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  1. Are we really that bad? The above question is one which I have begun to ponder with increasing frequency over recent weeks/ months. For the uninitiated groovy is a pre-fix, one of many pre and suffixes found within the DayzRP community often used to denote a clique. I would argue that groovy is more than just a clique, however, this is for another day. Cliques in this community are looked down upon by some - as is their right - however, I insist that it is, in fact, a good thing. It is a brand. Just like when choosing a soda or a beer, the consistency of a brand is important. You want to feel secure in the knowledge that the quality you find in one is not noticeably different to that of another. Now that I have laid out the essence of what a clique is, past just a group of friends. I would like to move on to the case at hand. The groovy boys, groovy gang, monkeys, twats, arseholes; whatever you know us as I would like to take a moment to shine a light on the why. Why we do what we do, sometimes the actions of an organization can seem nebulous from the outside that is why I would like to take a few moments to outline our reasoning. For those who are new to the community and are less familiar with us, allow me to briefly outline what we have done. The groups we are most well known for are the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, CDF and Kamenici. The latter being a nationalistic guerilla force from previous lore specialising in hostile RP, we were not very well-liked for obvious reasons, however, noticing our chops for roleplay we were approached by staff and asked if we would play the RF. We accepted and prepared for the challenge. A challenge it was. Two weeks before the wipe we began to work out exactly how we would go about portraying a military as accurately as we possibly could - resisting calls from some quarters to just do generic military group and confiscate weapons. With the fresh new lore, we wanted to provide something fresh and new seizing the opportunity to think completely out of the box. It is from this that we arrived at the quartermaster system(you can see in a spoiler the sheer amount of admin) and our zero-tolerance policy(dickhead policy). Days before the wipe there was an incident on our side of unsavoury out of character communication on discord towards a community member. For this, we were told that a staff lead was required for a lore faction and wishing to retain the group we conceded - despite its upending of the group dynamic and the seeming absurdity of the request. The lore beings and for the most part, our serious approach to military RP was respected. We played weeks guiding our quarantine zone on shifts doing medical checks, gate duty, riot control and QM. Sadly, we may have gotten too close and this caused the group to become like a job for some and thus we searched for a new narrative/ direction. This new way put us directly in the crosshairs of staff. We had decided that we would slowly incorporate the RAC into our group as a result of the bombing, with the method of doing this would be a simultaneous assassination of both groups leadership. Then consolidating it under the control of our Captin thus creating a new order. The idea was initially greenlit by a loremaster, however, later shot down due to the need for OOC staff lead. The fallout from this and an overall feeling that this was an unfair decision - compounded by the R4ing of our OOC leader(for attempting to hijack the lore) caused the group to feel as though we were under-appreciated and taken for granted despite our hard work. As a result, the group was achieved. What happened next is something that I myself was not overly involved in, however, on behalf of all of us I would like to apologise for the execution of the 'Ski group'. It came from a bad place, a bad motivation a place of frustration. I would see it as us lashing out in our forlorn melancholy. However, we understand that this overtly hostile group was unfairly directed our ire and anger towards innocent community member. Once realising this and cooling off, it was decided -new ski resort was added- we should reform and pick our standard of RP back up. Understandably sceptical staff said this would not possible with the current ski idea, sadend we are happy to change our approach back to one more closely resembling the level of complexity around RF. That is partly why I have found myself writing this defence(explanation), we have a brand spanking new concept, one that at the face of it may seem open to abuse. All I would ask is that the community give us a chance, trust in us to do this properly. The idea is not something that I can go into to much detail about at present, however, what I can say is that we would like to do a group concept that has traditionally been poorly executed/ received and turn it around. I understand that there may be questions about why we don't show the community through action rather than this - for lack of a better term, essay. This essay is required as we are being muzzled by the staff team once again, being unable to create a group ideas page for the next thirty days. Whilst I understand their reasoning I do not agree and all I would say is that this decision will only push away a group of experienced and well-organised roleplayers. I humbly submit this to the community for discussion, who knows we may have wronged you in the past and you see us as the worst thing to happen to this server; alternatively, you may have never heard of us and wonder why this guy has written so much about a group of nobodies. In either case, my main aim is to shine a light on the current situation from our perspective and hopefully show the community that a person ability to PVP does not negatively correlate with RP ability. To conclude, for all our faults -of which there are many- we enjoy serious grown-up RP. We have shown the community that we can do it and would like to again. We are not requesting a special lore faction or group privileges only to be treated as equals on an equal playing field, we posit that our track record - imperfect though it may be, has entitled us to at least this much. I would like to end by thanking you for reading this extremely long-winded explanation and I hope that you can consider our points thoughtfully and constructively. I would encourage any member of the community to engage with this thread; whether it be to call us out or in appreciation at finally knowing the inside scoop about RF. This is a reflection of our feelings as a group about the events surrounding the lore wipe. Thank you for reading. Signed: @groovy "gang"
