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  1. Tikhon Pirogov

    Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -Event Character -
  2. The Kelsey Brothers Boxing

    To Clarify What Lead up to This I'm not a member of the K Bros but I did see what happened last night. A car was stopped so that the driver could be questioned. Upon realising that he was a member of the 'Red Letter' we apologised and let him continue on his way. Following this, there was a 15 minute RP session, which ended when an argument broke out between an associate of the KB and one of the Red Letters. The KB's then suggested a boxing match between the two complainants. This occurred the KB associate lost. An indication was dropped. KB lost. In my opinion, the issue was settled. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222647099 - this is Dusty's Stream which shows what occurred so that you may draw your own conclusions. Key Times 02:27:24 - Car is stopped 03:00:00 - Fistfight 03:05:50 - Indication
  3. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    I would like to second no teams
  4. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Any chance of me grabbing Mexico and @wyoming would like Canada
  5. Bernard Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky

    The story begins with our protagonist Bernard Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky ‘s Great Grandfather Pyotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky in the year of our Lord 1917. Following the October revolution Count Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky - whos lands consisted of numerous estates dotted around the region of South Zagadia, granted to him Dejour from time immemorial and upheld by the consent of the Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod; Tsar of Kazan etc. - felt that the increasing prominence of the Bolshevik party in the region could, in fact, lead to the end of his noble and ancient line. He felt that the idea of just waiting to see what happened was the exact sort of miss-step that could lead to him failing in his role to curate his ancient property and preserve it for future generations. In this cause, he sent his family - with as many heirlooms and fiscal assets they could carry- to England, for refuge. His good friend Lord Wooster agreed to provide lodging for Pytor’s family, at the same time Pyotr joined the White Army and attempted to assist them in their goal of restoring the Tzar. Following their disastrous defeat at the hands of the Bolsheviks during the Battle of Tsaritsyn, Pyotr - like so many other White Army officers - was relocated to the United Kingdom with the help of the security services. Upon being reunited with his family (His wife and four sons) Pyotr was able to convince Lord Wooster that because of his former social station he should be entitled to an estate consisting of at least a modest amount of land. They came to the agreement that a village would suffice. After securing his family's financial future and social standing, he began to expand the newly re-born Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky Estate. The first action that was taken help achieve this end was the opening of the; Pelican Social Club for Distinguished Gentleman, this club was based out of West London and was created for two main reasons. Firstly it was to add to the family coffers and secondly it was a way of booting the name recognition of the family. Pyotr’s final contribution to the family's estate came when he along with a number of other noblemen used their combined influence and wealth to open a private bank specifically to be used by members of the Pelican club, for tax purposes. The bank is based in Sark allowed the members of the bank to save substantial amounts of money as tax was virtually negligible. Pyotr lived the rest of his life on his country estate, spending time with grandchildren, hunting, entertaining and generall y living the equestrian lifestyle of the Landed Gentry. He died on the 3rd of December 1940 aged 54. Breaking with tradition and convention Pyotr’s eldest son Fyodor opted to retain the title of Count - despite the nation in which he was a Count no longer existing. This broke protocol, under normal circumstances a deposed nobleman, would relinquish his title. In certain political climates, the title may be recognised by the country of refuge. However, upon the death of the title holder, the title should be discontinued. For some reason - possibly because of the influential men of the Pelican club, politicians, civil servants, nobility etc. - Fyodor was able to retain the title in a sudo-official capacity i.e. his passport noted his title as ‘Count’. So for all intents and purposes, the title has survived through some dubious legal proceedings. This left Fyodor as the head of one of the last great houses of the Russian Empire. Upon the commencement of the Second World War Fyodor and his three brothers comissiond into various regiments. Three of the four brothers survived the war, with Fyodor’s youngest brothers Alexey dying during the final weeks of the war. He was gunned down while leading a bayonet charge on an enemy artillery implant. For his actions, he was inducted positamouly into the Distinguished Service Order (DSO). Following the war, Fyodor returned to the family home to guide the Estate through the post-war economic trouble. Increasingly tenants were struggling to pay their rent, not wanting to leave them destitute, Fyodor sent his remaining brothers to Australia with orders to purchase arable land. After the land became the legal property of the Estate, Fyodor offered to pay the passage for any of his tenants who were struggling to meet rent. He promised that on the Australian Estate’s rent would be lower than that of the current and that he would see that housing was provided free for the first two harvests, to allow time for them to establish themselves. Fyodor’s two brothers died while returning to the UK when their Commit Jet exploded in midair due to structural failure. Overall Fyodor did not rock the boat he guided the Estate graciously through the economic decline following WW2. Fyodor had two sons. The eldest named after his brother Alexey was the only one to survive childhood. Alexey in his early years travelled across the last remnants of Empire acting as a proponent for the crumbling establishment. Following the birth of his one and only son he travelled to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to encourage an oil company into the Estate - unfortunately due to interference from the US State Department, his opportunity to make his mark in the annals of family history. After this failure, he - much like his father - returned home and managed the current assets owned by the Estate. Unfortunately, during the millennium dawn, Count Alexey Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky died. The mantle passed to his 16 teen-year-old son. The anglicised Bernard Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, educated at Eton, he then went on to study Classics at Balliol College Oxford. Bernard is an extremely ambitious man. He felt that his title may be under threat as it has existed for three generations without being tied to a specific country. It is with this looming threat that Bernard aimed to achieve legitimacy. Since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, many ex-soviet states were granted freedom from the larger entity. Bernard noticed this as an opportunity for him to press his Dejour claim on his family's ancestral land. Lucky - from a legal standpoint at least - Pyotr safeguarded the legal documentation pertaining to his lands. Bernard with the help of the ‘old boys network’ began negotiation with Chernarussian Government (following the civil war). He tried to use Ethos, Pathos and a tad bit of Logos - the pillars of rhetoric and negotiation - to win around President Radik this process lasted for just over a year. Just as Radik seemed to be warming to the idea the infection began, thus effectively putting an end to negotiations. As a quick aside - Bernard was a great admirer of his Great Grandfather and wanted to emulate him in any way possible. With the infection, Bernard saw a new opportunity, one that was fleeting and if he was to take advantage of it he would have to act swiftly and decisively. As control in the region of South Zagadia was lost, Bernard decided to move his Estate (business) and Household to the region. He took up residence on a piece of land that was traditionally home to Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky family. Following the brief period that it took to setup, Bernard realised that he was going to have to gain some amount of influence in the region to secure his family's future once this infection is concluded. He was going to achieve this the same way his Great Grandfather did through the establishment of the Pelican club.
  6. To Johnny '5 aces' - from an old freind. [Open Frq]

