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  1. You are banned

    Love this! Was a really fun listen, made me smile. Also, your Ninety-Nine Soldier Goons song was great as well! Keep it up, always appreciate someone who can make me laugh for a bit!
  2. [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    My name on Steam for quite a while was Call Me Old Fashioned, and that's the name I had when I started playing DayZ. A friend of mine that I used to PvP with a lot started calling me Classic out of the blue without explanation. When I asked him about it, he said that my name reminded him of Old Fashioned donuts, which, in his town, were known as Classic donuts. After that, the entire group I was with started calling me Classic, so I thought, hell, I might as well change it
  3. well fuck me gently with a chainsaw - amazing who you find on dark corners of the interwebs :P

  4. What a cutie. :P

    1. Shifty1441


      Just kidding, but go look at this picture I took a long time ago.


  5. Hey, I know I'm a little late to the party, but remember that your characters can always evolve over time through RP! You can take traits from those other ideas you had and implement them into this guy through IC interactions with people and he'll eventually change and adapt to become exactly what you want! Never think that the backstory/ideas you had at the very beginning of a character's progression are set in stone! Everything is always subject to change
  6. Ability to Edit Alias

  7. US server newbie with a purpose

    Welcome, welcome! Always good to see new faces. Best of luck with your community, I hope to see it up and running soon! Some good RP could come out of something like that!
  8. Ability to Edit Alias

    Now, I'm not even sure if this is a possibility, so feel free to shut me down if it can't be done, but I'd love the ability to change your character's alias on their character page after you've finished it and played them. At the moment, as far as I'm aware, you cannot change the name or alias of the character after submission. I understand the name part, as I'm not sure why I would need to change my name in an apocalypse, but as far as the alias goes, that could easily change in a situation like this one. The last two characters I had, Tommy Agathon and Joey Washington, became known simply as Tom and Joe, purely through IC interactions that I hadn't initially intended for. I know it's a small and irrelevant thing, but I really like to go back and keep their pages up to date as my own personal "records" of their lives, sort of, so something like this would be appreciated. Thanks for reading! EDIT 1: I know a Poll has been made a few suggestions down about this in regards to changing names and the alias, however, I felt that this was more specific as it pertained to simply the alias, and not their name, thus, not allowing alt switching. If this is too redundant, however, I apologize. EDIT 2: Added Poll, as per Spartan's suggestion
  9. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I feel hesitant to post on this thread, since what I'm about to say has already been said by, well, almost everyone else, but I'll toss my two cents in here just for the hell of it. My last active character that I played for quite a while acted as a looter for a couple small groups of people, travelling to the north to retrieve weapons and ammunition, and then returning to trade them away to these people in exchange for food, medical supplies, and various other things. You know why my character was able to do what he did? Fear. People who were playing these civilian-esque characters were so afraid to travel to the north because of the VDV's presence there, that they hired me out to go up there alone and get weapons for them to defend themselves. This is already some fantastic RP coming out of the VDV's quarantine zone, and I haven't even had a personal encounter with them yet. People being truly afraid, enough to hire someone else to do what they can't do themselves, is some really good RP that I'm glad is on the server already. Not only that, but these people, through my other character, were arming themselves with military grade weapons, and then hiring completely different people to train them on how to properly handle them, in preparation for the day when the VDV might come to their doorstep. Like I've already said, this is some really fantastic RP coming from the community, and it's not even directly connected to any of VDV's interactions, just a decision they made. I say let em keep doing what they're doing, it's creating fun and realistic RP thus far, and who knows, it might just backfire eventually
  10. Guide: How to do Medical RP

    Great guide, hopefully I get to utilize it with the new character I'm rolling out. Never done any medical RP, so I've got no clue if I'll be any good at it, but I'm excited to give it a go!
  11. 'gratz on the staff my guy ;)

