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  1. My char only has pistols and so far I didn't encounter any problems...
  2. If I join your group then we wouldn't talk. You would talk to me and I would listen. All the time. Constantly. Without end in sight.
  3. So, I watched "A Basic Guide For Roleplay in DayZ" and there it was said that talking in another language is of course for some people a disadvantage who only play a character with a certain nationality. But am I occasionally allowed to use another langue? For example curse, sing or throw a word in a sentence. My character is a german and so am I. And since we both are far from fluent and accent free I thought this would be a good idea.
  4. My friends and I always sing this when we get one of our friends from the train station who is a soldier at the Bundeswehr. Best party starter ever.
  5. Hello survivors, I'm finally back to playing Dayz after another long pause. Dayz and I have kind of a love / hate relationship, so sometimes I need a break. I'm not new to roleplay and have already played around 1000 hours, mostly on german roleplay severs. Dayz was the first time I ever roleplayed and since then I couldn't stop anymore. I already registered and got whitelisted a while ago here, but never really got started. Now that I have a lot more free time I decided that I'm giving Dayz another chance (I never learn lol). Why am I here and not in another german community? Well, I didn't really find a comm that offers the kind of experience that I'm looking for and most of my old roleplay pals are now playing here like @Franny @Revie @LeFoxx or @Whiteshadow71. I'm looking forward to another eventful 1000 hours of roleplay and madness and I hope to see you all in game!
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