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  1. HeartlssRP

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    -User had been warned for this post-
  2. HeartlssRP


    OOF my boys - R. I. P Contractors 💔

  3. HeartlssRP

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    @Wyatt Peavy before i followed @ChrisTronn around the barn i saw yourself and the purple armband run over to my first blue X, i then initiated on chris at the green dot. after which you came around the corner as i was running back into the brown barn marked by the purple dot. i was third person peaking when you continued along the blue line where you stopped in a bush. i started started fireing on you, because of you gun out and raised from what i could see. you then retreated along with the purple armband guy, and i continued to spray through the bushes and i assume i killed you. Unfortunatley you were not killed "for no reason"
  4. HeartlssRP

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    Matthias' POV (My IC character): I wake up in Stary to the sound of HELLA gunfire, and travel south and around back to the north to find who was shooting. I spot 5-6 Liquidators, due to the blue armbands, about 300 meters away north of stary in the field shooting a lot of zeds. I watch them for about 5-6 minutes and radios to @FruitPunchG and @ImDongle who are in Cernaya Polana, that i found the Liquidators. I notice, after i radio my friends, the Liquidators start heading north. knowing Krasnostav is the new "HUB" i assume by their trajectory they could be going that way. I start stalking the LIquidators through old fields and then eventually lose them in the woods just north of ALTAR radio station. I radio the boys and tell them that what happened and they tell me to just B-Line to cernaya. Along the way to Cernaya i heard periodic shots, hinting that the liquidators are close by. I continue to Sverograd and meet a random and help him get to Krasnostav. From Krasnostav i continue to Cernaya. I reach my destination and myself and the boys RP with the wolf pack members and start playing stranger just incase the liquidators showed up there at the wolf packs base. about 30 minutes go by and the server restarts..... Everyone wakes back up and we continue to RP for about 5 minutes, when a man runs up to @ImDongle and the rest of the boys and tells us the Liquidators are in KRASNO and we start HAULING ASS. As we pass NEAF we see a group of people at the barns north of KRASNO and i tell everyone this could be the liquid, and it was. we approach the 2 men that walked towards us to greet us. we RP about the trade post for a brief second and my group continues to advance towards the barns. We catch a few of the liquidators either setting up or just standing in suspicious areas in the barns and confront them. For about 5 minutes SHIT IS TENSE...almost everyone has guns out and are walking around each other trying to RP. @ImDongle and @ChrisTronn (Jackson Mackenna) start talking in the corner of the crowd. Jackson name drops himself and I walk over to @FruitPunchG and give him our initiation code word to get ready. @FruitPunchG continues to play stranger and not pull his gun out. I follow @ChrisTronn around the big white barn and ask him about why he is off by himself. He tells me he is trying to use his radio without anyone around to hear him and he continues to walk around the barn out of sight of the massed group. Seeing how Matthias' and Jacksons beef over the radio a couple days before was still in play, i thought it would be a good chance to get him by himself and initiate. I initiate on Jackson and he raises his weapon and he gets a non lethal shot off making me bleed, i gun him down and shout on the radio to the boys "DO IT!! DO IT!!! INITIATE, TAKE THEM" I hear shots ring out and i run into the brown barn and bandage, i see another blue armband run around towards me and jump into a bush, he raises his gun and i shoot into the bush. i run around inside the barn for probably 2-3 minutes and then run out to confirm my kills. Jackson is dead. i run into the bushes where i fired on the other man. Wyatt Peavy is also dead. i double tap, then get headshot and killed. EDIT: After analysing In @ImDongle stream POV, minute mark 2:44 is where i initiate on Chrisstronn and kill him. At minute mark 3:00 is where i believe i double tap Chriss. And then at Minute mark 3:34 you here my suppressed shots from inside the barns when i shoot at wyattpeavy and kill him.
  5. HeartlssRP

    S1: KOS Near Krasnotav - 06/22/2019 20:30

    I'll post my POV when I get home from work
  6. HeartlssRP

    To the liquidators with love

    *An old southern voice would come onto the radio* "Well well well....Mr. Jackson it seems to me you have come to a cross roads....." *Matthias pauses takes an audible deep breath and continues* "Mr. Jackson, for "real men", you and your boys sure were a bit underwhelming....honestly for men who outnumbered us 2 to 1 i truly enjoyed seeing your mens corpses litter the ground...." "The way I see it Jackson, you and the liquid haters should just shove off and probably leave chernarus...maybe easier that way." "Oh and next time bring more fucking guns.....you may need them" "This is "Bill" signing off......"
  7. HeartlssRP

    To those impersonating us.

