building and what not and i know You dont really need Physical items to Roleplay but there is a Place and time where things gets unintresting for people cus who knows the members might see it from the same POV as me and want new visuals new products Products can give people Ideas for new Roleplay like the Sword and The Helmet for a Example
  8. Pirate

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I do apologise if my Grammatic Writing arent the best but Im trying to Say if its Worth staying with a game such as DayZ Standalone or Change to something like ArmA 3 Exile and have a focus on that instead as At the moment the Development for Standalone are incredibly slow and Delayed as for ArmA Exile or other mod platforms Staff could determine when its time to put more stuff in and actually create a plan for Future add-ins Such as Base Building, and what not like Pleasent Game mechanics that will change a players way of playing I dont know if that made it more clear but i tried atleast If you do think about it It has Decreased from 2013 where i started it was Daily on a high Population compared to now where maybe the average is at 20-30+ players SOMETIMES hitting 60 but for a very low period of time at least thats what im seeing from the Statistics https://prnt.sc/kh3ev1 (30 Days) https://prnt.sc/kh3f20 (7 Days) In the past it was usually higher than that and i know its only one month tracking but i still see it a few months ago aswell it was a little higher there though but again it was a short period where it reached that population
  9. Pirate

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I think Moving DayZRP to another platform with more freedom and less Restrictions would help alot when you think about it times wise Right now Development team for DayZRP takes months apon month getting stuff in and For me in my Own Personal view the stuff they put is very Minimal I think Moving either Temporarily or Permanently to another Platform with Modding rights will get this Community back on What we waited on months ago could been done in maybe one month or two with browsing of mods or self developed Again this is just my Opinion
  10. Pirate

    Platform Switch Discussion

    Hey im Pirate I wanna talk about This Community and if it have any Value staying in this Current platform So from 2013 - 2018 (i go by when i signed up for DayZRP) The community and server usage has Decreased Due to the switch From DayZ mod to Dayz Standalone and its Development being slow and nothing new is happening My Question to you is Do you honestly think that this Community are gonna be Revived by Standing the same ground? or Is it time to switch to a new more stable platform where people can put in their own stuff and make the Gameplay and RP more intresting So what do you think? Is it time to Switch to a new Platform? or stay where we are now? I would love you all to leave a comment below and Discuss it i want people to start thinking and giving Ideas What to do with the Community In my personal Opinion Switching to a Platform like ArmA 3 Exile or a self made mod will probably help the community more Than now From what im noticing I see people online for 2-3 hours making it Medium Populated while in the past it was nearly full everyday for multiple hours And i do Apologise if there is Threads like this I will say from my Own Perspective that i dont play on the community as much not because i dont want to but Because i feel like its the same stuff with the Same Visuals over and over
  11. Pirate

    S1 | Metagaming | Svetlojarsk | 10/22/2017

    I were not apart of the Situation so my POV will be irrelevant as i have nothing to do with the situation
  12. Pirate

    Connectivity problems

    I wondered if The hosts are aware of this problem because no way in hell there can be a whole week -1 day With DDos Attacks
  13. Abroon grew up in a tribe that was located in Nigeria when times were rough and survival skills were a requirement his father Lobo Kwamaka were a voodoo priest and his mother were his dads assistent to put in modern terms Abroon grew learning all the things he require to defend the village and to bring food on the table for the family he never fell in love he wasnt much for love and friends other than his family Abroon were never a fan of gun powder and Metal bars with springs he trusted him self in what Nature could bring him he built his own weapons and tools for survival he was not afraid of being alone actually he prefered to be alone then he only have himself to worry about
  14. Pirate

    S1 Killed without reason - 17/05/17 20:30pm

    Ive got 2 friends @Aberration @Markonus that was in this aswell anyway my POV So basically me and my friends was running after this guy from West of Vybor Through lopatino up to Toploniki and as he said he was running away from us the whole time but the thing is before we even fired we already chased him for like 15 minutes without any dialouge so half way out of lopatino one of us shot up in the air not threatning his life and he just keeps running away again i feel like this is Avoiding RP he didnt know us and he keept an eye on us the entire time looking over his left and right shoulder after we were done chasing him we hold him up in toploniki near the grocery store and i initiated i told him to comply and he will survive and we told him not to talk shit or he gets the bullet he complys first and goes to the grocery store and being commanded into a corner which he did from there we got bad RP as well as maybe abit OOC since he kept asking whats your reason for this but that can be discussed he acted like a clown and thought he was dumb smart and after he calling Aberration retarded i put a bullet in him killing him on the spot as he didnt follow instruction plus we were abit pissed aswell that he avoided RP we wouldnt hurt him at first but since he ran we thought he was a solo enemy on the wrong spot at the wrong time but we really didnt get to that information yet as we shot him because of his comment and i would like to point out that i gave him the command to sit in the corner and also not talking shit that is the reason i shot him because he failed that instruction P.S. We dont have any Video evidence
  15. Pirate

    S1: Killing Complaint Hostage + possible BadRP Between Novy and Guglovo

    Arkadys POV. So i ran with a group of people and splitted of later on then i met the doctor on Novy - Guglovo road and talked with them for abit and i decided that i will Initiate on the two fellars mentioned in the report above the reason why i initiated is that i heard the doctor wanted to "Experiment" on people and i didnt really know what it was about but my character Arkady Veniamin is not a fan of fiddling around with mother nature and its reasons and after the initiation i toke the guys up a hill northish direction of the Guglovo road and i asked them to jug later on i see that begin to split abit away from eachother and ordered them to stop and get in a single line and as i saw on my screen i believe it is pavel was not stopping after asking him to stop 2-3 times and after shot him i did talk with staff on ts after i died and asked if that was okay and take it as Hostage didnt follow instructions they say it wasnt so i accepted that and went on finding him on TS to talk this out and said that if he want to he can report me and after that we agreed that i could log off
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