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  1. Mike Nikelson is a 24 year old man who has been in Chernaurus for the past two years. He has a brother in Chernaurus also names Drake. Mike and Drake were part of a group of survivors who would have out at Green Mountain and the surrounding areas. They were a friendly group and Mike seen them as family. They all looked out for each other and took Mike and Drake in as one of their own. Deep down Mike always knew though that if it came down to it, it was him and his brother over all. He would defend his brother with his life and no one was going to get in the way of that. After some time in Chernaurus Mike and his brother Drake started to gain a few other survivors who were not very fond of them. This started to generate some unwanted attention around them and their group. There were times where Mike had been threatened by other survivors, or they had threatened the life of his brother. After some time of this going on Mike and Drake has decided that the best thing for them was to pack up, not tell anyone where they were going and disappear for a while. So one night when everyone was asleep they grabbed their stuff and took off. They set up a camp North of Pobeda Dam. It was a good spot. No signs of the infected and more importantly, No signs of the infected for miles. After a year of Mike and his brother staying at this camp, they began to run short of supplies and the fish supply in the nearby lakes were running out and not much wild life was around anymore. So they decided that the time has come that they will have to travel back down south if they hope to survive.
  2. IGN is Mike. I dont see how this is bad RP. Yeah the silences are pretty awkward when you watch the video but we were a large group and there was alot of chatter in the teamspeak. But as for the whole anomaly thing, it started as just a way to say there was a restart without just saying "Im gonna take a quick nap" like everyone else does and then it just grew into a thing that our group believes in in-game.
  3. Soupra

    S4 Killing a complying hostage.

    I was there during this. I didnt see the actual killing but Niko was appologizing alot afterwards saying it was an accident. Not sure what exactly happened. All I know is he did not mean to kill you.
  4. Did anyone else loose all their attachments on their M4's after the update?
  5. Hey, I play Corvuns brother in game. The RP that happened during this was good fun. Even though being robbed isn't really fun the RP was good. Also, killing that guy with the hatchet almost helped us escape but for some reason I couldn't get the guys gun into my hands. But, for them executing Corvun I'm not really sure. I guess technically they did have KOS but he was complying to everything they wanted him to do I dont think they should have killed him. People just take every chance they have to kill someone out, even if they could still get some good RP out of the situation.
  6. I never went back to the desal plant after this event. I logged in once in a tree outside while my friend was inside. Who wasn't a member of FL. He was NRF. and ya I was shot for not giving ID. But this was in the forest beside Desal Plant, not at the front gate.
  7. I didn't call RDM because I don't sit and report everything that happens in game. Shit happens. You die. Not a big deal.
  8. What does any of this have to do with SKA? No one said anything about SKA. I kept going because I was looking for an opportunity to escape. This wasn't baiting because I wasn't looking for everyone to get killed. I was trying to get close enough to the back of the camp that I could make an escape through the forest.
  9. What I don't understand about this is why did everyone follow me out? I understand why the SASR guys followed me but what about the bunch of civilians that followed with their guns raised? Seems like they were just wanting to shoot someone to me.
  10. I am not affiliated with SKA. I was never apart of SASR or GROM. I was at the Desal Plant to RP with Harry Harrison. We have an IC rivalry. When I was walking out of the camp I had full intent of leaving. I did not want anyone to follow me out. My friend was there just incase anything was to happen. We were trying to get out of the camp because I knew if they figured out who I was, I would be killed. Why would I purposely let you guys gun me down? Doesn't make any sense in my opinion.
  11. That was a fun raid! You guys have the nest built up good now!
  12. I Fixed the problem!! I deleted the files in my MPMissionCache Folder and its working. Thank you everyone for the help! See you online!
  13. I tried deleting it all and installing again already. and i used all different download places each time.
  14. You can disable DayZRP. The other one, Arma 2: DayZRP Mod is the correct one. All the others can be. If its still not working, make sure you have downloaded and installed these: in that order. Okay i did what you told me with the expansions and it is still not working. And I am positive I installed those in that order because I did it multiple times..