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  1. Liam had a disturbed childhood, wherein he underwent ritualistic beatings from both his parents. Where some children would have been able to turn to their other parents for comfort, he received none. He grew up in a small village where his Father was seen to be a force to be reckoned with. This was an Irish village, where there were only a hundred or so people. Everyone knew his Father and none dared lift a finger against him. Due to this, Liam became down trodden and was moulded into the 'perfect' child, strong and obedient to do whatever work was needed. He never made the same mistake twice, the scars from his mistakes would always be etched into his body. So what happened when he finally reached a decent age? He got involved with the wrong people, he didn't have the mindset to run away from home, his Parents had an iron grip on his emotions and he could never have run away from home unless told to. His mother forced him to join up with the IRA, for their country... But soon after he was quickly found by the English Government and whisked away to under go special training due to his... particular mindset. This is where he learned his way with weapons and carried out covert operations - completely off the books, by the name of Valoric.