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  1. On 23th of July Bard Berg was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Bard had a mediocre middle class life. He was never very good at school, but scored mostly average on the tests. In his teens, he was very eager to get away from Stockholm. When Bard became 18, he instantly joined the swedish military. After only one year in Försvarsmakten, he volunteered in the UN peacekeeping corps. Bard's first operation was in Kosovo. On the 17th of July, only 3 months after Bard came to Kosovo, Bard and several Peacekeepers were moved to Chernarus, Miroslavl.
  2. thomasedvard

    Server 1 NWAF 22:10 Bating, Invalid Initiation & BadRP

    I must have failed calculating the time, besides there invisible zombies roaming the airfield that almost killed us. Neither you or I can control bugs like that, however I take responibility for the unintentional rulebreak
  3. thomasedvard

    Server 1 NWAF 22:10 Bating, Invalid Initiation & BadRP

    We had just been taken hostages by 8 people, most of our supplies were gone and we were low on weapons. We spotted a guy running down the airfield, we went over and talked to him. I went towards the jail(As Uriki said) and that is when the situation happened.
  4. thomasedvard

    0.61 in a nutshell.

    spawning while it is raining is basically a death sentence in this patch..