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    @groovy caliLooks good
  2. RP was decent, good to see the interplay of the various different personalities within your group. Fun time good execution, another one for the war crime tally. Injured bullet through the neck: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-21140/
  3. *A man comes over the airwaves, he is speaking with a put on Russian accent* "I know what you sound like, you should have thought twice about acting the nosey neighbors." *Disconnects*
  4. Alexander was born of fortunate birth into the post-soviet mercantile middle class. His early life was idealistic, growing up in the countryside outside of Novigrad, he lived outside of the hustle and bustle of the capital with his Mother and Sister. Alexander's father Pytor worked from the family's townhouse in the city. At the dawn of his teenage years, Alexander was sent off to school, returning at the age of 17. With the completion of his secondary education, Alexander with the aid of his father, who at this time had manoeuvred himself into a position within the political process and the party of the Kozlov regime, was able to gain entry into Novigrad University. Whilst attending University working towards a degree in political science, Alexander was approached by an official from the Ministry of the Interior, Mr Zechariah. Upon completion of his degree and following on from his conversations with Mr Zechariah, Alexander joined the Ministry of the Interior. Prior to taking up his position full time, there was a period of 6 months that is unaccounted for - during which time Alexander was incommunicado. The Ministry informed his family that he was travelling abroad to receive English language training. The next few years went by relatively uneventfully. That was until the infection, it was during this period of time that Alexanders career began to pick up some steam. During such a turbulent time with order crumbling, he worked with what was left of the Kozlov regime to hold on to power. Alexander, endured his families safety having them moved to Miroslavel. It was at this time that he was tasked to assist a group of partisans, the Kamenici. This group of battle-hardened veterans had fought their way through some of the nations biggest threats in its worse effected Oblast. As part of a goverment initiative to support this group of national heroes, Alexander was attached ‘Officaly’ as an Attache. He travelled with them west when they were deployed to Takistan, witnessing all the depravity of war. Following these actions, he was debriefed and ordered to stay on with them whilst they were redeployed back East to deal with the Russian threat.
  5. Włodzimierz Jabłoński was born Andrzejów to a family of party Inteligencia. Despite being born into the ideal Soviet family unit ‘Profs’ life has been marred by tragedy. At the age of 5, he was sent to a state-run boarding school near the western lakes. It was whilst attending this school that his family where imprisoned by the authorities as a result of his father’s ever-critical and growing stance on the state of labour/ production within Livonia. Now alone in the world, a young ‘Prof’ was spared the fate experienced by the rest of his family as a result of his academic prowess and the protection of one of his teachers. ‘Prof’ was raised as a ward of the state remaining at his school until the age of 17 at which time -now deemed loyal to the state- he applied and was accepted into university. He began his time at university still harbouring his secret ill feelings towards the regime that had robbed him of his family. It was during his second year the ‘Prof’ became bent on taking some form of revenge against the soviet state. This anger was picked upon during a seminar by one of his Professors, one Prof. Piotrowski. Prof. Piotrowski seeing this anger towards the establishment took a special interest in this bright young man - guiding him through his studies. Slowly Prof. Piotrowski began introducing Jabłoński to anarchist thought and why all men deserved to be free. He gave the young man the intellectual tools required to articulate his feelings. As Jabłoński was moving on to his master’s degree in the years after the Soviet Union fell and Livonia was free. However, in Jabłoński and Prof. Piotrowski’s view, the nation was not truly free, now being under the thumb of a monarch. It was at this time that Prof. Piotrowski introduced his prodigies to a group he had secretly been a member of throughout the Societ occupation; Dzikie Orły. Jabłoński hesitant at first to join any group, especially one with such a violent past, Jabłoński eventually came around after some contemplation on what it would take to implement the Livonia of his dreams. As he moved on to complete his Doctorate he was offered a fellowship at the University. Now with a respected place in this false society and a solid intellectual grounding in anarchist thought, Jabłoński became a useful asset, opening his home to those on the run or for meetings. He remained in wait until such a time that he would be called upon. The moment arrived in 2011 with the plot to assassinate the Queen. His role was peripheral but important all the same. ‘Prof’ was charged with procuring fake ID’s for the main plotters and to arrange their path into hiding coordinating with other groups from around Eastern Europe. The unexpected failure of the plot left many conspirators captured. Despite being investigated in the aftermath he was eventually cleared. The last action taken by the ‘Prof’ was assisting in the prison break of his allies.
