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  2. So I was waiting in queue for a while until I finally got in a met up with josh. I got to grishino and shit hit the fan. rico died and it was just me and josh trying to find rico's killer. once we found him josh shot him and he went unconscious, we tied him up and waiting until he got up while the other 2 were watching. once we got him up we ordered him to walking into town rather than talking in the middle of a field. so while we were walking into town the guy shot into the ground while tied up because his shotgun was glitched in his hands. we got close enough into town and told him to get on his knees. then he shot josh with his glitched shotgun while tied up. josh went unconscious so i told the other 2 to fuck off, while giving josh a saline he started hitting me with an axe and i shot him in the chest, he managed to knock me uncon and i guess the other one finished me and josh. no i dont have any evidence.
  3. Aran Wass, born in England during the 1990's. He joined the British Army as a Guard Platoon Officer. He learnt how to use all kinds of Assault Rifles and weapons. He became very good with the sniper rifle. Aran made his way up the ranks and was very respected in the Army. After years of work he decided leave his job and hid away in a random Country called Chernarus. Turns out some sort of conflict was going on. Regardless Aran lived in a town near the Western border. It took a while for him to realize about the zombies. But it wiped out his town.
  4. Survival

    S1 - NWAF - RDM

    i was the other guy with josh and he aimed his gun at us telling us to >>>>fuck off or i'm going to kill you<<<< repeatedly. If i am correct if my life is in danger and someone is threatening us. it give us rights to shoot surely.