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  1. Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

    *PTT* Thank God. Hello, yes. The Resurrection party, the only real party. *PTT*
  2. Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

    *Presses PTT* *A stern monotone Slavic voice is heard * Hello, this is Rytíř. I fear that I am the only party member left in the South Zagadia. Please if there is anyone out there, respond. We must band together for the sake of our glorious province. To our vůdce. Out. *Sighs* *Releases PTT*
  3. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* The doctor didn't have the correct equipment. Please. Help! *PTT*
  4. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* Just moved off road will return to the location. *PTT*
  5. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* Railroad crossing, north of Vavilovo (Вавилово) . Come quickly.... *Voice Fades out* *PTT*
  6. Docter needed - urgent

    *Presses PTT* * You hear a stern Slavic voice* Help. I've I cut myself on a piece of wood & it started to bleed. I've tried to stitch it up myself. It's been a few days and I feel feel warm and have a fever, I think it might be infected. Help. Come Quickly! Please.... *Voice Fades Out* *PTT Released*
  7. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    @Para After looking around the town, I was around 95% that he was alone. I attempted to RP but once I realized he was most possibly AFK, I decided that this may be my only chance to exact revenge. Thus I initiated (If he was faking it then he would most likely stop) and killed him as 5% of me was worried that the reports of a massive group in the area, could be real and worse they could be his friends. So I killed him with what was, in my opinion, a valid reason.
  8. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    There was also a more detailed voice initiation, the text was a quick thought just to make sure that if you did report (since I wasn't recording) I would be covered.
  9. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    The other two guys I was with id'ed him
  10. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    . Looking around the area for his friends . Walking over and giving Islamic greeting & identifying the target. . Attempting to RP. . Drawing weapon, initiating . Text initiation 2 seconds later. . Shot to the head. . Ran out of town at a sprint.
  11. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    Standing in the courtyard near the church close to the statute.
  12. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    POV Allies - @VodkaWolf @John Lazowski Story - The two individuals listed above were kidnaped by @ExoticRainbow 's group approximately 20-30 minutes before the fatal encounter. I then entered the town in hopes of finding the guilty parties, and if possible initiate on them. Upon discovering this lone individual me and my allies sculced around the area for any of his friends. After coming to the conclusion that the area was clear, I moved in to initiate on the individual whilst vodka covered me. I said ingame, As-salāmu ʿalaykum in order to establish if he was one of the culprits. Upon hearing no response I decided to drop an initiation. I then drew my gun pointed it at his head and said drop the weapon. Then as I was pretty sure he was AFK, but not sure if he had friends on the way, I took our revenge. But to cover myself in case this happened I also texed out an indication. Then I pulled the trigger. Nexed I picked up his gun and ran. The whole encounter must have lasted about 2 minutes, from us looking for his friends to the actual death. Edit - If I had not shot him, I could have gotten @VodkaWolf to shoot him as he did have kill rights. I do believe that my reason for killing him falls well within roleplay. To clarify - This occurred in the center of town, next to the church.
  13. The Aegis Corporation

    @Boston Basher I am really sorry to hear about this, could you go into more detail in PM. This would help us prevent similar issues in the future. - Kind Regards JRMB
  14. To Aegis (Private Frequency)

    * Presses PTT* We will contact you tomorrow at the previous location. Do be advised we can provide food, water, and respite -To be clear, we will not be engaging in any hostile activities against the aforementioned group at this current point in time. Out. *Releases PTT*
  15. Bernard Cabot

    Pre-Outbreak Bernard Cabot was born on December 16, 1985, in St. Andrews, Scotland. Bernard was the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen known to the modern world, Lord Percival Cabot. Lord Percival served in the British military as an officer and later became a politician. As a child, Bernard enjoyed a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle, often getting what he wanted. He was often shielded as well, often being escorted everywhere by a small team of A.D.S. operatives. When he turned sixteen, Percival began teaching him the finer points of the business world and would often bring him along on business trips. When he was older, Bernard went on to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford. After finishing his education, he returned to the forefront of his father’s business. His father soon showed him the darker points of his business empire. He learned of the history of the Aegis Corporation but accepted it nonetheless. His father began grooming him to take over the company as he was growing much older and could no longer keep up with the day-to-day decisions. Post-Outbreak At the age of thirty, Bernard was placed on the board of directors of Aegis. When the infection began in South Zagoria, it peaked the interest of Aegis upper management. Bernard, having political ties with various politicians reached out and offered assistance with the infection. Offering the corporation’s extremely experienced doctors and scientists as well as his newly formed P.M.C. regiment, the Aegis Countermeasure Service to help with relief efforts. Under the guise of assisting the Chernarussian government, Bernard along with a newly formed special purpose A.D.S. team traveled to Miroslavl to oversee the operations. Meanwhile, a different team was diverted to South Zagoria from the Miroslavl airport. Heading to the region via a convoy of black humvees. The team consisted of a small A.B.R.T. and A.D.S. detachment as well as a larger A.C.S. detachment. As the situation escalated, the South Zagorian team provided fruitless results and began suffering heavy losses. The A.D.S. and A.C.S. had taken heavy casualties between infected hordes as well as civilian riots. Bernard sent an order through a satellite phone to what was left of the South Zagorian team for them to regroup. Bernard would be arriving in the region to oversee the rest of the operation himself, bringing along with him his own special A.D.S. detachment. After arriving in the region he gave orders to slowly escalate their operations. Giving the green light to the A.B.R.T. to begin experimentation on the civilian populace as well as ordering the A.D.S. and A.C.S. to keep the civilian population in check through any means necessary.