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  1. In case you needed a refresher @JimRP @DaRsnn All those discord DMs entailed was a compromise. We allow him to break NLR in return for him dropping the report. He came to us first, not the other way around. We dont want to cause any OOC hate or dislike in this community and would like to just solve this issue like adults. @twig and @Kirby-KP have attempted to talk to you via discord voice comms and @twig informed me that the 3 of you along with @RandyRP agreed on us not attempting to blackmail you. I truly hope this can be resolved quickly and easily as there is no need for all this drama! At the end of the day this is just a game, a game we all enjoy. Hope yall have a great night. I will post upon staff request.
  2. Lord Ronald Stitches POV: Me and my pals are at NWAF tents talking to some cool cats when a Hector walks up to the RP session. I know this is Hector because I had just met him at the Kabanino pump and he told me his name and that he knew my counterpart - Goggles( @MrBowTie who wasnt there at the time) We all made the decision to take him hostage because Goggles had told me earlier that morning that he took our pal Eli Grey ( @twig who wasnt there) a few days ago. After quite a bit of walking we finally get into a barn and start questioning him and he just simply denies everything we say or ask about. After a bit of talking me and Bryan Ashworth ( @Sxcomba) go outside and I ask Eli Grey over the radio what we should do with him and I am told we should kill him, I rely the information to Bryan and we go to do the deed. As for the connections the server went down mid situation and there was a 20+ man queue
  3. Coming from a family of royalty "Lord" Ronald Stitches and his family own 35 farms in Ireland which his family had acquired from the Irish people during the Great Potato Famine. Ronald was born in the summer of 85' and was home schooled by his mother who used to be an Oxford Professor.After he completed his high school level teachings at the age of 13 he moved on to medical school to study biological weapons for the British Government. Ronald was set to have an easy, luxurious life but instead he threw it all away and joined the UN at first opportunity. With the UN he continued his studies abroad and had even been deployed to Syria and Johannesburg to help victims of chemical warfare. On July 15th he was hand picked by a UN officer to be sent Chernarus to help with out ongoing outbreak of some disease. Him and 200 other UN soldiers and Doctors were sent to a town called Miroslavl.
  4. Server and location: S1 GreenMountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03/01/19 approx 1:30 Your in game name: Boris Popovi Names of allies involved: Jeremiah Carter @MrBowTie, John Caboose @twig, Bryan Ashworth @Sxcomba Name of suspect/s: Chad- (would need logs) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c79edbb19be9dcffd/nvfl-baiting-nlr Detailed description of the events: After a firefight at our home base of Green Mountain me and my group mates are talking to a few travelers when a we spot a freshspawn looking player searching in the woods where 4 people had died. I chase him down and question him and he tells me he is looking for mushrooms, I tell him to leave multiple times but he persists; at one point he says "One more mushroom and Ill leave." And I found a mushroom with him yet he stayed. @1:45 in my VOD I say "Listen my friend, either I tell you with my face and words or I tell you with 7.62 which you are liking?" he responds "Do it. You wont." Which to me is blatant NVFL. Then again @2:30 he says "The only way im leaving is if you raise your gun and threaten to kill me.." Which is literally ASKING to be initiated on. In my opinion his RP could have been a lot better as all he would say is "No" or insult my character whilst I was armed and he wasnt. Watching the video through and through it is blatant that he was baiting his life away in order to get me to initiate over nothing. It is clear he was talking to his teamate in the woods over the radio in order to stay within his line of sight as he wouldnt move anywhere I asked him. The reason I also pin this as a potential NLR is my groupmates and I firmly believe he was killed in the prior gunfights and was coming back to find a body as he was looking where many had fallen.
