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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Are you shy?

    Nah, I just hate people If you are, a nice cup of ZeroFucksGiven will be sure to help.
  2. Been busy, waiting for summer. Neat that we got accepted.
  3. Had fun the past week guys! Let's keep it up!
  4. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    10/10 Good job
  5. -snip- -snip- *Fallen Angels. What a day.
  6. 1 Mod server back

    Doesn't Rolle have his own personal server to host a mod server? So it wouldn't cost as much as people think. Only fees would be monthly internet usage and electricity bill? If I'm wrong then just ignore me.
  7. 1 Mod server back

    Maybe not you, servers cost money though, and seeing how the mod went last time we had it around I can understand if Rolle doesn't want to pay for a new server if it won't have anyone playing on it. I'll donate
  8. Any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated! We are also accepting a small pool of applicants preferably from North America!
  9. 1 Mod server back

    And because it's so buggy like you put it, why not bring back a mod server in the meantime?
  10. 1 Mod server back

    The food issue was at the start of .55 ... which came out Wednesday. Your character being alive for a month is irrelevant. And my current character has not died once since the launch of 0.55 and I have not picked a single apple, it's not hard you just gotta look other places than the Vybor triangle. Mine hasn't either. But I spent 3 hours looking to find one can of tuna that you couldn't even reach. To me that isn't fun or immersive, its broken.
  11. 1 Mod server back

    .55 hasn't been out for a month I never said it had? I simply said I haven't experienced invisible zombies for over 2 months. The food issue was at the start of .55 ... which came out Wednesday. Your character being alive for a month is irrelevant.
  12. 1 Mod server back

    1. I have not experienced invisible zombies in over 2 months 2. Dying to starvation is your own fault, food is easy to find, and no, not only by picking apples had my character alive for well over a month until I got run over by a V3S gg. 3. I don't see the why you would rather lose stuff that takes longer time to acquire than apples. .55 hasn't been out for a month. I would argu the same thing you are if it wanst for .55
  13. 1 Mod server back