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  1. Born in northern Ontario, Canada i had no choice but to learn how to hunt wild game and to learn firearms. When i turned 18 i became a professional hunter and entered tournament after tournament and doing very well. but on November of 2008, my agent told me i was invited to a private tournament in chernarus. it was 3 months long and the prize was $500,000 for first place so i obviously accepted the invitation. the people running the event had me flown out on January 10th, 2009, we arrived at chernorgorsk the next day and the tournament started on January 20th. 2 months into the event some weird stuff started happening. while we are competing each competitor got their own cabin and a certain area to hunt in, while mine happened to be along a road but it was supposed to be closed off so no traffic gets through, but i started seeing jeeps with soldiers in them driving by,, and while i was hunting i could see soldiers wondering through my area. one night i was awoken by the sound of three vehicles pulling up to my cabin, i quickly grabbed my gun as nobody was supposed to be there but myself, i took a quick peek out of the window and saw they had guns, never have i been as scared in my life, they took a shot at the window but missed me so i bolted out the back door and ran into the woods, they didn't follow for long. I ran far from the cabin and i camped outside for three days before i decided to return to the cabin. when i got back i couldn't see anybody there so i cleared out the house and nobody, it seemed strange. I tried calling the people who organised the event but no answer so i went back to chernogorsk to find out whats going on and i came back to a war zone. i went back to my cabin and stayed there only leaving to hunt so i would have food. I was alone. For years alone. I had given up, i put the barrel of my gun in my mouth, but before i could pull the trigger i heard someone screaming, a woman, so i quickly ran to my door and i saw her get swarmed by what i thought were people, but they were eating her, ripping her limbs off, slicing her open. I could her screaming but eventually she stopped then more of them came out of the woods, so i went back into the cabin and tried fortifying it but i wasn't fast enough, they had gotten in i used up the last of my ammo and got my knife stuck in one of those creatures but i managed to make it out and ran east until i reached the coast.