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  1. Would a hitman be suitable for DayZ RP?

    Bit of a blunt reply, why is it so horrible? There's ways you can work on it, it'd have to be a good enough reason against the employer to pull through with an execution. Why not start a courier service, you disarm, kidnap and deliver the hit to the client and let him have his way with him? No risk of KOS/RDM for you, still get paid. #Win. That's similar to what the bounty hunter groups do. They usually try not to kill their targets.
  2. Would a hitman be suitable for DayZ RP?

    I'm sure all of you could see how hits could be abused in DayZ RP. Let's say, if you were hired to do a hit could you just walk up and shoot the hit? The rules say you need a good reason to kill someone. What do you think? edit: Please keep in mind this is a question and not a suggestion.
  3. The Power of Chinchala

    A group of African clan members visited the Raven's Nest yesterday... I witnessed the entire thing. [video=youtube] RIP Blake 00:00 The Power of Chinchala 04:10 Birthday Party 06:19 Story Time 08:40 The Hatchet Fight 11:49 Unlikely Forces 13:24 The Ritual 15:51 The Chinchalian Massacre