  12. Joey Washington

    With a difficult past, an abusive mother, and few social skills, Joey was the victim of countless pranks and insults during his adolescent years. Being an antisocial man of few words, he felt most comfortable when performing tasks that didn't require socialization. He pursued a business degree throughout college, learning to simply ignore those who didn't appreciate his talents. Those skills eventually landed him a job in his old best friend's renowned gang: "The Lookalikes." While many people might feel inclined to work their days away at a stable office job, Joey much preferred the company of other quiet individuals who knew how to get their work done. He felt right at home with the other members of his friend's crew. Though the work was illegal and the risk was massive, those involved learned to love the occupation. Within just a few years, the humble gang became a thriving organization with contacts and clients on both ends sides of the law. Working as the primary consigliere, Joey was the adviser to the boss, and the head financial manager. Joey, now known as "The Barber" because of his ability to do his work well whilst providing helpful advice, was in over his head. The company's small monthly income had become a massive weekly influx of cash that had to be laundered before it could be spent or saved. Working through six different offshore accounts and the owners over forty privately-owned companies to launder their money properly, Joey didn't go a day without stress and constant micro-management. He hadn't personally dealt with anyone who tried to sell them out, but he knew a couple of the Bruisers who had, and their stories weren't ones to envy. He knew that eventually he would be asked to deal with a situation similar to theirs, but he wasn't looking forward to that day. It was bound to happen. The founder of a fairly small coffee shop in Takistan wasn't happy with how he'd been treated by the Lookalikes, nor was he pleased with the substantial amount of money he'd been paid to keep his mouth shut and his shop running. With no willing clients in that area and most of the crew busy with an ongoing FBI investigation, Joey had little choice but to head to Takistan himself, deal with the rat, and secure the funds from his company, reintroducing them into the income pool of a separate business. Joey arrived in Takistan with little trouble, other than some unnecessarily aggressive frisking at the airport, but he was already too late. The shop owner had successfully brought his case to the police, who, unsure of how to deal with international crimes of such a magnitude, settled for simply arresting Joey and attempting to contact investigators overseas. Within a few days, Takistani police were able to make contact with someone from the States, however, because of the language barrier, Joey was unsure of who they were referring to. Now, fearing for his friends back home, he was informed that he would be flown back, where arrangements of some kind were already set in place. THREE DAYS LATER Joey, tired of eating practical rations in a holding room, leaped when he heard someone begin unlocking the door. In very broken English, he was informed that he could no longer be flown back because of a temporary air travel ban, and that he would have to be moved elsewhere, where he could stay for potentially a few months. Disheartened and confused, he was taken by car towards the southwestern edge of South Zagoria, and then, along with some other unfortunate people, was ferried across a small stretch of ocean towards an island known as "Terra Incognita", where a large prison lied. Joey was stripped of his clothes and given new ones, and was assigned a cell. He, along with everyone else who was with him on the boat, were told that their being there was only temporary, and was to "keep them safe" while transport was arranged. FIVE DAYS LATER The Warden, a man Joey had learned to hate, seemed to be doing an ordinary patrol around the prison before returning to his office, but when he stopped at Joey's cell and peered through the door, something was obviously wrong. The Warden's eyes were full of fear and uncertainty, and, as he slowly unlocked the door to Joey's prison cell, his gaze was unchanging. The door quietly swung open, and Joey watched as he walked away with no purpose in his stride, turned back, and was tackled by another prisoner who began beating him violently, almost primitively. As he ran, his heart pounding with fear and his brain swirling with confusion, the hallways behind him filled with the sounds of riots and screams. Every door and gate leading to his escape was already open and waiting for his arrival. Joey collapsed on the beach with exhaustion and shock, only to be almost instantly lifted to his feet by a man he'd only seen once before on the boat. Dazed, Joey was unable to make out what the man was saying. His words rapidly became more urgent, and eventually lapsed into mere screams. As Joey's vision went black, a crowd of prisoners tumbled down the hill in front of him, trampling and crawling on top of one another. Joey, completely unable to comprehend any of the events that had transpired, fainted. He awoke in a beat-up fishing boat on the shore of the mainland, still able to see the large towers and walls of the prison on the island not too far away. He looked around him and saw nothing but a makeshift campfire that had long since been extinguished, and two lifeless bodies in the middle of a road, one with an unordinary rotten appearance and torn up clothes, and the other with prisoner clothing, still drenched and partly frozen. Joey, now stranded in an unfamiliar land, must move on from his immense confusion and fear, and learn how to live alongside monsters.
  13. Had a fun time running into @PopaG near Novaya! Thanks for the good rp and directions
  14. I'm relatively new to the community, so I don't believe we would have ever met, but my brother is currently a marine. Mad respect for you guys. Welcome back, hope to potentially run into you in game at some point!
  15. Connor Atway