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  1. Feel bad for you mate Chin up though... not the end of the world
  2. That was quick, just got accepted \o/ see y'all in game
  3. Hey Guys n Gals, Name is Matt, 24 year old gentleman from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK I've been thinking about putting in an application for a while after following DayZRP videos on youtube etc. Finally got round to it today, so fingers crossed they will take pity and let me in My character is Richard "Dicky" Munroe, heres my backstory (extract). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Richard Munroe. My friends call me Dicky. I had only been working for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for a year and a half when the outbreak hit. I had been assigned to the Newcastle office in the north east of England and everything was going great. I had a good job, enjoyed my work.. God knows I had grafted my arse off to make it to Investigator, I felt I had finally arrived at a point in my life where I was going somewhere, making some money. I had been saving up a deposit for a mortgage since I left university, and had a great girlfriend Vikki. She was the love of my life and I knew that one day I would marry that girl and she would become Mrs Vikki Munroe. Who knows, maybe we could of even had kids one day. So life was good, I spent most of my days visiting farms, testing cows and pigs for influenza, BSC and other mundane things. So it wasn't thrilling work, but one day my life changed, and it will never be the same again. It was the morning of November 20th 2005. I got a call on my work phone, it was my supervisor George Wilson, a senior Investigator for the CDC and one of the top brass in the department. He asked me to come in to the office as he had a very important assignment to talk to me about. When I finally got to work an hour later after waiting in gridlocked traffic on the A1, George gave me a briefing on our new assignment. We had been tasked with travelling to a small island a few kilometres off the coast of the czech republic called "Chernarus". There had been 3 reports of victims of a disease with symptoms unlike any other, and the CDC needed boots on the ground to investigate. We were given the names and addresses of the first 3 victims and 2 first class tickets to Prague, leaving from Newcastle Airport that evening... That was 2 weeks ago. The CDC can't help us. No-one can. This is Hell on Earth. This is my Story --------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? Now I have to wait Thanks people, maybe i'll see some of you around soon Matt/Dicky Munroe