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  1. A strong Chernarussian accent cuts through the radio waves "We lost a good man to this 'misunderstanding' of ours. He died at your hands without even the knowledge of who killed him. We are both task orientated, lets stop stepping on each other's toes. This is not a proposal that we work with you or any such nonsense but merely clarify our interests and stay out of each others way. We should talk because once is a 'misunderstanding', twice is a problem." "Out." The Radio falls silent
  2. A strong Chernarussian accent comes through the radio waves "Brave CLF fighters, we recently came to blows in a… terrible misunderstanding. We are both Chernarussian and we have common cause against the Communists. Perhaps we can come to an understanding? Here is our frequency 65.9Mhz. If you truly are patriots, contact us and give us a time and place. Žádné další bratrské války. Out." The radio becomes silent
  3. For the sake of brevity and sanity, I would like to make it clear that BadRP was not possible due to non-compliance. OP decided that he would rather fight than comply -as is his right- thus I don't really understand this report. For us, to GearRP we would have had to have prioritised gear over roleplay, this did not occur. I am hesitant to accuse you of GearRP as you acted within your rights, all I would like to highlight is that between the two of us, you are much closer to prioritising your gear over roleplay. In the end, if you had wished to RP with us you should have complied. Furthermore, I do not understand the issue you seem to be having with our Modus Operandi - from what I can gather you deem it unfair that we used surprise. As the logs will clearly show, 23:06:42 | Player "Jon Hunter" hit by Player "Dei Duua" with AK-74M from 22.8927 meters 23:06:42 | Player "Max Smit" hit by Player "Vaclav Maruska" with AK-101 from 12.0606 meters 23:06:42 | Player "Aleksey Backhaus" hit by Player "Clifton Night" with AK-74 from 10.893 meters the first shots where fired with at least one of your guns raised, thus I would like to make it clear that you had ample time to compile but instead raised your weapons.
  4. Just to clarify, we all fired at the exact same time. Shooting started with all guns rasied.
  5. Jack POV: We where driving through Kamyshovo, 3 figures in the distance. We stop, myself and toney head over and begin chatting. The gents, clad in black head to toe where clearly going somewhere to set up some thing or other. After inquiring about what exactly they were doing(one chap had a gun rack), we proceeded to ask some follow up questions. Getting nowhere, the decision was made that we would have to interrogate them. I explained the deal they offered was not sufficient and initiated. I died and they died.
  6. Just ignore him he big dumb. We know what ya meant and cheers.
  7. Born 1999 in Lopotevgrad into the middle class. Standerd Eduction nothing particulary special about this time. Currently a university student in Lopotevgrad studying Theology, working as a ski instructor during the winter breaks. Alek has a real passion for the Apres Ski lifestyle(drinking) and his studies. It was whilst up at the resort in the black mountains during the off seasion visiting some freinds that this current stage of the flu broke out. Alek hustled for weeks to make his way home. He so far has only made it as far as South Zagoria.
  8. Do you know what, despite the interaction today - which I do not consider powergaming - being a bit of a stand off, it was bloody fun. It gave the day a bit of life. If the RF had continued it would have been a good laugh we would have had with you lot. Best of luck.
  9. Great time, great group had lots of fun. It is a shame that it ended so abruptly. o7
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