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  1. *Presses PTT* *A Russian voice is heard* Hello, this is the GPD. I understand that you spoke to a member of the force earlier today. I have been informed that you would like to speak with a senior officer. If this is the case, and you would like to chat. We can set a meeting. If the answer is in the affirmative then contact me on this frequency or head to our Gorka Headquarters. Whatever is more convenient. out. *Releases PTT* *Static is heard*
  2. * Pushes PTT* *A Russian voice is heard* Hello, this is the patrol sergeant. We had a meeting in Kabinino, about an incident that occurred. I have had after action reports filed and they are ready to be delivered. Also, I have located one of the men involved. The man mentioned is from Vybor thus I believe you may want to take his statement. Please get back to me on this radio frequency to arrange a time and place for the handover. out *Releases the PTT* *Static is heard*
  3. Well, one would typically assume that if a project is in a stage where it is being referred to as WIP then it is to be granted that certain aspects of the page will be a work in progress. The reason for using this page is so that an idea of the layout can be seen by members of the group. Thank you for your feed back it will be taken into consideration.
  4. Bernard or Berrty as he prefers to be known as. Was born into an upper middle-class family, who lived just outside of Saint Andrews. Berrty had an uneventful childhood. The only thing of note pre-twenties is Berrtys time in a university where he studied finance. How did Berrty end up in Chernogorsk? That is a good question. It began when he was working for a private London bank. He was sent to the mysteries land. This was to scout a possible investment opportunity. As the aforementioned bank was looking into alternative locations in which to place clients money in a location where tax law may not strictly apply. The other reason for the trip was to purchase assets in the country in an attempt to influence government policy, in order to have a more western friendly government. Berrty also purchases many businesses and lots of land of the government this was to build the local economy up for when inverters start pouring into the new tax haven. The plan was to buy pre existing assets for cheap then sell them as they become more valuable. Unfortunately for Berrty mid way through his mission, the death came.
  5. *Pushes PTT* Hello, PAU this is Jack Rees-Mountbatten, leader of the League of Gentlemen. It has been brought to my attention that you chaps have an issue with us. Due to the killing of my boys, only part of your message made it's way to me. I have been told that you would like to talk. I would personally like to assure you that we are non-hostile and not aggressive. We would love to host a luncheon for you and your chaps in Lopatino. With the hope this new dialogue will help improve our relationship, allowing us to come to a satisfactory compromise. This may let us live in harmony. All we would like to do is run our club for all. To clarify we are not friends with the Cavaliers. They were rather rude with us. If our perceived association with them is the root of our issue. Be assured we are not them.
  6. I am sorry for my imputance, I was at work and forrgot to read the website. My Pov: I was AFK at the time. When I tabbed back in I noticed gun shots and many dead individuals then I procceded to enter the church at which point I came underfire. Thus I ran and took cover behind a coffin. I then shouted "I am alive, I'm not dead" [at this point I still belived they where killing zombies] I was then told by the male to put my hands up and that the gents club was his now, and that he would be back. In two days I have not seen them return. Thus I am not sure if this was just hostile RP for the sake of hostile RP, they could not realistically take controll of the Church as we where under the protection of Bastion. Again I am sorry for my falure to reply.
  7. *Pushes PTT* I would love to arrange a meeting and discus the issues facing Novy. The last thing I would want to do is infringe on your home. Please get back to me with the when and the where. *Static*
  8. *Presses button* I understand. As the last remnants of Her Majesty's Government I will attempt to combat these immoral and disgusting actions. Rule Britannia. *Static*
  9. *Jack presses his PTT* Well I'll be sure to look into that. Regrades to returning home to the United Kingdom, I doubt it is feasible. I do plan on continuing with my idea. If you or anyone else would like to lend a hand or even just swing by for a chat. Send me a message on this frequency and I will be happy to oblige. Rule Britannia. *Static*
  10. *Jack Press the PTT* I'm terribly sorry sir but you must have miss heard. He asked me I was responding to his statement of why I care. Saying that I HAD worked in the embassy before all of this. After all there is a sizeable British and Commonwealth population in Chernarus. You may say that you do not care but deep down you do want something bigger than yourself. Somewhere that you can go and live peacefully and not have to be a psychopath. If we band together we can achieve great things. Rule Britannia. *Static*
  11. *After hearing the crack of a PTT, Jack wakes* *After listing he presses the PTT* In regards to why I am personally in Chernarus, I was working in the Embassy. Why is it unfathomable to you that we can bring together those British and Commonwealth citizens, after all there cannot be that many. I would also love to return home but it does not seem possible after years. Thus if we cannot go home, home shall come to us. If you say that she is your Queen then why not come and join us. If not for Her but for yourself. Rule Britannia *PTT is released*
  12. * Jack again reaches for his radio and presses the PTT * Regarding your comment about the bloodline being dead, the Windsor House may be dead but there will always be an heir. The first king reigned over 2000 years ago. Thus using simple statistics one comes to the conclusion that an heir exists. Also if I a simple embassy worker has manged to survive it is not outside the realm of possibility that our noble queen has survived. May god have mercy on you in your travels, Rule Britannia *Lets go of the PTT*
  13. *Jack Picks up his radio and presses the PTT * Your complaint has been duly noted and where would you happen to be from good sir ? *Releases PTT*
  14. * Jack picks up the radio and tunes it to the correct FRQ* *Over the radio a Scottish voice is heard* I understand your scepticism in regard to the Royals but it is still one's duty to remain loyal. There will always be a successor, even in the most dire circumstance one must not loose hope. One should be empowered in the belief that there will be something more than ones self. As the old saying goes: "The king is dead, long live the king" *The PTT is released*
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