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    David Reese was born into a military family in Portland, Oregon. His father was serving in the Vietnam War when he was born and his mother Jessica died in labor. David spent the first two years of his life living with his grandmother in Portland.His father died in his fourth tour in Vietnam. David had an amazing growth spert when he was in 7th grade making him 6'2, and he became a very competitive basketball player, by Sophomore year in high school David had received multiple full paid scholarships to play basketball. Had it not been for a foot injury David very well could have made it to the NBA. David began to get into more and more trouble as his years went on, at the age of 22 David had been given a choice, Join the military or twenty-five years in prison. Thankfully he chose to join the military and after just eight months of being in the United States Army he was put into the 75th Rangers Regiment. After two years with the Rangers he was quickly put into the Green Berets and sent on countless High Risk missions throughout the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2003 he was Honorably discharged from the Green Berets. In late 2006 he was recruited by the CIA. In 2009 David was sent into Iraq to retrieve a hard drive that was stolen from a nearby U.S Marine base, he locates the hard drive and on his way out he is confronted by a small group of four armed terrorists that then take him hostage and broadcast his torture. The CIA send an operative named James Peskoni to rescue or kill David and he is given five hours to do the task otherwise the area would be hit with an airstrike. James finds David nearly beaten to death in a closet. James then raises his gun to kill David when suddenly his throat is slit by a terrorist. James his the ground very hard and the gun falls onto David's chest, the terrorist tries to take the weapon but David snaps into action and strangles the terrorist while his hands are tied in rope. David grabs the hard drive and storms out of the compound and begins to head to the U.S camp when four jets zoom overhead and bomb the village he had just escaped. David returns to the U.S and delivers the hard drive to the CIA. He then takes time off and meets a girl in eastern Florida. Her name is Catherine Reynolds and they date for four months and plan to marry in early 2011. Three weeks before the wedding David is tracked down by the CIA to be sent to China for a mission and David denies the mission. David and Catherine flee the U.S as the CIA continues to track down David and trying to deploy him onto the China mission. They end up in a small country in Europe called Chernarus. They land at a small airport in Balota and are quickly put into quarantine. The soldiers quarantine based on gender and David and Catherine are split up. David thinks the CIA has found him and begins to fight his way out of quarantine and find himself at the end of the world... David is intelligent, resourceful, and hyper-vigilant. His quick-thinking often helps him deal with any sticky situation. He has highly developed hand-to-hand combat techniques, and can easily take on multiple opponents at once. He can use a variety of handguns and assault weapons efficiently, and often chooses to wound rather than kill. He is also adept with a knife, and at improvising weapons from the various materials he finds at hand. Reese's training has also made him highly resistant to pain, and he is able to remain clear-headed even when enduring multiple gunshot wounds, as well as to resist brutal interrogation and torture techniques.
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