  6. Born in Kent to the notable noble Georgio/ Chernarussian Andronikashvili Family. He is a 4th generation exile and has been raised as a British Citizen of good stock thanks to the generosity of their family saviour. Barno, an avid traveller and thrill seeker was educated at St Leonards School in Scotland. Where he excelled at sports most notably in his final year being voted as President of the Boat Club. Following on from this and a reasonable set of exam results he began to study Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. It was during his time at University -a period fulled by Alcohol and Marijuana consumption- that he truly came to find himself. After three gruelling years of academics, Barno realised that life as a Doctor was not for him. Within three hours of realising this, he was on plane straight back to good old blighty. Upon his return and decided to try his hand at another profession he turned to the Law and began his studies at the University of Newcastle. This to did not have a particularly long tenure as he packed it in after the first semester. Now a free agent the next avenue he ventured down was that of Agriculture -his family having a bit of land and all- and enrolled at the Royal Agricultural University(RAU). It was at the RAU that he was truly in his element, quite possibly fueled on by the fact that he now found a place filled to the brim with like-minded individuals. His life carried on in the usual manner of a University Student. Barno got up to quite a few memorable antics, however, one of particular note is the time at the Durham Polo Ball that he got piss drunk following the match -a match that he was not playing in- and at some point between the competition ending and the ball beginning he managed to requisition himself one of Newcastle’s horses. He proceeded to saunter up to the entrance to the venue on said horse and request a glass of champagne, before quickly hopping off, picking up one of the welcome drinks and walking inside. The long and short of it is that Barno graduated with a respectable 2:1 and was generally regarded as a good chap. The next step for good old Barno was to join the Army on a short service commission -he had gotten the idea from a man he met whilst a guest at the East India Club- into the Scots Guards. Sandhurst went okay, again regarded as a steady fellow by his peers. He served without distinction for his two years and his commission was not extended(a polite way of saying Mabey this is not the career for you). Barno returned home to Kent now a fully rounded young man, ready to begin working on the estate. Time to turn to the estate. It was more of a small/ medium-sized plot of land with two to three tenant farmers depending on the season with the Rathelfort Manor sitting just in a small enclave obscured by trees. This home named Rathelfort House was not by any means of the imagination small(9 bedrooms), however, in comparison to the way the family of days gone by lived it was very pedestrian. Previously, in the days before the Russian Revolution, the Rathelforts were known as the Counts Andronikashvili(amongst other titles) a cadet branch of the main Georgian Andronikashvili Family. The family seat was situated on a domineering cliff in the north of South Zagoria, it is this property that has brought Barno back to his families homeland. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of an independent Chernarus, the Andronikashvili had been in some form of negotiation with Government about having their ancestral home returned. Through all of the turmoil, the Andronikashvili had retained the Deed of Property, The Original Grant of Land and the imperial grant of Title to his ancestor; His Serenity the Count Lase Pytor Alexandor Andronikashvili. To this end, the family launched legal action against the Chernarussian government in 2012 in an effort to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. The government countered claiming the sight was of significant cultural value. This tit for tat carried on for a number of years until eventually through backroom dealings with the Kozlov regime an undisclosed sum was to be paid as a fee to retroactively cover the ‘upkeep’ that the home had been receiving since the families departure. Everyone involved understood the clear corrupt shakedown that was occurring but it was decided that payment would lead to the optimal outcome - it is eastern Europe after all so when in Rome. Barno was dispatched to hash out the final points of the deal and make payment. It was during this trip that the world fell apart. Notes: The name change from Andronikashvili to Rathelfort occured due to a want to anglicise and was picked up during a marriage. It is the nom de guerre used by the family, Andronikashvili remains their legal surname and has remained as a link to a storied past. Titles owned by the Andronikashvili, Count(Graf) - bestowed by the Tzar for services rendered, Baron Dubrastock - acquired through marriage. The family that assisted the Andronikashvili where the Ashfords. This assistance was rendered due to a link stemming from the Crimean War in which one Colonial Ashford was a prisoner of war at the Andronikashvili residence. At which time Count Andronikashvili and Ashford became fast friends before Ashford’s eventual parol back to the UK - they remind in touch and the Count visited Ashford in Kent. Following the families escape(post revolution) the Ashfords made introductions for them and helped them establish themself as part of the Kent social scene. The Andronikashvili later settled in the same county.
