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  1. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    i need a guid reset please. thank you. //Terra: GUID reset- Re-enter
  2. Returning

    Hey Community, Returning after a long brake. Looking forward to getting back into things. See you all in-game.
  3. See you all in-game.

    Good role play this weekend thank you all. looking forward to more. soullesswolf
  4. See you all in-game.

    hey community, Looking to see you all in-game this week-end. Soullesswolf o7
  5. Hello to everyone.

    haha, the one thing about life is you have to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time. Thank you for the smile and the welcome.
  6. Hello to everyone.

    bio is coming along nice, if it passes i'll think about posting it for others to see. might have another 30mins/1hour left we'll see.
  7. Hello to everyone.

    Indeed my friends, i got the problem all sorted out. It's nice to see a warm community of players i look forward to role-playing with you all. i'm working on my bio should be done in a few hours. glad to meet you all also.
  8. Hello to everyone.

    yes i am going over all info given. one question. what program would i need to be able to view/use the custom mod file. when it downloads all i get is a file i cant view/open. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  9. Hello to everyone.

    Hey community, Well let me start off by saying, i am a role-playing vet i have over 20 years of rp under me. i am hoping to join you all very soon in-game i also have a few buddies whom may be joining me. Best wishes Soullesswolf