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  1. Recruiting developers

    It's just preferably 18+ doesn't mean that you have to be 18, I believe its more of a point of your mature"ness" If you feel that you can pull this off and if you are a great programmer in c++. Dont be afraid of doing a application.
  2. bouncing up and down in whitelist que?

    Yes it does, the higher amount you donate the better place you'll receive. But it does NOT guarantee that you'll be accepted. Okey thanks the thing is that i dont want to donate to something that i dont have a clue how good it is.. Its like throwing money at a homeless "junkie" i just wanna be reasured that it's something that i believe worth donating to something i like, Maybe i'll throw 5$ atleast to get a better spot.' And yeah kinda understood that too.
  3. bouncing up and down in whitelist que?

    Does it matter what amount i donate?
  4. bouncing up and down in whitelist que?

    So straight to topic, I did my application this wednesday i believe, Im okey with the que time before your application gets reviewed, But the thing is that im going up and down in que, Like 3 days ago i was spot 170 and yesterday when i checked i was 120 and i tought "oh cool, almost there" and now when i check again im 170, How come? Is it all about donations or what? I'd like to play the server before i donate any serious amount.