  7. I just wanted to gauge the communities opinion on Livonia and the roleplay that it facilitates. In recent weeks I have returned to Dayz after a hiatus and have been playing Chernarus as I had in the past. However, recently noticing a disparity in the server population has lead me to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side? In general, I suppose I'm wondering if the change is worth making and what pros and cons come with it. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's opinion.
  8. *The radio Clicks on* "I stopped by the bar today completly on accident and I must say despite it being in the early stages it looks great - what a venue. Despie the hic-up mentiond by Mickey. I will most definitely be returing" "Wills out" *The airwaves return to silence*
  9. Born in Sydney Australia to the former-landed Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky family of Russian nobility. William Henry is a descendent of the Counts Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky and indeed of the last count his father's brother. Shortly after birth and the death of his father in a boating accident(death the father during adolescence has a track record in this family with Williams Grandfather also dying young in an aircraft crash during the '60s) Willams mother relocated the family back to their adopted home; the United Kingdom. Once in the Uk William lead a fairly normal life. He was independently educated in Scotland and indeed came to adore the country deciding to attend university in the capital. At the tender age of 17, William began his studies at the University of Edinburgh. He showed an acute interest in church history and graduated with a 2:1 MA in Ancient History and Theology. This was followed by a Masters degree in Practical Theology. Feeling that the Acadamy was not where he wished to spend the rest of his life Willaim sought a way out. A few carefully placed 'words' later and he was accepted as an Officer Cadet at Sandhurst. This being the escape that he so dearly sought he threw himself headfirst into his studies and graduated not quite at the top of the class but an equitable top third. Fearing that this army career may be a repeat of his previous attempt at permanence in the Acadamy William accepted a short service commission of 2 years into the Scots Guards. Upon completion of the terms of his commission, Willaim left the army having served a grand total of 3 and bit years. Again he was lost searching for a new cause to devote himself. It is at this time that he discovered his faith, despite studying religion for so many years he had never been particularly religious. The last time William felt truly with God was as a youth. However, this all changed he entered seminary, took his oath and was ordained. Willaim now Father Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky or Father Rum for short followed his cousin Bernard to Chernarus to council him and assure that his dream of restoring family legacy did not lead to his destruction. [More complete family history: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4689/]
  10. @CaliforniaRP. Loved the RP boys it was top notch. I did kill 4 of you and got away so you are losing your touch.
  11. Proclus was born December 16 nineteen eighty-five, within the historically significant city of St. Petersburg. His father Branus was a Major in the 15th regiment of the Soviet Border guard, stationed in North Germany. This duty lead him to be absent for most of Proclus's formative years. Leaving his young son to be raised primarily by his Grandfather(Rynus) and his Mother Fyda. At age four Proclus was diagnosed as dyslexic causing a rift between him and the state education system. Being seen a defective failure, since he could not progress past his father and would be left out of the educated elite that he was expected to join. Cast down to factory work. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Branus moved the family to Moscow. Once in this new city, Branus was recruited by the newly formed KGB splinter the GRU(Russian Military Intelligence). This job provided the family stability during the great period of instability that they where living in. Protected from the criminal gangs and exploitation in the post-communist nation. Furthermore, Proclus was now educated in a private school that provided him with a quality education and lead him through his Primary and Secondary education to the well of higher education, allowing this unlikely candidate to progress to university level, all the while living in a proto-failed state. Proclus returned to St. Petersburg to attend the prestigious Saint-Petersburg State University, achieving joint honours in history and archaeology, before progressing to complete his Masters in 'Military History of the Mid to Late Russian Empire'. After leaving university with a full Rolodex, Proclus travelled to the historical site of Ephesus in Turkey to assist in a dig and the reconstruction of that city. Following this and on the first night of his return to Russia, Proclus had dinner with his Father. Durning the meal Branus questioned his son about how he would serve his national service, discussing different options. Being a lower senior official in the GRU; Branus explained to Proclus that he join him in serving the Motherland - this is what he wanted for his son as he could foresee the coming Chenyan War and the devastation that would come with it. Worrying greatly about the fate of his son if he were to be deployed to such a region as Soldier. The conversation