  2. Mushtaq was born and raised in the small South Zagorian village, Kumyrna. The small hamlet is located just south of Guglovo and north of Mogilevka, today it is nothing more than a pile of rubble in place of what was previously a vibrant Chernarussian village. Kumyrna was bombed beyond recognition during the civil war, not out of malice or hatred; it was the result of wars most common effect, collateral damage. Following the total destruction of Kumyrna those left alive and still able to travel escaped the region north toward the caucuses as refuges. They sought shelter with their northern brothers although separated by geography they had been bound together by faith. Thus those who were able to complete the arduous journey resettled and integrated into new lives in what seemed like a world away from their homeland. The village and its dynamic were hit hard by this relocation. Its once plentiful bounty of elderly wisdom had been reduced by an order of magnitude - now left with an abundance of young men it was up to Mushtaq - one of oldest survivors - to direct the young minds and talents towards constructive work and away from the ever tempting Jihad that was so en vogue throughout the region. Years of the struggle for the hearts and minds of his village left Mushtaq as a well-respected and valued voice within the village. He was mostly seen as a voice for reason, settling disputes and educating the youth in the Quran. After careful study of the geopolitical situation, Mushtaq announced to his displaced people that the time had come. They would return home and rebuild, at first he faced opposition -despite his standing- with it being argued that this was home now. Mushtaq responded by mustering all of his rhetorical power and delivering a mesmerising speech full of quotations and pathos. he concluded that they were but visitors in this land and it is their duty to their ancestors and God to return home. His decision was accepted by the people and they left. This decision came only after careful consideration of the political situation, now with the Russain Federation making Cheraruss a Republic, it would now be stable enough for a return. Mushtaq and his people began the journey of moving their lives once more. What should have been a relatively relaxed return -at least In comparison to the exit- became ever more complicated with the outbreaks of Frenzied Flu. It is only as this third wave has struck and following the withdrawal of Russain Armed Forces that Mushtaq arrived back within the region after months of dodging checkpoints. He has arrived back into the Oblast during a time of great chaos. As he and his followers arrived back at the ruins of Kumyrna and surveyed the total devastation -ditching the money they had brought to rebuild, it now being worthless- Mushtaq began to quietly contemplate if he had made a mistake, had he failed? He lead his people to a hellish wetland, not the peaceful refuge he had imagined. Theology: In this section, I will over the coming weeks add the theological belives of this character. More will be added as I research more about Sunni Islam and its teachings. These will be opinions and arguments that he will make in-game when challenged and hopefully reflect the culture of his followers and outlook on life. As a final note, I would like to make it as clear as day that this is not some pigheaded dogmatic character and he will be a reasoned representation of a leaned village elder.
  3. A strong Chernarussian accent cuts through the radio waves "We lost a good man to this 'misunderstanding' of ours. He died at your hands without even the knowledge of who killed him. We are both task orientated, lets stop stepping on each other's toes. This is not a proposal that we work with you or any such nonsense but merely clarify our interests and stay out of each others way. We should talk because once is a 'misunderstanding', twice is a problem." "Out." The Radio falls silent
  4. A strong Chernarussian accent comes through the radio waves "Brave CLF fighters, we recently came to blows in a… terrible misunderstanding. We are both Chernarussian and we have common cause against the Communists. Perhaps we can come to an understanding? Here is our frequency 65.9Mhz. If you truly are patriots, contact us and give us a time and place. Žádné další bratrské války. Out." The radio becomes silent
  5. For the sake of brevity and sanity, I would like to make it clear that BadRP was not possible due to non-compliance. OP decided that he would rather fight than comply -as is his right- thus I don't really understand this report. For us, to GearRP we would have had to have prioritised gear over roleplay, this did not occur. I am hesitant to accuse you of GearRP as you acted within your rights, all I would like to highlight is that between the two of us, you are much closer to prioritising your gear over roleplay. In the end, if you had wished to RP with us you should have complied. Furthermore, I do not understand the issue you seem to be having with our Modus Operandi - from what I can gather you deem it unfair that we used surprise. As the logs will clearly show, 23:06:42 | Player "Jon Hunter" hit by Player "Dei Duua" with AK-74M from 22.8927 meters 23:06:42 | Player "Max Smit" hit by Player "Vaclav Maruska" with AK-101 from 12.0606 meters 23:06:42 | Player "Aleksey Backhaus" hit by Player "Clifton Night" with AK-74 from 10.893 meters the first shots where fired with at least one of your guns raised, thus I would like to make it clear that you had ample time to compile but instead raised your weapons.
