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  1. I have noticed that if you keep your melee weapon out, no guns in your backpack, and keep the distance enough so they cant see what backpack you have, you do not become a target for robbery and reduce the chances of people deciding to rob you significantly. But that's just my experience.
  2. This would also help with radios too, making it much more realistic. i support this implementation of ACRE!
  3. Day 1 - I found this empty journal on a body at Gorka, while walking around and looking for more food and drink for my buddies. The checkpoint is going well, ran into The Black Watch group, had some laughs and exchanges, I think. sitting on a hill waiting for shots to be fired can get boring... Well, since this will probably help me with my thoughts, might as well tell myself about myself... I turned 18 in August and was given some money and told to be out of the house by September, and out I was. I read that the country of Chernarus has thousands of jobs open. money is money, right? well, it was a heavy priced plane ticket. 2000 USD to my total 15000 USD. I used the rest to get myself an apartment and car and groceries. I had a decent job, I guess. Since I wasn't local, I had to learn the language. Russian isn't easy, but its exciting to know I can speak a bit of several other languages. English, German, Japanese, Russian. I know a bit of each, excluding English, since its my first language. I was touring Electrodvosk, I think, and then a horde came out of no-where. I was able to get to my car, which was a rental, because my car was jacked, and drove off. I saw people chasing, devouring, shooting, slashing, everything. I stopped to refuel my car, being in Zelenogorsk by then, and someone knocked me out. I woke up with nothing but my clothing and my passport. and from there, I made an adventure out of this. my legs still hurt from all the walking... hand hurts, going to rest. - well, just let my hands rest, because of my development dyspraxia. Most of the group is here now, but its getting dark. Smith decided to come over and sit next to me, keep me from getting bushwhacked by a random Zed. Still looking for my friend, Elissa. Its hard to look for someone if you're stuck on sniper duty. I wish archer was here...he's cool, would probably make me laugh and stuff. I remember Elissa talking about a Dimitri and how awesome he was...but...I found a Dimitri's dog tags at the airfield near the north western edge of the NATO firing line. He was wearing a woodland camo ballistic vest and a brownish t-shirt and woodland camo pants. Not sure if it was the Dimitri she knows, since I've met many a Dimitri. Honestly, I just hope that they're alright. Elissa, Allison, Archer....heck, even Jedidiah, or however you spell it. He was at least honest, if however forceful. At least I've been trained on how to handle those situations better, where someone gets in my face like he did back then. General just radioed me to take a rest until dawn, since I've been up and moving since dawn. I'll just set this back in my pack then. Wonder what'll happen then...
  4. Alright, awesome! thanks guys Ill start a journal here tonight. Best of luck ingame :3
  5. ((this thread will be OOC, unless asked to be incharacter.)) Hey guys and gals, im a bit confused. I've been wanting to make a public journal for everyone's entertainment, and to share my adventures with the community. Not sure where to post or the format. I have fraps, so I could do video snippets and such. if I am assisted in this matter, what sounds better? - my ipod has some charge left...and ive been able to keep it alive with potatoes and the less convientent 'watermelon, bowl of water with ice/icewater' trick. incase this world gets to me, and I think it will...id like someone to read my story, if they can... OR - I found a notepad off a dead man today...thought id use it for a journal... ~ help me? give me ideas? or should I try and close/lock/ignore this thread?
  6. I....I...I play Halo AND Call of duty! There! I said it!
  7. welcome! hope to see you ingame
  8. Hello everyone! I cant wait to play dayz without getting shot by everyone~