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  1. Bit of a blunt reply, why is it so horrible? There's ways you can work on it, it'd have to be a good enough reason against the employer to pull through with an execution. Why not start a courier service, you disarm, kidnap and deliver the hit to the client and let him have his way with him? No risk of KOS/RDM for you, still get paid. #Win. That's similar to what the bounty hunter groups do. They usually try not to kill their targets.
  2. I'm sure all of you could see how hits could be abused in DayZ RP. Let's say, if you were hired to do a hit could you just walk up and shoot the hit? The rules say you need a good reason to kill someone. What do you think? edit: Please keep in mind this is a question and not a suggestion.
  3. A group of African clan members visited the Raven's Nest yesterday... I witnessed the entire thing. [video=youtube] RIP Blake 00:00 The Power of Chinchala 04:10 Birthday Party 06:19 Story Time 08:40 The Hatchet Fight 11:49 Unlikely Forces 13:24 The Ritual 15:51 The Chinchalian Massacre