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  1. Hans was born in a Bavarian city of Würzburg to a loving family. His mother Birgit Zutter and his strict father Tom Zutter. Ever since he could read he was interested in the history of Germany, mostly about the Kaiserreich and Third Reich. He was mostly amazedand invested into stories by his grandfather ,since he was a member of the SS Cavalry and was a great influence of his political views. Hans loved his family but the outside world blamed them for ''Being fucking nazis''. Hanses father Tom was broken by the constant hate from his co-workers and citizens of Würzburg and started drinking heavily. Once Hans started attending elementary school, he was mocked by other kids for his family history. The only child that didnt make fun of him was Otto Hofmann. Otto qucikly became Hanses best friend. Ever since they made contact with each other they were pranking the teachers, fighting other kids and so much more. There wasnt a single time when there was a trouble and they werent involved in it in some way. After discovering their family links to the NSDAP party they became very interested in it. Most of days they went into library and studied about the far right ideology. The older they grew the more connected and radicalized they became with the ideology. Otto once mentioned to Hans that his grandfather owns a neo-nazi bar, where local neo-nazis would meet. Hans and Otto quickly became associated with them and became involved in many brawls, vandalism actions, muggings etc. Once ofcourse, it didnt go as planned and Otto got arrested + sentenced to 3 years. Hans ofcourse kept regulary visiting him till he was released after 30 months. In 2017 Hans, Otto and couple other members of the ''gang'' were sent to Chernarus. Chernarus was still recovering from a bloody civil war that ended 8 years earlier. They were sent to chernarus to secure some cheap weapons for an upcoming coup being planned by German neo-nazis . As luck would have it, the group missed their window to return to Germany and following the outbreak, they had no way of getting out. Since then, they've attempted to make contact with their group back in Germany but failed each time. The other members of the group ran away. Now it was Hans and Otto in it all by themselves.
  2. Viktor was born on 14th July 1982 in the city of Severograd. Viktor attended only Severograd's primary school and later on School focused on construction. After school Viktor became a hard hat. The job was shitty but it was enought to keep him fed. When he wasnt working Viktor used to drink and smoke a lot until he met Inga. He fell in love with Inga, married her and later even had 2 boys, Petr and Ivan. When the Chernarussian civil war broke out Viktor joined the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. Inga didnt really support him in going into war but Viktor had his own mind. During the civil war viktor killed at least 12 enemy soldiers and was never severely wounded. When he returned home he found out that his wife got killed and childern taken away. He was a lost man who never fully recovered from his loss. Viktor kept working on construction till the outbreak. Since the outbreak he has been roaming Chernarus alone.
  3. Jan (Janek) was born in a little northern city called Chomutov during a cold november night. Janek was a qucik learner, he learned how to walk properly in his 12th month of life. As a child he tried a lot of different sports such as: football, hockey, voleyball and even boxing. His favourite was boxing because he dominated with his tall body and long arms. Janek struggled through elementary school because it was all boring to him. Next school he attended was a school focused on medicine, thats where he actually started to like school and was one of the best in his class. After graduating he got a job in his local clinic. The job to him was really boring, he actually hated it. He felt like he wasnt really helping anyone. At that point of his life he decided to sign up for the army. His first mission was in Afganistan (2016) in a field hospital near Khabul. Thats where he met a lot of new friends from and outside the Czech Republic. Local wounded militia members kept pouring in, some of them already dead. This is where Janek got most of his medical experience from. Field hospital wasnt only for soldiers but also for wounded civilians. Janek was healthy and overall fine, that all changed when the news from Chernarus arrived. Most of Czech divisions were immediately withdrawn from Afganistan to defend the Czech Border. Janek was stationed near Ostrava (East of the Czech Republic). For a few weeks there wasnt much happening. Supply was good and so was everyone else, but once the infection got spread in the EU, some soldiers questioned the reason of defending the border. At that point mass mutinies started to take place, thousands of soldiers leaving their post. Goverment was desperate and called all civilians into major cities like Ústí n. L., Plzeň, Praha, Brno and Ostrava. With the massive ammounts of people arriving into those cities, so did negativity and lost hope. Crime started to spread through the streets. Ostrava was the first major city to fall and with the fall of Ostrava ,so did hope in every single corner of the Czech Republic. Civilians and soldiers started to form independent groups. Some of the groups travelled, some of them stayed and some of them even commited mass suicides. Janek was in a group of four people: Tobias, Jakub, Oliver and Janek. There was no form of leader ship, everyone was equal. The group traveled through forests in a hope they would miss all the infected with some scheduled ''city raids'' - basically a supply raid. During those city raids in their homeland noone ever got hurt. Everyone in the group was armed with at least a metal pipe or something simillar to that. The group safely moved through Slovakia and Hungary going towards Seriba. The problems began when they moved to the already mentioned Seriba, with skinhead groups to just plain psychos running around with machetes and hammers. When raiding the first city of Subotica the group was ambushed in an alley with washing machines, rocks, microwaves etc. being thrown on their heads. Tobias got hit with a large rock right on top of his head. He was dead on site. The rest of the group quickly ran away. While running away the group stumbled upon a 3 serioulsy mentally fuc*ed guys. Right when they saw us they charged with their kitchen knives. They looked significantly weaker so the group stood their ground. First 2 guys targeted Jakub the last one charged on Janek. Oliver qucikly tried to help Jakub but he was already stabbed multiple times. Even when stabbed he managed to smack one of the psychos right in the head with his hatchet. The one guy attacking Janek was quckly overpowered and killed by Janek. The last guy remaining run away. Jakub later died to his injuries. Janek and Oliver never entered big cities again. They only looted small villages or even looked for food in the woods. They eventually walked all the way to the most eastern part of Romania with no signs of stable goverment anywhere. Janeks plan was simple:,,We could build a raft with an anchor from scrap, then when we get hungry we just land somewhere on the beach and look for the nearest village. By the time when there is nothing to loot ,surely help will come''. Oliver agreed so they made a raft from sheet metal lying around and then tied it with rope. The plan worked until a storm had hit the Black Sea. The rusty sheets cut the ropes holding the raft together. The last hope they had had split in half with Oliver on the other side. Oliver quickly threw some gear on Janeks side. After the night Janek was washed up in a foreign country, cold and scared with Oliver nowhere to be seen.
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