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  1. Classic

    • Classic
    • Loscham

    First post since I decided to leave way back when. Gonna post a quote from, well, you.. Back in the Rattray days.



    Ruf ist alles

  2. Watch those wrist rockets!

    1. BostonRP


  3. Well, I know that there are quite a few of you who don't know me, and that's to be expected, but for those of you who I've met with in-game, who I've developed friendships with, and who have stayed up all night with me looting back up for the following days of RP, it's been a good run. I've decided that this community, while it has a multitude of wonderful people, is not the place for me any longer. I've thoroughly enjoyed my stay, and in no way do I mean for this to be a thread dedicated to "bashing" the server/site, however, I would like to state the main reason for my decision to leave so that there is no confusion in the minds of those who know me: politics. It appears - from my point of view - that this community has become extremely political, and that seems to be what's governing the interactions and decisions made both in-game and on the website. Now, like I said, I have very much enjoyed the time I've spent here with all of you, but I don't feel that the way I'd like to play/RP is respected here any longer, and so I'll be taking a leave of absence. I do hope that one day I might return, but for now, I'll be on the lookout for another place to spend my time. From the friends I've made and reconnected with, to my time as a Tycoon and applying for DayZRP staff, The days of New Moon to the legends of the Kingdom of Severograd, Talon Security to Rattray Corporation, For the hundreds of hours I spent playing so many different characters, and the interactions they had with yours, thank you, I'll be in touch.
  4. It's been a minute since I've been in game, or really active within this community at all. I got a couple other games (i.e. PUBG, Battlefront 2) that have been holding my attention, and I've gotten kinda bored with DayZ. I'll be back shortly, no doubt, but for now I'm taking a bit of a break. With that out of the way, how has everybody in the community been? I've heard of a few things that happened recently which have, I'm sure, made an impact, but I hope all is well nonetheless. The server has kept a fairly consistent population, so that's good news, and I'm hoping that everyone has had enjoyable interactions both in-game, and through the forums. Long story short, I've heard both good things and bad things about community morale as of late, and I wanted to see for myself how you all were holding up? Still active on the server? Anything major happen in game that you'd like to share? Any updates, etc.? Hope to see you all soon, looking forward to reading responses
  5. Classic

    M1 Garand

    The point is for this to be Connor's sketchbook, and the titles are the names that he has given to his drawings. As far as he knows, he drew an M1 Carbine, which is why the title is what it is. Without very extensive knowledge of firearms, he wouldn't realistically be able to identify a rifle placed in front of him, so he took his best guess. That's how I justify it, at least. Just trying to add to the realism a bit.
  6. Why, Hello there.

  7. Classic

    Names for Stary Sobor

    In the spirit of staying true to the native languages of the region, I'd like to suggest "Тортуга", which, for those of you who aren't quite able to read between the lines, represents the Russian translation of a certain ongoing meme... In simpler terms:
  8. Loscham

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    Thanks for the dank avatar, bro!

  9. Classic

    BeanZ WAR

    89 I got your back @derNils
  10. Classic

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    seeka boolawt

  11. evanm23

    • evanm23
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    i remember when you kosed at nwaf


    1. Classic


      I plead the fifth

  12. Always a pleasure My accent isn't the greatest, but I'm workin' on it on the daily. 'Preciate you puttin' up with it for as long as you did, hope to run into you at some point soon!
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