  5. Boris Popovi' POV: I wake up in Stary Sobor to the radio chattering of hostiles in our new base down at Green Mountain. After a conversation with a fellow survivor I start making my way to GM. Upon arriving I hear the sweet sound of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8tr Boi" and I see 2 geared guys at MY front gate. Assuming these are the people who have been stealing MY supplies and shooting MY friends, ya boi flicks in the full auto and lays down the heat. I see one guy drop and the other returns fire so I mag dump at him and book it into the woods. I bandage in a tree and work my way back home then eliminate a man shooting my friends. Thus saving the day. I am genuinely sorry about shooting you but it was an active firefight situation. I hope we can run into each other some time and gulp down some delicious peaches together! (Can post VOD if required)
  6. https://plays.tv/video/5c4d25a7e6737f6fdf/hobo-code https://plays.tv/video/5c4d1ea2525b7088dc/-run-?from=user
  7. Cant wait to bust out the new character for this group
  8. Drahken_

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    - User was warned for this post -
  9. Abandoned at age 7, Boris was put into an orphanage and was not adopted until age 15. By this time Boris had already been arrested 3 times for petty theft and assault, he faced juvenile detention had he not been adopted in time. His adoptive parents were not ideal, his step father was a drunk and mother a waitress. They sent him to a public school and during his first day he got into a fight with another student over a lunch seat. His stepfather who he had assumed been in some sort of military or police force did not take this lightly, Boris was immediately shipped off to military school and at age 18 he joined the Ukrainian Army. Boris was given the nickname "Oxy" by his platoon mates because he would always steal painkillers from the on base medical center. He was deployed on a peacekeeping mission to Yugoslavia in 1992 and was the only soldier to experience combat when a drunken civilian fired a shot at him and hit him in the arm. This caused Boris to become reliant on painkillers and lead to him developing an addiction . He was dishonorably discharged in 1994 after being caught stealing medication from civilians to feed his addiction. In 1997 he began working in a small bar in his hometown where he met a man named Jeremiah Carter. Jeremiah became a regular at the bar and the two men became friends, often joking, telling stories, and drinking together. Years pass and in 2006 the owner of the bar passes away and leaves the bar to Boris in his will. Boris takes up the responsibility and renames the bar “Popovi’s Den.” Business is steady and Boris earns a small fortune. In 2014 when the Russia - Ukraine conflict starts Boris’s bar becomes a place of refuge and hospitality. Boris stops focusing on profit in order to help his fellow Ukrainians in need and goes into a deep debt. He decides that he can no longer help his fellow man as he is forced to declare bankruptcy in the spring of 2017. He decides to go on a trip across the country at the beginning of the summer when a sudden outbreak starts and the world is turned into chaos. Boris, already having his few belongings packed was on the road west to try and escape Ukraine and the infection when he was suddenly t-boned at an intersection. Boris grabbed what he could, which was only a small backpack with some canned goods and a rusted handgun, and ran to the nearest building which was a gas station. The windows were boarded up and front door blocked off so Boris went around back and managed to bust down the door, inside he found a handful of survivors. He noticed a familiar voice coming from the front of the gas station and went to investigate. He found Jeremiah Carter helping a woman treat a wound on her leg. From that point forward he travelled closely with Jeremiah and the other survivors creating a strong bond. The group decides to traverse into Russia to flee the infected; we find a small abandoned farm and start to reinforce it with logs from a nearby forest. We spend a few months at the farm, bringing in some new members and decide to call ourselves “The Freemen” and create a model of government like modern feudalism, and life is generally peaceful. Boris spends most of his time in the medical corner prescribing aspirins and insulin to those in need. One night a group of car junkies which had been giving the group trouble for the last month or so rammed a semi truck through the front gate and torched the farm and settlement with oil and pipebombs. A small battle broke out, Boris used his military training to effectively eliminate 3 of the intruders but was eventually forced to evacuate with whatever he could carry. Luckily he finds one of the horses from the farm and uses it to go back for more supplies then catches up with the remaining group members on the way to the Black Mountains. During the time spent in the mountains Boris creates a bond with a woman named Victoria. Victoria cared for the horses at the farm and she taught Boris how to properly brush and maintain his horse’s mane and coat. When the winter struck Victoria became desperately ill so Boris spent most of the winter caring for her and trying to nurse her back to health but her condition wouldnt improve. One dark night Boris went to check on Victoria to find that she had slit her wrist as to end her suffering. This discovery left Boris heartbroken and sent him into a deep depression for the rest of the winter. During the last few weeks of winter Boris mostly kept to himself until the new King of War, Bryan talked to him asking why he had shuttered away from the group and helped him through his grievance. Winter comes to a close and the survivors are back on the move, in this time Boris becomes a Barron in the group meaning he has authority and is trusted with confidential information and would eventually be responsible for civilians and land. The Freemen make their move into South Zagoria and take control of a castle known as “Devil’s Castle” and the city to the north “Severograd.” This is where the group now resides.
  10. Drahken_

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    I’m writing mine tomorro Yo this dude drunk
  11. From a coastal town, Omvwewe, was abducted from his family and sold into child labor. At the age of 14 he accidentally killed his master in a dynamite mining incident, he ran to the nearest village and was taken in by an Anti Poaching Ranger. He spent the next 10 years of his life defending helpless animals in the African Sahara. After sometime he began to create a family of his own, his wife was raped and murdered by a pirate and his newborn son was kidnapped by the same pirate. Omvwewe dedicated his life to finding the pirates and saving his son. He heard of a group of pirates known for child trafficking taking a flight to Chernarus and decided to pursue in hopes of finding his baby.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Check attached file Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was completely fair and I understand why I was banned 100% Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was having a good time with friends and we were joking around and I poked a friend with that song and they thought it was funny and I took it too far and poked Taryn with it not thinking about any consequences to my action. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be unbanned from the teamspeak server and apologize to Taryn my harmful behavior. What could you have done better?: Thought about what I was doing before I did it and instead of laughing apologized sooner so I did not receive a ban. I was not trying to be offensive or disruptive but I was, I am deeply sorry for any and all harm I have done and I would like to apologize to Taryn as soon as possible.
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