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  1. Born in Aalborg denmark Robert lived his young life as an only child constantly bored with no siblings to play with he was always kind of introverted through most his young life. Through most his school years he was bullied and quickly gained an empathetic mindset that would follow him into his adult life, believing that no person should be attacked and gained a hatred for wrongdoers. When he finally turned 18 he joined the army as a way to protect the innocent and quickly learned essential survival skills and gained a knowledge and love for guns along the way. He chose the path of light support gunner but always had a dream of becoming spec ops. that dream would turn out to be quite a challenge as on a mission he was deployed to Chernarus where the helicopter suffered a catastrophic failure and crash landed on the coast, knocking him out. When he woke up and came to his senses he was alone, low on supplies. With no gun he crawled out of the wrecked helicopter. He now had to survive and hopefully find his squad... if any of them survived.
  2. hi i just wanted to say im new here and hoping to join you guys soon
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