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  1. *Found a Journal with most it’s pages ripped out except for a few* *The First hand full of pages are somewhat readable* My tale begins like many others, with a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. My name is John Stryker, ‘SGM’ Stryker of the once upon a time US Army and this is my story….. It was July of 2017… Best and worst year of my life… Month before the outbreak I turned 32 and was a new father….. *Writing gets hard to read on this page, Must have been an emotional piece of writing Flips to next page* ;the Army for 13 years who just got his promotion to Sergeant Major earlier in the year. But what I didn’t know was that I was about to be in charge of a unit on a task that seemed simple on paper, but would end up costing me my entire unit…. I was one of the lucky ones if you want to say that… One of the ones that still live to share the stories of those that have fallen to this sickness....Sorry getting off subject... Now I don’t know exactly what was going on but I was sent over by my Superiors to lead my Unit to control a section of cities and towns that were being overwhelmed with an illness. Inside my Unit was a researcher and Medic, and they were our mission. To project them at all cost… I don’t remember the dates very well these days, and everything happened so fast that I didn’t…. *Writing cuts off* When I was in a city called Cheern.. Cherno…. Chernarus… Something like that. My Unit was under attack the moment we got there by civilians that were losing their minds and going around biting and eating one another….. *The writing on the paper is getting harder to read* (This is just a small chunk of my character but overall my Character was part of the US Army that came over to help control the outbreak, he was sent with a medic and a researcher and had one mission to project them with all cost… The researchers and medic decided to not follow my orders one day and ended up losing track of them… Shortly after Strykers Unit was attacked by the infected unexpectedly and majority of his unit was lost… the few that did make it would have shortly died off threw the years of being in Chernarus. I plan to play a Character that is really good at survival and has a very wide set of skills from the Army. Thus why he has survived so many years out in the wilderness) JOhn MayStars Story as a Tourist: I was only 23 when the world came to an end, a tourist about to visit the amazing and wondrous land of my former red comrades. Just a kid, far away from home for the first time in an exciting new land with endless adventures awaiting him... If only I knew what was awaiting me. As I got off the plane I started to notice that something wasn't quite right. People wearing medical, strange stories of the criminally insane eating their victims on the news, Doors with red X's and large yellow signs reading "карантин". But I chose to ignore those signs and plunge unto the unknown. At first everything seemed pretty normal, good food, amazing sights, and beautiful girls if you knew where to look. But after a week those "signs" started to become far more threatening. Houses were quarantined off, people were being taken away by the Russian government, And hospitals were filled with victims of the Cannibalistic Psychopaths that roamed the streets biting their victims. And to make matters worse, whoever was bitten was driven mad and began praying on the innocent just like the Psycho's that bit them. It was time for this tourist to get an early ticket home. I tried everything... airports, harbors, ferries, I even started asking local police, military troops, even your everyday person if anyone knew how i was to get home. But to my horror I just kept hearing stories about infection spreading around the globe. That the scientist working on the infection were yet to find a cure. That there was no more america, no more Europe, Asia, or even Russia! Just the infected and "the end of days" and when i thought things couldn't get any worse, it happened... I was at the American embassy talking to some random Soldier, begging him to let me in when there was an explosion. I turned and saw a huge piece of wood flying toward me, i ducked under it and felt something hit my back. It didn't hurt too bad but I wish I hadn't looked down to investigate what had hit me. Looking back at me was the head of a little girl, she couldn't have been more than 10 years old. Blood pouring out of her mouth and nose just staring back at me with lifeless eyes. I froze, unable to comprehend what lie before me. Every now and then when i close my eyes i can still see that little girl's face staring at me, crying blood, begging me to make the pain go away. A woman's scream woke me from my trance, i looked up and saw hundreds of bloodstained people slowly shambling our way. The Soldier stepped in front of me and ordered them to halt. They didn't stop, they didn't even respond. They just kept slowly approaching, moaning or screaming. The soldier took aim and shot a man in the chest. but the man simply kept walking toward us, as if nothing had happened at all. The soldier shot him again, and again the man took the shot and didn't stop. In fact, the man started running at the Soldier. the soldier took aim and shot him in the head, that stopped the man in his tracks. But as soon as the man fell all of the others started screaming and running toward us. I ran as fast as i could, i heard gunshots behind me for a while and then nothing, only footsteps following me wherever i went. I eventually lost them and found shelter in an abandoned house. In that house was a radio telling me that attacks similar to the one i had just experienced were happening everywhere. I stayed in that house for 2 weeks, until eventually the water stopped coming, the power went out, and the radio just went silent. So I mustered my courage, grabbed a small backpack, put in some basic supplies and ventured out into the unknown once more. And I've been wandering ever since...
  2. CMDR_AJ

