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  1. It says I have been banned indefinitely? I'm confused can u clear this up.
  2. I'm confused on why I have been perma banned for this?
  3. I have a 3.7 Hey it gave me stuff to read
  4. Can anyone help me wit's a good backstory on a scientist turned deadly
  5. Hi there, I'm James Norman and I was born in 1986 in Denver, Colorado. My mom and dad were both lawyers, so they had plenty of money to send me to a private school. After graduation I applied to the University of Colorado, for a Computer Science Major. For the first two years I really enjoyed what I did, and once I got enough experience I signed a contract with Facebook for six months, and I'd say I really enjoyed that. I remember a time when I was working in the IT Security Department, when I met this guy whom name was Jacob. He told me that his job is not only about securing Facebook servers, but also about hacking attacks, and besides testing Facebook, he often hacks some sort of a government websites. Once, he told me that he found a file which was called "Gray Zone 09". He told me that government work on some sort of a virus, somewhere near Russia. Since then, we started digging more information about that, and that one night we got really, really weird pictures of mutated people, or whatever it was. It said that US government were testing this virus through water, and it affected people just in a few hours. All they wanted is to get a virus that can destroy a whole country, without legitly killing people. Jacob and I didn't really know what to do, so we decided to visit that American Base in Chernogork, with an excuse of "Boosting Server Security". If you wonder how we even got in there, we just hacked their servers and hired each other. But I wish we never did so.. Anyways.. Once we got there, we've been partly working on Security problems and partly getting more information about that virus. And one day, we heard some big explosion. Jacob and I went outside of barracks and we found out that our main generator exploded, and when we went there we found a dead body. No, it wasn't a Army guy, it was a civilian. But why would a civilian do that to himself? And how did he get to the army base? No clue. Some high ranked people camed in and asked us to leave. Then, from a distance we've seen that some guys with Radioactive suits got the body, and took it to the laboratory, which was located in Sector A. And of course, we wondered what is really going on, but we didn't really ask anyone. We didn't want anybody to think that know anything. Anyways, few days later, while taking a nap, we started hearing some shots outside of the base, and what we found out later on is that we got "raided" by that mutants. These Army fuckers tried to drop and damn "bomb" near that city called Chernozavodsk, and of course, they killed everyone with that virus, which turned everyone to that mutants.. Now.. I'm sitting here, about 13 KM from the base with m4 and beans, and thinking .. why in the fuck I even came here. I don't even know what's happening outside the world. And I don't even know why am I damn writing this journal. Screw it.
  6. My name is Sergeant Mav smith and after the outbreak I went on a murderous rampage. Killing every bandit in sight and saving the good. It was a good life. Until the horde strolled into town. I currently travel with a trusted friend and we're pinned down in a house in electro by several dozen zombies, spraying for our lives, i fear our ammo supply will run dry any moment. They just wont die! If anyone is in electro, bring a squad, don't make my mistake and take out the Zeds on your own! If someone finds my corpse, which is likely, please bury me with my Green Beret. Everything else is yours now, and you must finish what i started. You must find a cure!