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  1.      1989-1997 Early Teens With his move to Chernarus, Aleksandr ended up living with his "Uncle" a close friend of his fathers, as he had travelled to Russia to ensure his business would survive and thrive with the collapse of the Union in 1991. He became a troublemaker and his grades kept dropping until he was kicked out of school, from a young age already getting into trouble with the authorities. The reasons for his changes in behaviour included his father never returning as he to this day is unaware of what had happened and due to his mother having died shortly after his birth and his brother incarcerated in the now Democratic Germany, he had nobody to lean on as his "Uncle" was an alchoholic who never took care of the boy. This lead to him hanging around with the wrong type of people and ending up within a criminal organization at the age of 15. After just a couple of years had past he was caught hauling a large quantity of narcotics and had been sentenced to 11 years in prison at the tender age of 17.   1997-2008 Incarceration Pain, Madness, Darkness and Violence were words which would well describe his life during prison. Inhospitable conditions, no regard for any rights, that is what he had to live with as he was amongst the most violent and dangerous inmates of the former union. His mind deteriorated within the isolation and torture he endured yet the only thing keeping him alive was his "family" within, members of his organization that were the only thing keeping him from going insane. And so he had served his sentance by the principles of jail, only the toughest survive and rule. As his sentance drew to it's end his life was already locked in a criminal lifestyle, no proper education, a criminal record..what was there for a man like that to do so he may join society?   2008-2010 Civil War Living on the streets with no help from the government for a year, Aleksandr had found his new purpose as the flames of revolution had once more ignited throughout the nation and he had joined his comrades, backed by the Russian Bear he joined the ChDKZ and fought in the war all over the nation having fought in gruesome battles such as the Battle of the Pit until the end of the war in 2010. Afterwards being drafted into the Republic Army of Chernarus (RAC) his criminal history pardoned for his involvement in the civil war.         2012-2013 Military Service After being drafted into the military, Nikolayev was shortly after assigned to a special task-force during the Hrůzy Era as he hunted down the nationalists throughout the country. Thought his mind was still splintered and in December 2013, Aleksandr was discharged honorably because of his mental health and his violent tendencies regularily interfered with his duties.   2013-2020 Old Habits After his discharge and losing the only "good" purpose in life he had, Nikolayev returned into the dark grasps of his old life, coming into contact with his old organization who welcomed him with open arms he was involved in the underground black markets and supplies those he so ruthlessly hunted down and fought against with weapons and spreading narcotics across the nation. All he cared about was money and power and he had continued his criminal life until the virus had spread into the nation and his organization crumbled as customers got angry and every underground criminal organization began to fight for control in the locked down nation, ending with him walking a path of loneliness once more with nothing but his clothes on his back.      
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