    Old Guy Rising from the Archives

    So where's all my old DayZ Mod friends at? How goes it DAYZRP Community!! I can't wait to start RPing on the servers and see what it's all about! Looking forward to meeting all you new people and what sort of adventure will be brought. Where are my Manors,.... *Cough Cough* Names AJ, I used to play back in the good old days of Mod Era when we had to fight with Arma 2 and had so many Compatibility issues.... lmao Yea those good old days!!! My Characters were John Harrison and John Stryker, Was also Leader of the Brotherhood of Steel, And Juggs is got a bit of a hard on for me.. "If he sees this Lmao" I'm a bit of a friendly guy and somewhat shy at first but I'll come around in time. So Excited to meet new people and make some new friends!! See you in game hopefully P.S I know I need to Upgrade my Name to 4k Soon
  3. Nihoolious

    • Nihoolious
    • CMDR_AJ

    wus poppin B

    1. CMDR_AJ


      Nothing much just checking it out some old places seeing whats changed... Hows things?"

    2. Nihoolious


      We are getting a lore reset in two weeks with a bunch of events and whatnot planned. If you wanna hop back in rp now is a good time

  4. CMDR_AJ

    1 Mod server back

    I am putting 110% to this vote because that's what I miss is the mod you bring back the mod Ill return in 110% of my time. Hope to see this happen
  5. CMDR_AJ

    Important community announcement

    This sounds great, Hype for some other games for RP
  6. CMDR_AJ

    Streaming (Offline)

    Come join Guys I am streaming and so is a Friends watch in multitwitch or Seperate MultiStreaming: http://multitwitch.tv/zellifur/AJ1080pGamer Aj1080pGamer http://www.twitch.tv/Aj1080pGamer Arturo http://www.twitch.tv/Zellifur
  7. CMDR_AJ

    Just got killed on sight?

    Whats your Teamspeak name
  8. CMDR_AJ

    A year of DeadKiller.

    Congrats DeadKiller your are an amazing friend and I am glad to have met you, You were one of the best RPers I know and I thank you for being a helping hand when I started. Glad we are Friends and Congrats on your 1 Year in this Community. Mines coming soon as well.
  9. CMDR_AJ

    DayZRP - Company of Heroes 2 Tournament

    If you can't find a partner just tell me. We will try to pair you up with someone. Will do also are there gonna be any map packs invovled?
  10. CMDR_AJ

    Rate the persons above RolePlay.

  11. CMDR_AJ

    DayZRP - Company of Heroes 2 Tournament

    I will try this but I will have to get a partner first, I miss this game and love that you have brought this up Demo. Ill post back once I get a friend to partner with me.
  12. CMDR_AJ

    Server rejection

    MAKE SURE to start both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA after you verify your game cache as it can cause even bigger issues. Basically launch the Vanilla games
  13. CMDR_AJ

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    9/10 Lol that is funny
  14. CMDR_AJ

    In your opinion, how famous are you in DayZRP?

    No one knows me. I have no friends..... Lol jk I would say I'm an average joe around here.
  15. CMDR_AJ

    Totally fucked up.

    Very good I love it I almost thought I was watching a love story in my head. Keep it up terror. ;-)
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