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  1. Did you even watch the video? You can clearly see I did not have my gun aimed at you and I said stay outside mate I don't want any trouble. That is not an initiation.
  2. I have a little bit of time on my hands so here's the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pg_p-e3Qsuk. As you can see it directly follows the video that I posted. You can also hear clearly in the video that you say "we want trouble".
  3. Please upload the video as that is proof you did not combat log. Thank you. I'm at work at the moment I will when I get home.
  4. If you watch the video we had no gun to your face when I asked you to stay outside, and therefore did not initiate. Also Wolfe states in the logs you had only been in game for 1h24m. Why would we ambush you when you had literally no reason to suspect us in the first place, are we not allowed to be in a house? For the record we were hiding from another few that were going to initiate on us. We heard you talking down the street so of course I would be on my toes when you state you are going to blow my and my friends head off. As you came upstairs I did not point my gun straight away, only when you stated "we want trouble". The logs and evidence clearly prove my point and show the rules broken.
  5. Because the windows are incredibly buggy, I attempted to throw a grenade out it and try and get them outside. The grenade bounced, killing both myself and Eli. Thought there was no point of staying online once it happened. We both died lol. I have video evidence in case Scott claims that I claimed we NVFL suicided. I'll post it if requested (friggen embarrassing lol)
  6. Server and location: S3, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00 +10AEST Your in game name: Eric Belgrave Names of allies involved: Eli Altarr Name of suspect/s: Scott Pinkman, another unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Myself and Eli were sitting in a house in Kabanino, minding our own business. We see two people outside the house, looking up and looking interested. They walk down the road and inform someone that we are inside the house and that they might rob someone. He responds and the pair run back toward the house. I politely ask they stay outside and that we need no trouble, and I was not hostile in my actions. My gun was not aimed at the pair as I said it. One walks up the stairs and says he wants trouble. I raise my gun as I see him at the staircase, and ask to repeat what he said. He then raises his, and fires and wounds me. We did NOT initiate, and they opened fire without cause. As you can hear in the video, as my friend types OOC'ly, he responds in voice chat toward the OOC comment. I suspect one of the people may be underage due to their voice, and their attitude towards the situation.
  7. Oh god, yes! Hahahaha! I see what you did thereeee ;P
  8. A Bow and Arrow set. I could learn to use them.
  9. Hang around Ravens soon guys, your turn next Unlike other clans, we ID everybody before entry.
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    You know you play too much Dayz when...

    So much this. I do it in every fucking game I play. +1
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    Banned!!!!!1!!?! But seeriuzli guize, i'm almost 20.