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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/74d1db7675fe55d4e385d9b43474d03e

    Why the verdict is not fair: Pretty much was.

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Sorry it was an in-joke about my economic situation as I tied up some cash in CSGO. Mainly a reference to me being the only non-donator out of my friends. In hindsight, it was not the best idea to do it & then subsequently go to bed with it set.

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An urban form TS

    What could you have done better?: Not meme with my TS name aka follow the rules. 

  2. @Elk Thank you for those kind words, I was not trying to be rude or be critical of your valid criticism/suggestion - it was more of a rebuttal to anyone who reads the tread later. You are indeed entitled to comment on a group page - it is your right.

    On behalf of @Stannis and the group, we are aware of those who are inactive and their reasons for being so; exams, army exercise and other similar reasons.

    However, your point has reminded us of one member who is, in fact, inactive and has not provided a reason to group leadership, therefore I would thank you for bringing this to our attention. It will be dealt with swiftly. 

  3. @Elk I would be one of those individuals, who has/is inactive in game at the moment due to exams & being on a dig out of the country. Therefore I left the CP in order to facilitate an accurate representation of group numbers. Yes, it has been only a week since I last played (before that I was away for a month) but like many others who are like myself - we are active on the forms to a certain extent. 


    This message is to put out there that in fact there are some extenuating circumstances that have caused in-activity ingame. We still wish to be a part of the group and participate how we can, via the radio threat etc.


    *A Chernarussian voice comes over the radio*


    *Radio is weak*


    Miro.... is that you? Comand? This is... I've been trying to reach you. 


    Government will survive. 




    *The radio whimpers out*

  5. Sorry, I had logged at this point, I did not see the situation pertaining to the trail or any of the rule break. I would like to add that I did witness @Sylva use the OOC VOIP and agree with his conclusion about the situation. Also, I did feel that the OCC chat was a bit excessive but that's just me. However, I do not feel that any of the infractions I witnessed particularly ruined my RP. I felt that I was a pretty cool situation and I hope you guys work it out.

  6. Sorry, I don't have any video evidence. POV: Two gentlemen wearing white armbands where spotted, stopped and detained. This was due to a previous attack the week prior by gentlemen who also were displaying the aforementioned colour. Upon capture, they were escorted to the HQ/School to be interrogated. During their previous attack, they had carved a letter A on to my face. I recognised the voice of the Irishman from the previous encounter. I interrogated him trying to extract a confession. He refused so I found a paint can in his bag and accused him of having an IED, I told him that the trail would go very badly if he did not confess or he could turn states whiteness against his friend for the previous attack (if he had turned he would have been sentenced to death for collaboration). He refused and as we prepared to walk both men to the courthouse/church another unidentified man arrived and we asked if he could act as a juror. He accepted. Upon arriving at the church for the 'show' trial I acted as the defence attorney. Basically, I told the court that since these men where my clients they told me of their guilt, to further cement this we set up a fire and placed the paint can in it - to prove it was an IED - it failed to explode so I dropped a flashbang into the pot. It went boom. The Juror found them not guilty, this was against what he had decided beforehand. So pointed at him and said something along the lines of ' this man must be a collaborator as these men are guilty' - could be a bit off on that, but that is the general jist of what I said.  The two guilty men were taken to the football field and worked hard labour. The black man became belligerent and refused to follow instructions. I do believe that Henning went and sought advice from staff before,  'blowing that fool away'. He was killed, so I tabbed out and when I came back I was dead. 

  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


    Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair

    Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Sorry this was completely my fault, I was off studying for an exam and had not been on the forms. I consequently had no idea about the report. Sorry.

    What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Overturning of temp ban

    What could you have done better?: Responded in a more timely manner. 


    We had just conducted a court case and found two chaps from sandline guilty and sentenced them to forced labour. Sometime later on of the guys was not following instructions repeatedly so he was killed. I was on the school roof and tabbed out muted and when I came back in I was dead. Sorry, I don't really know what happened.

  8. @DustyRPI understand how the events that transpired could be seen as ruleplay and although in my original opinion that was questionable, I see how these actions could have been altered in a manner that would have facilitated further RP i.e a proper PK/storyline progression. However, I would like my stance and reasoning to be clear as to the reason my character did what he did.

  9. The last character was an event character from months ago, he died so I just PKed there. Thus I'm formulating a new one. Upon reflection, I would like to clarify my position. I am a known socialist, who has a massive 'A' scare on his face. I was looking for the Res guys in the church. Once I was asked to remove headgear and id myself, I also miss heard and thought he mentioned handing over firearms but after watching the video I appear to have been wrong. Thinking I would be captured, tortured and killed. I used my kill rights that were gained from a valid init on my Allie to attempt to save myself taking out the two hostiles that I could see. From an in-character perspective, he was 'bricking it'. That was the rationale behind my reasoning. Sorry if I am using blunt sentences I'm just trying to be as clear as possible if a mistake has been made I would like to say no it shall be rectified in future.  

  10. In your opinion, the init would be considered invalid. The point of this report is to declare whether or not these rights were invalid. After being let go Spanners re-positioned onto a hill overlooking the town. At which point I made a move to the church. He called out that there were men coming over the hill, thinking that they may have realised their mistake (letting @Spanners go), we concluded that the mission could be compromised. So he fired using his rights(as he believed them to be), I then hid in the ground as I was unsure of the situation because of poor coms, I believed he had been shot. After I worked out that he was okay, I met a young boy and continued toward the church with him.

  11. My POV:


    The reason why I was in the town was to rescue Res Publica who previously asked us to help them. The SSZAF had a meeting with (@Sylva, @VodkaWolf and his boys), at which liberation was discussed and SSZAF agreed to rescue them. SSZAF entered the town to search for men dressed as civs, looked for them. @Spanners was initiated on. I thought it could be linked to our mission. Following this, I entered the church to search for the Res guys. One of Dusty's boys said that we should come forward if we were Russian, for our names and guns to be taken. I thought the 'game' was up. So I took out the two I could see, unfortunately, I did not see the third man. As a known Socialist, I feard that if captured I would be tortured and killed, thus I used rights form the init to attempt to save myself. 

    The guys from my group where: @Jack Rees-Mountbatten@Spanners   


    EDIT: Whilst @Spannerswas being taken I walked through the town. Looking or the Res Boys to sneak them out. I heard voices from the church before could enter infected started to chase me. 

  12. To Clarify What Lead up to This

    I'm not a member of the K Bros but I did see what happened last night. A car was stopped so that the driver could be questioned. Upon realising that he was a member of the 'Red Letter' we apologised and let him continue on his way. Following this, there was a 15 minute RP session, which ended when an argument broke out between an associate of the KB and one of the Red Letters. The KB's then suggested a boxing match between the two complainants. This occurred the KB associate lost. An indication was dropped. KB lost. In my opinion, the issue was settled.  

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222647099 - this is Dusty's Stream which shows what occurred so that you may draw your own conclusions.

    Key Times

    02:27:24 - Car is stopped

    03:00:00 - Fistfight

    03:05:50 - Indication 





  13. *Presses PTT*


    *A stern monotone Slavic voice is heard *


    Hello, this is Rytíř. 

    I fear that I am the only party member left in the South Zagadia.

    Please if there is anyone out there, respond. 

    We must band together for the sake of our glorious province.

    To our vůdce. 





    *Releases PTT*

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