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  1. Sorry! What worked for me was deleting my character and remaking it again Thanks guys!
  2. Looking like it's worked... so far.... Thanks Oliv!
  3. Born to an English mother and Chernarussian father, Natasha spent her life in a multi-language family, becoming fluent in English, Russian and Chernarussian from a very early age. Her father met her mother during their time at university. Both studying in the field of physics it as a natural attraction that made her father apply for British citizenship. Once Natasha was born, they moved to Newcastle due to her mother receiving a research grant at the university there. She went to university at the age of 19 to study linguistics and a degree in Computing science. By the age of 23 had started her basic training to be a language specialist for the British Army and started to learn German at a particularly high level. When the war broke out in Chernarus, Tasha was employed by UN as a peace keeper. Used mostly for translations, technological warfare and intelligence. Once the war died down and things seemed to be going well. Natasha was based in a small base near Pusta. Using her skills as a translator between the local forces and the British army. The attempt to stabilise the county had begun. When the infection broke, small details of a “Sickness” was reported in a remote village of Pulkovo that had taken most of its small population. She was sent with a small unit lead by Sergeant Lee Ashworth and a team of medical professionals to seek samples and help the population of the village. That is when she first saw them. They were greeted with a small number of locals, panicked and scared and while Natasha was attempting to translate the local dialect the medical staff has already walked into the quarantine. They were attacked and much to the quick thinking of Sergeant Ashworth, the small unit could escape with a long walk back to base, keeping to the country as much as possible. By the time they got back to civilisation the infection had spread. The radios had gone dark and reports of the British based being overrun and the team was stranded, trying to find a way back home.
  4. *Natasha looks over a map, raising a brow at the grid given. She lightly traces a finger across the map before nodding and pressing the PTT* Solid copy Warrant Officer. As for our ETA... Stand by. *Releases the PTT*
  5. So do I! I have literally tried everything... Do I have to post this somewhere else?
  6. Hello, I keep getting kicked for not having an active character and I have tried everything. My story is more than 300 words, it's the same spelling on the forums as the game, changed the name in some logs, set to public etc. I was on a week ago fine then today I keep getting kicked again.
  7. *Presses the PTT* Copy that Warrant Officer Reynolds. This is Corporal Volkova. Hope to see you soon! Over. *Releases PTT*
  8. *Presses the PTT, Natasha pauses for a few moments before talking into the receiver. Her accent is a very strong Northern British one though the exhaustion is very clear. * Pzzz....This is Corporal Natasha Volkova of the Royal Corps of Signals, British military. Designated with Nato Peacekeeping unit. I'm here with a small number of Peacekeepers stranded. Is there anyone out there? Over. * Continues to then repeat the sentence this time in Chernarussian, then Russian before the line goes dead.*
  9. Really have to read through it. It will be there.