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  1. Why the verdict is not fair: I have failed the white listing test 5 times and now I have been banned and it said I could appeal here. I just don't think it was fair because a lot of question are very tricky and I would always only miss one or two every single time I have taken it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have looked at the lore, the rules, google searches, forums topics, and etc. I have looked so many times and done so much research into what I needed to be looking at to try to finally get through the test. A few of the rules are pretty tricky/confusing in my opinion, of course some people may think it is easy clearly not for me. I will sometimes sit there for like an hour trying to figure out one question on the test that I am stuck on and unfortunately I will get it wrong after sitting there debating on which is the right answer and it is very frustrating. Of course on my first try I realized that it was my fault because I didn't do what the beginning which said double and triple check and realized on how dumb I was because I was pretty confident. I am just tired of playing DayZ and getting geared and immediately dying like KOS and I would like to try to role play because I have enjoyed playing role play servers on a variety of games. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like ONE and FINAL chance to white list and if I fail for my last chance than I guess I clearly am way to dumb to getting it right. What could you have done better?: I have put plenty of effort and time I just wished I wouldn't get some of the tricky questions I have gotten previously. So if I do get granted one more chance to white list and I fail than its whatever I guess, if I fail than I fail, end of story. Thank you.