    *PTT* Course. Out. *PTT*
  7. To Johnny '5 aces' - from an old freind. [Open Frq]

    *Presses PTT* *A strong Slavic voice is heard* *Some static can be heard in the background - the radio is obviously old* Hello. Johnny its Alexander. Just want to know if you are out there. If so I have a business proposal - get back to me. *Releases PTT*
  8. Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

    *PTT* Thank God. Hello, yes. The Resurrection party, the only real party. *PTT*
  9. Strana Vzkříšení - Anyone left [Open Frq]

    *Presses PTT* *A stern monotone Slavic voice is heard * Hello, this is Rytíř. I fear that I am the only party member left in the South Zagadia. Please if there is anyone out there, respond. We must band together for the sake of our glorious province. To our vůdce. Out. *Sighs* *Releases PTT*
  10. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* The doctor didn't have the correct equipment. Please. Help! *PTT*
  11. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* Just moved off road will return to the location. *PTT*
  12. Docter needed - urgent

    *PTT* Railroad crossing, north of Vavilovo (Вавилово) . Come quickly.... *Voice Fades out* *PTT*
  13. Docter needed - urgent

    *Presses PTT* * You hear a stern Slavic voice* Help. I've I cut myself on a piece of wood & it started to bleed. I've tried to stitch it up myself. It's been a few days and I feel feel warm and have a fever, I think it might be infected. Help. Come Quickly! Please.... *Voice Fades Out* *PTT Released*
  14. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    @Para After looking around the town, I was around 95% that he was alone. I attempted to RP but once I realized he was most possibly AFK, I decided that this may be my only chance to exact revenge. Thus I initiated (If he was faking it then he would most likely stop) and killed him as 5% of me was worried that the reports of a massive group in the area, could be real and worse they could be his friends. So I killed him with what was, in my opinion, a valid reason.
  15. S1: Server time: 2017-10-29, 21:11 RulePlay/Invalid Initiation

    There was also a more detailed voice initiation, the text was a quick thought just to make sure that if you did report (since I wasn't recording) I would be covered.