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  1. I dont really agree with it but lore wise, Could make sense since as Russian and US troops went on in chernarus. Balota airfield if big enough could have been a big strategic point. To Combat the Navy of who ever was interested in invading from the coast but i dont know. It would make sense to me that balota would be bigger due to that.
  2. Pirate


    Congrats lad! welcome back
  3. I dont see the point of removing it, Its not difficult neither does it matter too much. Isnt it more annoying to go through the whole project of making a roadblock. For them to just swerve around it?, Text initiation should remain and it probably will.
  4. *You stumple across a Frequency called 296.3, It sound like to be a Advertisement of a Local Delivery Buisness.* Greetings Chernarus!, I am Tom Callahan. I am pleased to inform you that Chernarus has their own FREE delivery service. Now you may ask yourself, "Free? What idiot does that type of work for free?". Well my Friend its no joke, Here at Callahans Delivery we Do buisness with ANYONE. Regardless of you're a man or woman of great importance, Or just some common folk to make it through the day. Even a Naughty lad like you!, We dont discriminate anyone buisness is buisness!. We offer Services like. Faction to Faction Delivery, Where you can send your allies some goods to make them stay your allies!. We offer Wedding services too!, Ever felt like a wedding now seem more than a hassel than it did before?. Well We offer you to atleast cover the feast! anything you want we will TRY to bring you!. We offer Medical, Food, Ammunition Supplies!. We also offer such things as Transportation. Ever felt like your weak knees about to give in?, Hope there was still taxis around?. Well you in luck friend We will transport you anywhere possible. Except for Dangerous areas meaning Radiation or Chemicals. We also Offer Medical Evacuation, If you sick or injured hell even stranded. Call Upon Callahans Delivery service and we shall try to get to ya!. Keep in mind our biggest transport can only hold up to Nine people, So we are sorry if you need more personal than that. Also we offer Construction Packages, You tell us what you need and we will delivery your home in pieces!. So if you ever need these good ol' Packages and Offers, Do not hesitate to call Tom Callahan Tom Callahan can be Reached on 307.1 Disclaimer! Currently there is only one Worker on station at the moment, Please Refrain from making to big of demands. Also Refrain from expecting EVERYTHING to be there This is a Free service and its one man currently, Supplying wont be easy or free of danger. Anyway!, Thank ya for listening on 296.3 this is Tom Callahan signing off!. Callahan's Delivery Service, We wont make your day perfect but we can always make it a little better. *The Frequency seem to be Looping the message over and over again.
  5. Actually the Emoji might be a clue a new map could be related for it but expect the worse i guess
  6. its probably about their so called "DLC" or a update thats most likely is gonna turn the whole gameplay side ways and down a deep hole
  7. Well the Character believe that everything that within the chernarussian border belong to the Chernarussians and act on it to the point where they think they will have "advantages" due to their Characters nationality or have a Reason to be hostile to every single one they meet Aka Chernarussians right now are pretty much a Hostile NPC there is no backstory of their action They do it out of shits and giggles and Pretty much every chernarussian Acts, Sound and Think the same way of course there is some thats different but Majority is pretty much the same and if not Prove me wrong on it but so far i've only seen one or 3 act differently while the rest are the same I believe the Chernarussian Character has lost individuality and there by its easier to RP as (my opinion)
  8. Oh yeah i totally forgot - The people who will jump on the gun immediatly after being insulted cus Hey im high and mighty and if you call me stupid i will shoot you and put you in a grave Cus thats realistic and there isnt any other way to solve problems am i right boyos
  9. Chernarussians especially the "We own the Country get out" kind.
  10. Major no to Fast travel, It takes what 45 minutes to a hour or so of uninterrupted jog from one corner to another. If you dont like walking and need fast travel to enjoy the game then DayZ havent been for you the whole time.