was coming to a vodka driven drunken stutter-filled conclusion when the state of the Russian state came up, this saw Branus explaining to his son that there was a group that shared their outlook on the shortcomings of the Russian Federation. The 'RNU'. Intrigued Proclus began to look into the group being turned off by the overt Neo-Naziism of the group, however, he did agree with overall aims of the group - in part. Especially the idea of the 'lost land'. Being a man of religion - he found religion whilst attending University- Proclus could not agree/ reconcile the Naziism, causing him to adopt a slightly negative view of the group and his father. What Proclus hated most was the fact that he agreed with so much yet it fell at the final hurdle - causing great frustration. Despite the political disagreements with his father Proclus did follow his advise and was inducted into the GRU. At first, Proclus wanted to lead a team of Operatives, however, although he had the mental aptitude he lacked physically, having a weak build. This unassuming build did suit perfectly for him to be used as an intelligence officer. Which he took to quickly. Proclus over training Proclus did beef up and became proficient in self-defence, firearms and tactics - both military and intelligence gathering. Training was compleated just in time for assignment to Chechnya during the second war. Following the war, Proclus was hardened, both mentally and physically. He was shaken by what he saw, the suffering and death - Proclus could not reconcile what had happened. Durning training he was taught to ignore the suffering, that; he could do, but what he could not do; was reconcile his part in the destruction. Because of this he and the agency mutually decided to sever ties. He exited service just as the RNU was undergoing massive de-Nazification, his father informed the group about his lost son. This lead the RNU to approach a broken Proclus and convince him that joining the party was his duty as a good Russian. After reading their revised manifesto and seeing his objections removed, Proclus joined and became an active member within the political party, giving speeches about the 'sins' of the Russian administration and Putin himself, whilst highlighting the virtue of the RNU. After the RNU was outlawed as a party Proclus was instrumental in helping hold it together and reforming of the RNU into an armed group. At the outbreak of the conflict in the Ukraine(Russia) Proclus marched across the border with RNU and his unit of loyal men (sized around 2 companies). Upon the capture and consolidation of the Crimea, Proclus was summed back to headquarters being informed that because of his good work he would not be going back to Ukraine but would be taking part in a new mission. He would be a senior assistant in the planned invasion of Chernareus.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/74d1db7675fe55d4e385d9b43474d03e Why the verdict is not fair: Pretty much was. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Sorry it was an in-joke about my economic situation as I tied up some cash in CSGO. Mainly a reference to me being the only non-donator out of my friends. In hindsight, it was not the best idea to do it & then subsequently go to bed with it set. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An urban form TS What could you have done better?: Not meme with my TS name aka follow the rules.
  13. The last act of SVOBODA me with the gun taking down an subhuman anarchy -the final act in a long play https://gyazo.com/a644b99a7ccafd7cdff4e028b99281f3
  14. Poor Pickle; I knew him well. Pickle needs removed @Stannis
  15. @Elk Thank you for those kind words, I was not trying to be rude or be critical of your valid criticism/suggestion - it was more of a rebuttal to anyone who reads the tread later. You are indeed entitled to comment on a group page - it is your right. On behalf of @Stannis and the group, we are aware of those who are inactive and their reasons for being so; exams, army exercise and other similar reasons. However, your point has reminded us of one member who is, in fact, inactive and has not provided a reason to group leadership, therefore I would thank you for bringing this to our attention. It will be dealt with swiftly.
  16. @Elk I would be one of those individuals, who has/is inactive in game at the moment due to exams & being on a dig out of the country. Therefore I left the CP in order to facilitate an accurate representation of group numbers. Yes, it has been only a week since I last played (before that I was away for a month) but like many others who are like myself - we are active on the forms to a certain extent. This message is to put out there that in fact there are some extenuating circumstances that have caused in-activity ingame. We still wish to be a part of the group and participate how we can, via the radio threat etc.
  17. *A Chernarussian voice comes over the radio* *Radio is weak* Miro.... is that you? Comand? This is... I've been trying to reach you. Government will survive. Slava... *The radio whimpers out*
  18. Sorry, I had logged at this point, I did not see the situation pertaining to the trail or any of the rule break. I would like to add that I did witness @Sylva use the OOC VOIP and agree with his conclusion about the situation. Also, I did feel that the OCC chat was a bit excessive but that's just me. However, I do not feel that any of the infractions I witnessed particularly ruined my RP. I felt that I was a pretty cool situation and I hope you guys work it out.
