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  1. *Vladislav stops praying, wipes the tears from his eyes, and grabs his aging radio to broadcast his plea* *The sound of a fire echoes through the soft static of the message* To you poteryannyy, who would rob and kill on grounds hallowed by the goodness of the human spirit, must know that I have forgiven you. There is still hope, hope for a life free of fear and pain; hope for a life where we can live as brothers. You have chosen, a choice by your own hand, to spill blood of those who sought refuge in my church, and stole, with your own free will, the food, clothes, and medical equipment I use to help those in need. Know that your actions have caused me pain, but through that pain I have found hope. I hope that one day you will find yourself staggering, bleeding and scared; and I hope I am there to offer my hand, to aid you in your time of need: to show you there is hope. So to all those listening on this frequency, know this: The Church of Last Hope will always be there to help. Look for the yellow steeple the edge of Kabanino. Look for the light, and you will find peace. Иди с любовью в вашем сердце.