  12. *Icas thumbles with his radio trying to figure out how it works, He then rotates through the frequencys and hears the broadcast. He pushes the PTT* *You will hear a unsettling quiet and raspy voice come through* Greetings Peter, I am the one who tries to contact you. I am Icas. Im contacting you Peter cus i believe you and i should get to know eachother. I heard alot about you on the Island, The guards says you and i look alike. I wanted to speak to someone that might know the feeling of unacceptance from others. Not to mention the already built up hatred towards us creatures who look and act different, than the others in the Animal kingdom. I believe you and i should talk and see if there could be a potential Light created within the Dark. I can assure you this is not a trick, I will leave you with all the advantages i can think of. Besides im not exactly a fighter in that regard, If you want to meet i'll let you choose the place and i will come alone. You have my word from a "Creature" to another. Stay safe Peter. *Icas lets out a loud dying sounding breath and releases the PTT*
  13. This debate has turned into a Opinion based matter, A character is trolly if you here by say its trolly. Whether you RP as a Asian with a stutter, or speaking third person and what not. Now a actual trolling avatar would be Roleplaying as a sasquatch or a brick. otherwise everything else i really dont care about we've had super soldiers and gun obessed hillbillys for god sake, If they are not qualified as trolly then nothing should be. Immersion isnt based on serious behaviour but is based on what you find immersive. If you cant handle people havin a laugh or be stupid or trying to make the game entertaining. then i will say this Community aint for you.
  15. God Created me in March the 12th 1990. I was born with the Sign of Water, Gods second Creation of the earth, I was a Child of great Curiosity. I dont remember much at my birth, I remember my childhood growing up with no parents. My only father was God and my Mother was the earth and its nature. The childhood of mine was a Rough time, God tested me from the beginning. I was raised at a orphanage. The lady of the Orphanage didnt treat us kindly. For supper we were given one Slice of bread, and unsalted meat. We were alone most of us, We didnt make friends we sat in agony. My friends was my interest, The story of Religion and its of Jesus, Noah, and the Words of God. We learned to write and read in the Orphanage, It helped me read the interest and understand the words given. Nothing really happend at the Orphanage, But as i got older i had more of the interest. I decided to request living at a Monastery nearby. And luckily i got allowance, Even the lady gave me a smile when i said it. I remember her telling me "God needs people like you, You'll be a great angel to hes home". I shed a tear and thanked the Lady of the orphanage. A week later, I got out of the Orphanage and began my adventure, I chose to learn about being a better man. And with Gods and hes son's Help, I will finally be smiled apon by God himself. I Arrived at the Cluster, Brother Nicholas greeted me and showed me around. They still lived in a Medieval Era fashion, No technology, Robes and hoods of Fine cloth, The jewelery and values. It was magnificent, Brother Nicholas would cut my hair, I asked him politely to make me bold, and so he did. After a few days of being in the Monastery, I began learning on how to be real servant of god. The flowers needed to be cared for, The food needed to be handled. The building needed repair, And the Prayers would be held. I lived my fantasy, I was happier than ever. God gave me this life and i am ever so grateful. Years and Years went by, I was still happy. But i decided that i need to give some to god back. I decided to leave the Monastery and Travel. I would spread the word of God and hes love for his Creations, so i did. I travelled around all of Europe, But it wasnt as i hoped for. Society poisoned its own People, They only cared about Objects and Currency. There were no god in their mind, There were only sin. A small minority accepted Gods word, and became a follower of Christ and a Servant of god. Even as a Catholic i still believed in Medicine Science, I went around and asked for donations to churches Medical Researchs, And people in need. It worked, I gathered alot of currency and gave it away. Alot of folks liked me in their villages. and Hoped to see me again in the future. It made me happy. But it went dark quickly, In the next year or so. People began panicking. A "Disease" was spreaded amongst people, A disease that turned Living Creatures dead. But alive at the same time. I was on my way East of europe and thought i should continue my Travel, Sadly it became worse and worse. Military began putting up checkpoints Qurantine Zones were Established, and the Horror of the Undead are giving humanity its wrath. I thought god had enough of the Sins created by the humans, And God wanted to punish them. I cant change hes will, Though i can help people by Believing in god and convert them to hes Grace. (More will be written just need time to think about it )
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