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  1. Yep, this looks "new". Hadn't seen this page. Appreciate the help, will have another look shortly. Fair enough. Can't argue with that Thanks to everyone else as well, will take another look. It was late last night. Keen to get on the server and see what the DayZ experience should be.
  2. Good evening all, Just wanted to add my 2 cents for what it is worth. Perhaps the fault is completely on my end but after wanting to join your servers and be a part of the community I must say that the lore aspect of the whitelisting process has completely put me off. Let me explain. I have run through steps 1 to 4 and have two questions remaining. They relate to the lore. I have spent enough time, I believe, searching through completely unorganised sections of the forum's trying to find the answers to these questions. What I have found is that the original lore master "flash" something or other who was the writer has been banned. I think most of his posts are now attributed to "Guest". Permabanned or not he should still be given credit however If he/she is no longer a part of the community then perhaps the lore should be rewritten. What comes across as a fantastic group/community/server provider is let down by this very obvious skeleton in the closet and I for one can't be bothered to go through a broken and terribly organised record of lore. My opinion, perhaps it is clearer than I think. As I said in the beginning, perhaps I haven't spent enough time looking through things etc to have a fair opinion on this matter but I felt it necessary to air my opinion anyway, for what it's worth. I will check back again to rewhitelist when (if) the lore has been sorted out. On a separate but related note I would like to say that it is fantastic. The lore that I did read was in depth and well done. I implore you to organise and present it better so that newcomers such as myself don't find it a chore to read through it. Hope to see you all soon, until then, enjoy and keep well