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  1. As much as a new map is a great idea, can we at least set a date for a release and in the meanwhile return S2 to it's former state? That'll give people the opportunity to move their bases to S1 as to not make the base building a complete waste of time.
  2. They had broken in by destroying the bottom part of the fence as seen in the first screenshot.
  3. Server and location: S2, my camp in the nearby woods of Kamensk/Krasnoe Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08/14/2019, between 10:25 and 6 hours prior Your in game name: Sixten Rylander Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: Unknown, logs will tell Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Including screenshots Detailed description of the events: I log in to find my humble camp has been raided a second time within 2 days. This time I find a lot of stuff scattered on the ground to despawn, despite there being containers with space in them, prompting this report.
  4. I will not report since I don't suspect foul play -- I merely suggested it to help give insight into this report. Full PoV: I first happened upon the camp a day or two ago. It was set up near my own camp and while moving in the area I discovered a military tent. At first there was only a few things in there but it grew larger over time. I did take a few things upon first discovering it. Some time later within the town of Kamensk I interacted with a character named Andy Nguyen (played by Agent_Fishy). During our conversations I mentioned the tent I had found and he suspected it was his business associate's stash, asking for me to show it. I brought him to the tent, we looked into it, and I belive that was the last time I interacted with it. Upon logging in earlier today it was clear my nearby walled in camp had been broken into as the lock was gone, the door was open, and things were missing. I went to the spot in which his tent used to be in order to see if he had stolen things from me, but as I arrived there was no tent to be found.
  5. I'd also like to add that my own camp is walled in. I lost several weapons, clothing, two tents and a vehicle. The tents were full and so was the vehicle, but I did not find any things on the floor in my camp. They might have despawned before I got a chance to log back in, and it's possible that I was griefed as well. If you can find the guys who broke into my place they might have some answers.
  6. Yes, it's true that I knew about the camp since before. I was not involved in raiding it, however. EDIT: My own nearby camp was raided about the same time. My guess is that whoever hit mine hit yours on the way.
  7. Fascinated with firearms since first laying eyes on his grandfather's hunting rifle, he is an enthusiast and collector of handguns. Is a member of a shooting club but otherwise untrained in terms of military service. Decent survival skills thanks to his grandfather who taught him about forests, woodlands and wildlife. Went to South Zagoria on vacation to experience old Soviet weapons but was ultimately one of the unfortunate ones to get stuck in the chaos. Survived the early days by tagging along those who found his skills with firearms useful.
  8. Seems hopeful for my potential memes, so... Mirin'.
  9. Erik Winter POV: We had just entered Kabanino from the fields and made our way around a building and onto the main road crossing the town. Once on the road we noticed a couple of people outside of town having made their way out by following the road. We decide to not interfere but instead notice a man (Matthew Cade) by some corpses behind us, also on the road, and once he spotted us he backed away around a nearby corner and out of line of sight briefly, but changed his mind and went back, walking towards us. Considering the scene in front of us without any context to it, D. Bashmakov raises his weapon and takes a step out of a nearby corner asking that Matthew raise his hands. At this point I am walking up behind D. Bashmakov to get a little closer to better hear the conversation we assumed would take place, but had not raised my weapon at this time. Despite it, the three of us wore white armbands so it could safely be assumed that we were in group. All we could hear from Matthew in response however was a brief "Hold on.", followed immediately by him raising his weapon and firing on D. Bashmakov, in which I respond with fire as well but die shortly thereafter. For some reason I had gotten logged out from Nvidia Experience and therefore could not save the footage of the event, so there is no video from my part.
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