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  1. Oh look, it's a Cid.

    Didn't know that bugger still played. Hope you're doing well, you \o/

  2. Ray would sit inside a small shag in the northern region, his camp for the night. He'd sit on the cold floor with an open can of peaches in his lap and a small gas lamp to his side, providing some measure of heat and light. Unable to sleep, he held a radio between his hands, slowly switching through the frequencies, listening for any discernible voice. He didn't expect to hear anything on the other end this late at night, but as he turned the knob, turning white noise into the voice of a man, he paused, holding his breath for a moment as he listened intently to the message coming through. At the end, he'd contemplate for a while before pressing down the PTT. "I do not know who you are, nor is it important, but allow me to say; thank you. I'm no stranger to the wilds or the coming cold, but I am happy that someone, anyone, is sharing their knowledge so more survivors may make it through the change in climate and not meet an unfortunate end due to their own ignorance. It saddens me to say, but such kindness is becoming a rare commodity these days." He'd pause for a moment, still holding down the PTT, just sitting in quiet thought before continuing. "So, for whatever it's worth; keep doing what you're doing, whoever you are. You may be the light in the darkness for some, and that's always worth the effort. Stay safe out there." With the hint of a smile to his lips, he'd release the button and place the radio next to himself before turning his attention toward the half empty can once more.
  3. Sadly, I don't remember the good outweighing the bad regarding settlements where you had rules attached. It was either the extreme solution of a Trade Post sort, where it was by definition a safe zone, and that brought its own problems with it; people hanging out there the entire day, leaving the rest of the map rather desolate, people setting up around the camp to 'snipe' whoever went or left and yada yada. Then, there's a settlement sort of The Ravens Nest and that one North of Berezino, and oh boy, that was a shit show without equal. They were constantly being attacked by whatever little group that managed to form, just for the shit and giggles, or whatever have you, until rules were put in place, putting a dampener on the entire thing, but that brought its own drama along. All in all, it's just not worth the headache, really. If people want to settle down a place and call it their own or what not, go ahead, but I don't think rules are the right way to go about enforcing peace, but at the same time, hopefully people aren't complete muppets like some were back in the day. I don't really have much of an opinion on factions, as I don't recall most of it, but elevating player made clans to a faction would have to be done reeeeaaaal careful, if at all, since that could bring in its own heap of trouble.
  4. Mikasa

    BeanZ WAR

    34 Accept your defeat, oh ye red one. The hour of Low Beaners have come
  5. Mikasa

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    36 Yeeesh! Reinforcement!
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