  19. Nothing significant occurred for the first 17 years of Jack's life. Even after these years, his life was pretty standard. He began university at the University of Aberdeen, where he attained his MA in Theology and Religious studies. Even still Jack wasn't a religious man, he simply found; how religion has influenced and shaped people and society, interesting. Whilst completing his MA he decided that a career in academia is what will fulfill him the most. After graduation, he did his postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. Jack remained at the University of Edinburgh whilst he finished his Ph.D. in Classical Studies. After completing his doctorate, he was offered a position as the assistant to the head of the archeological dig group. This group would conduct research and excavate sites across the globe. At some point within his 6 year period with the group, he became the director. Following this, a teaching position was offered. He accepted and worked for tenure. However, he and another prof. were dismissed after it emerged that they had taken part in a Roman style orgy with students. The two professor -shamed- left. finding work was tough as the event had been a major scandal amongst the academic community. A number of adventures followed. But in the end, a job was found at the University of Novograd with tenure, teaching Classical Civ. Following a meeting of the Society for Classical Preservation, Jack and some other members wished to use the time of chaos realize a dream that he had for the previous 15 years. Out of the ashes of the old broken social order, he would resurrect the ancient and rebuild according to his own design.
  20. Sorry, I don't have any video evidence. POV: Two gentlemen wearing white armbands where spotted, stopped and detained. This was due to a previous attack the week prior by gentlemen who also were displaying the aforementioned colour. Upon capture, they were escorted to the HQ/School to be interrogated. During their previous attack, they had carved a letter A on to my face. I recognised the voice of the Irishman from the previous encounter. I interrogated him trying to extract a confession. He refused so I found a paint can in his bag and accused him of having an IED, I told him that the trail would go very badly if he did not confess or he could turn states whiteness against his friend for the previous attack (if he had turned he would have been sentenced to death for collaboration). He refused and as we prepared to walk both men to the courthouse/church another unidentified man arrived and we asked if he could act as a juror. He accepted. Upon arriving at the church for the 'show' trial I acted as the defence attorney. Basically, I told the court that since these men where my clients they told me of their guilt, to further cement this we set up a fire and placed the paint can in it - to prove it was an IED - it failed to explode so I dropped a flashbang into the pot. It went boom. The Juror found them not guilty, this was against what he had decided beforehand. So pointed at him and said something along the lines of ' this man must be a collaborator as these men are guilty' - could be a bit off on that, but that is the general jist of what I said. The two guilty men were taken to the football field and worked hard labour. The black man became belligerent and refused to follow instructions. I do believe that Henning went and sought advice from staff before, 'blowing that fool away'. He was killed, so I tabbed out and when I came back I was dead.
  21. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Sorry this was completely my fault, I was off studying for an exam and had not been on the forms. I consequently had no idea about the report. Sorry. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Overturning of temp ban What could you have done better?: Responded in a more timely manner. Pov: We had just conducted a court case and found two chaps from sandline guilty and sentenced them to forced labour. Sometime later on of the guys was not following instructions repeatedly so he was killed. I was on the school roof and tabbed out muted and when I came back in I was dead. Sorry, I don't really know what happened.
  22. Born - Donetsk Father - Member of the Communist Party Mother - Worked in the House Education - State School, Donetsk National Medical University Fall of Communism - Did not really understand as was 11 years old Father talked to him about how capitalism and collapse of USSR were to blame for the inequalities he could see around him. University - Started at age 18, continued for first 4 years. Became infatuated with communism. Travelled to Cuba for a year taking a year out of Uni. following this he went to South Zagoria - to meet with the Workers Party. He remained until 2007 when he returned to school. Two years into is residency the civil war broke out thus he travelled to SZ to join the Chedaki. He fought. Once they started to lose he returned to Donetsk. Durning Ukraine Civil War he fought on the side of DPR. Before the outbreak, he travelled to SZ to locate some of his former comrades and ask them to help with command in the DPR. Whilst in country the Outbreak began. Currently is acting a political officer for the SSZAF as he did during CW. Medical School was never properly compleated - only good at dealing with minor ailments.
  23. @DustyRPI understand how the events that transpired could be seen as ruleplay and although in my original opinion that was questionable, I see how these actions could have been altered in a manner that would have facilitated further RP i.e a proper PK/storyline progression. However, I would like my stance and reasoning to be clear as to the reason my character did what he did.
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