  6. Just to clarify, we all fired at the exact same time. Shooting started with all guns rasied.
  7. Jack POV: We where driving through Kamyshovo, 3 figures in the distance. We stop, myself and toney head over and begin chatting. The gents, clad in black head to toe where clearly going somewhere to set up some thing or other. After inquiring about what exactly they were doing(one chap had a gun rack), we proceeded to ask some follow up questions. Getting nowhere, the decision was made that we would have to interrogate them. I explained the deal they offered was not sufficient and initiated. I died and they died.
  8. Just ignore him he big dumb. We know what ya meant and cheers.
  9. Born 1999 in Lopotevgrad into the middle class. Standerd Eduction nothing particulary special about this time. Currently a university student in Lopotevgrad studying Theology, working as a ski instructor during the winter breaks. Alek has a real passion for the Apres Ski lifestyle(drinking) and his studies. It was whilst up at the resort in the black mountains during the off seasion visiting some freinds that this current stage of the flu broke out. Alek hustled for weeks to make his way home. He so far has only made it as far as South Zagoria.
  10. Do you know what, despite the interaction today - which I do not consider powergaming - being a bit of a stand off, it was bloody fun. It gave the day a bit of life. If the RF had continued it would have been a good laugh we would have had with you lot. Best of luck.
  11. Great time, great group had lots of fun. It is a shame that it ended so abruptly. o7
  12. Good shit today lads. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  13. Quite possibly one of the wealthiest young men in the Russain Military today. Son of the Oil Oligarch Yuri Ivanov. Stanislav, being born of good stock and well provided for has, as one would imagine, a great sense of entitlement. Opting to skip University, Stanislav instead decided to attend Military Officer Candidate School. Middling in his class, Stanislav showed no real natural aptitude for soldiering, however, with effort and connections he muddled through. Officer Cadet Ivanov in his third trimester was sent to view visit the 320 Moater Rifle Battalion at the discretion of the South Zagoria divisional headquarters. OCdt Ivanov was spending time at Divisional headquarters(his uncle’s command) as a part of his training. Being sent to the battalion level in order to view life from an infantry perspective. Although being groomed for Staff office this would be an invaluable stage of his training. It was at this point that this very pompous individual first tightened his boots. Moving into the region for what was only presumed to be a short stint. However, given the rapid changing of circumstances, Stanislav was unable to gain transport back to Division. His orders were to remain with his current unit observing and learning what he could until the situation was resolved, at which point he would be sent for. The young mans’ brash sometimes arrogant personality will be put to the test, left in a state of limbo with the Moter Battalion, his future station in life is uncertain. It will be up to his peers and superiors -without the assistance of string-pullers - to decide on what side of the army he falls - Enlisted or Commisend. The only weapons in his arsenal that could possibly sway opinion will be his whits and proving that he is competent to lead
  14. Imagine being such a shill as to join this group Poor show.
  15. groovy jack


    @groovy caliLooks good
  16. RP was decent, good to see the interplay of the various different personalities within your group. Fun time good execution, another one for the war crime tally. Injured bullet through the neck: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-21140/
  17. *A man comes over the airwaves, he is speaking with a put on Russian accent* "I know what you sound like, you should have thought twice about acting the nosey neighbors." *Disconnects*
  18. I just wanted to gauge the communities opinion on Livonia and the roleplay that it facilitates. In recent weeks I have returned to Dayz after a hiatus and have been playing Chernarus as I had in the past. However, recently noticing a disparity in the server population has lead me to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side? In general, I suppose I'm wondering if the change is worth making and what pros and cons come with it. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's opinion.
  19. *The radio Clicks on* "I stopped by the bar today completly on accident and I must say despite it being in the early stages it looks great - what a venue. Despie the hic-up mentiond by Mickey. I will most definitely be returing" "Wills out" *The airwaves return to silence*
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