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    Recruiting developers

    It's just preferably 18+ doesn't mean that you have to be 18, I believe its more of a point of your mature"ness" If you feel that you can pull this off and if you are a great programmer in c++. Dont be afraid of doing a application.
  2. Yes it does, the higher amount you donate the better place you'll receive. But it does NOT guarantee that you'll be accepted. Okey thanks the thing is that i dont want to donate to something that i dont have a clue how good it is.. Its like throwing money at a homeless "junkie" i just wanna be reasured that it's something that i believe worth donating to something i like, Maybe i'll throw 5$ atleast to get a better spot.' And yeah kinda understood that too.
  3. So straight to topic, I did my application this wednesday i believe, Im okey with the que time before your application gets reviewed, But the thing is that im going up and down in que, Like 3 days ago i was spot 170 and yesterday when i checked i was 120 and i tought "oh cool, almost there" and now when i check again im 170, How come? Is it all about donations or what? I'd like to play the server before i donate any serious amount.