    * Matthias presses the PTT * "damn you were talking alot of shit...i thought yall were about it? shiiiiieeet i guess not"
  8. HeartlssRP

    To those impersonating us.

    *Matthias presses his PTT in response* "We will see you there....." *Radio static*
  9. HeartlssRP

    To those impersonating us.

    *Matthias presses his ptt, you may hear his country accent and old raspy voice* "REAL MEN?!!" well see you in kabanino in one hour...pussy boy....matter of fact bring ALL your "boys" " *Matthias Releases his pTT and chuckles*
  10. HeartlssRP

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    I would like to suggest maybe next time, for similar events, do not TP people to the event. But allow people to Trickle into the area naturally and organically. A LOT of lag was had by many i know. As one of the people who waited 3+ hours, to NOT be let inside. Much is to be gained from maybe some rehearsal? Maybe a dry run through with a smaller crowd? or as i said before dont TP everyone all at one time.
  11. HeartlssRP

    Call on The Mountain

    *Matthias' face lights up!!! and he presses the PTT* "Scout...my girl, it is so good to hear your voice again!" *Matthias' voice sounds almost like it's cracking, the old man overwhelmed with emotions* "I'm so happy you're ok! have you heard from charlie? kirby?? Any of the others? i spent a good portion of the end of last year up till about february tracking / hunting Santiago...i'm sure you remember what he did....i found him.....and well, he won't be hurting anyone anymore..." *matthias would hear the other men chime in on the radio, pause in thought and then press the PTT to respond* "Being the leader of my people i will admit, we ARE NOT innocent, never claimed to be.....we do and HAVE DONE things, we did to survive....adapt and overcome is the old saying i believe.....and to them fellers who claimed we have helped you in the past. We will continue to do so, so if you need anything you let myself or Scout know ASAFP.... ".....The Mountain is watching....." "....Matthias out...." *Static would take over the station*
  12. HeartlssRP

    Call on The Mountain

    *Matthias clicks on his radio. He is sitting on a rock overlooking the fields south of VMC. He is in deep thought about past events, his friends, long past, and his father, and presses the PTT* "This is Matthias....Charlie...Scout....Dylan....where are you guys?.......i haven't heard from you in over a week....i'm fearing the Worst...i hope i'm not the only one left....." "Matthias pauses.......and thinks to himself, "Maybe The Mountain Men are gone...maybe i am the only survivor"....He shrugs away the notion and continues* "Im calling out to all REMAINING Mountain men, I repeat ANY SURVIVING Mountain Men, PLEASE respond....i will send out rendezvous coordinates shortly......I hope youre all O.K." *the radio buzzes off*
  13. HeartlssRP


    Thinking about applying for staff in the future. Hopefully bring a different perspective to this community(: 

  14. HeartlssRP

    S1 - Invalid Execution - 21:54 10/03

    Matthias Reids POV: Matthias meets up with the freeman, and some old friends in Kabanino. we meet a man named hector. we all decide to head over to vybor to grab food and general supplies. Hector shows up again, no biggie, we continue to RP with him for a couple minutes and head out over to NWAF. we all converge on the tent area of NW and see a trio of people and start to RP. AGAIN Hector pops up at tents and rejoins RP with us. A tad sus. so we all collectively decide to initiate. we take him on the long hike to the barn in the northwest. we arrive at the barn and the freemen start to interrogate hector about previous encounters. (Matthias has no knowledge of any previous encounters) Matthias smacks hector in the back of the head (emote style) to try to adjust his attitude. then more questioning. my friends finally decide to line him up on the wall and shoot him. (matthias doesn't shoot, but is an onlooker)
  15. HeartlssRP


    Im back bitches

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      Good old Tyler ?

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      Welcome back man! 

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