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  1. IGN: Dave Morrison Age: 18 Country: UK English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: Way way too much DayZ Standalone Experience: 70 Hours Roleplaying Experience: Played DayZRP Mod for a good 2 years and never came back properly to dayzrp standalone. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Friendly, only fights when necessary Have you been in any clan/group previously: On the mod yes, plenty. Only 1 on standalone Additional notes: N/A Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: It was a normal day, get on a plane, go to the meeting in Chernarus, agree the deal with the chernorussians. "It could take several days" my boss said but I was determined to get that deal. On the 6th October I hopped on a plane from Heath row and made my way to the airstrip at Balota. From here I had a taxi waiting for me to take me to the hotel in Chernogorsk. Nice room, nice staff, nice food. Seemed like a decent hotel and country but I wanted to go home. Just like any family man would, I missed my family. So I met the men from the other company and didn't end up finalizing a deal on the 7th so we finished up for the day and I went back to my room and watched the news. I saw the story about the drunk man biting that woman on the leg and was horrified so I turned off the TV and went to sleep. The next day I woke to find police cars driving west in the direction of the accident last night. I didnt think much of it and met with the men again and once again came to no conclusion. The next day was the same, no results but more bad news from Myshinko. The next day there was a quarantine around Zelenogorsk and I couldnt get out. I was told by the hotel staff that it would pass, but they were terribly wrong. When bandits raided the hotel I was completely taken off guard and taken captive by them. They took all I had, even the suit on my back and cast me out into the wild somewhere up North and now here I am telling you my story around this campfire. Never thought I would end up seeing one of those businessmen again but here you are. Nice to meet you, my names Dave.
  2. Teamname: Task Force Whiskey Team Leader: Dave(DMG) Entry Fragger: phyrox(LE) Awper: (Open ATM) Lurker: Randle(GNM) Support: Mellstrom(TBC) Sub 1: Open Sub 2: Open
  3. Am I able to submit a 3 man team and say the other two slots are open/we will find someone?
  4. We have been neglected We can play 2v5 though prolly wont be any problem hahah Yeah mate we got this
  5. Dave i dont think anyone wants us #feelsbadman We have been neglected
  6. Ok so me and phyrox are looking for a team, we come as a pair. Im DMG and he is LE. Hopefully we can get into a team. (PM me if you want us) Thanks
  7. Bye Again

    Goodbye favorite Dom
  8. Bye Again

    Maybe so haha Soz pal Thanks guys
  9. Bye Again

    I wasnt back for long but now my playtime has reduced to nothing and I am too focused on exams. It was fun lads Have a good one
  10. I'm late but I'm doing it

    Welcome back I guess, glad you're enjoying it
  11. Not that long due to not having to look for a decent gun
  12. Do my eyes deceive me?

    There back but I have only seen 1...
  13. Getting killed by a tire.

    Ahahaha thats brilliant