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  1. *Matthias nods his head to the mans words, lets him finish and presses the PTT* "Good to hear, i'll be contacting you shortly for a meeting point to talk, im not safe in my current location" *he releases the PTT*
  2. *Matthias hears the familiar voice, picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Tidal, hey brother, hanging in there? thought we lost you in cherno! Good to hear from you again. I'm at our camp at the moment, you need anything?" *Matthias releases his PTT*
  3. *Matthias would awaken in damp sleeping bag to hear a mans plea for peace, and shake his head..then presses the PTT* "Mister Shae, is it? If i were you i wouldn't trust the CDF as far as i could throw them...The Mountain trusted such a force before, to help us fight our enemies and in return we would help them, but unfortunately they use their "friends" as bait for their own agenda, they betrayed my people and in return we wiped the streets with their stupid little barrett's...i pray you don't make the same mistake as we did, help us fight them, help us take down the Corrupt CDF!" *Matthias would slump back into his sleeping back and think to himself 'i sure hope he considers what i said'*
  4. *Matthias Reid is catching his breath gathering his recently rescued friends, and allies in a barn north of cherno. After a well faught victory, he pauses the celebrations, takes his radio out, clears his throat, and presses the PTT* "Now y'all listen here...you CDF......You traitorous BASTARDS! You have done PISSED off the wrong man. You bastards invite us into your fold, open arms and call us allies, you pledge to help us fight for freedom, and yet you turn your backs AND TREAT US LIKE BAIT!? You shot our youngest member...a god damn defenseless 14 year old girl in the arm!!! You take my people, and threaten then with death? You CDF are no better then the anarchy boys we were fighting before hand..now we trusted you, we promised to fight with you......well not again.....never again.." *Matthias raises is voice* "THE MOUNTAIN GIVETH, AND THE MOUNTAIN TAKETH AWAY, MOTHER FUCKERS!!!" *Matthias takes a deep breath...* "Have fun scrapping what's left of your "SOLDIERS" from off the pavement, next time we won't leave any fucking survivors..." *You would hear cheers in the background, and what sounds like celebration before the radio cuts out*
  5. *Matthias picks his radio up again* "we plan to be in the area for a while, see you then"
  6. "Matthias, stops running to respond to the man...* "Myself and a couple of friends are headed north to the town of stary sabor....*whew* can you meet us there?" *Matthias releases the PTT, and continues to run*
  7. HartlssHeretic

    Bila Ruka PD

    Looking good my dudes!! Can't wait to meet in game(;
  8. *Matthias Reid would hear the man's plea, pick his radio up and press the PTT* "Hello sir, my name is Matthias Reid....what can i do for you?" *Matthias looks a bit confused, and releases the PTT*
  9. When you see that Anarchy is archived. 


    1. Svenne



      Probably just a joke... 

    2. HartlssHeretic

      no its not they are making a hero group


    3. BorisRP


      Im happy we made your day

    4. HartlssHeretic

      i was shocked


    5. Svenne


      @BorisRP As I wrote to Jim I think Anarchy has some real fuck diamonds in it but overall I would say that you have members that prefer to solve every conflict by fighting which I personally dislike. Best of luck with what ever group you guys decide to start!



  10. Glad to see my  boys @angry_skipper and @twig back in action on the server! 

  11. Matthias Reid's POV: I have video from the time we entered the camp till we left, it may take a little while to upload, but anyways to be to the point. The Mountain men were on our way to CDF base to recruit volunteers to go attack anarchy we walk up and see CDF have prisoners and the video shows the rest (Video is rendering and then uploading now) about 120 minutes until render and upload is complete its a 30 minute video
  12. *Matthias quirks his brow in confusion* "To my knowledge i was the only mountain man left....so i don't think so" *Matthias releases PTT*
  13. *Matthias retrieves his radio, when he hears a familiar, and presses the PTT* "We haven't seen them in weeks, at least I haven't...we just want to be left alone....we don't ROLL with them...we are just friendly with them, god damn it" *Matthias brushes the dirt off his radio and bangs on it alittle* "Peace is what we wanted, it's what we always wanted....louie if I could I would like to meet with you, we used to talk from time to time when i lived in novy...I know you can be reasonable" *Matthias releases the PTT*
  14. *Matthias Reid clutches his readio, his head hung, sadness in his old eyes....he presses the PTT speaking in a slightly choked up voice* ".....I don't understand.....i don't understand why you boys keep attacking us....we try to steer clear of you, we do our best to stay out of your way...and yet day after day my friends are being slaughtered...tortured....an-and hurt by you....just leave us alone....." *Matthias pulls the radio away from his mouth to wipe tears from his eyes....and presses the PTT again* "I haven't heard from the little girl, Nana, since you boys attacked us in komarovo....I don't know if she is alive or dead, she is a child, she has been in country 5 days!...an-and we don't mess with you, we dont bother you, we don't KNOW why you do the things you do....just leave us alone, give her back to us!" *He starts to yell through his tears, anger starting to take hold....* "....fine have it your way...." *He pauses briefly* "....si-since we cannot live in peace...or come to an agreement....." *A slightly longer pause* "....The Mountain Men are no more...." *Matthias releases the PTT and throws his radio of the cliff....tears still coming out of his old eyes....and looks down at his loaded glock...*